Zulu Team

Somebodies Going to Die Part 2

Cmdr. Darkon’s LogStardate 29/9/17

Lt. Cmdr. Falkenberg goes down the tunnel to look at the doorway that is welded shut. B’hor starts sniffing the are and I say “What is it?” He says “I hear explosions, not coming from outside but from further away”.

I ask B’hor how good he is at finding secret doors and he says he is pretty good. He takesoff his backpack and starts looking around. I believe there is another entrance

Lt. Fran tries something psychic and falls down (from some sort of feedback). He says "Is there a Vulcan part of the marine team? I ask D’voraks and he says “yes” and Lt. Fran says there is a psychic controlling them and he thinks its the Vulcan.

We all agree to wait till day light to try and get out.

We rest for 8 hours and Davros stays guard. We wake and Lt. Fran seems to be much better and so does Ensign Anderson (Freya). I say to her “What the hell possessed you to jump off a fucking ridge?” to which she replied " I had 20 of those things coming at me and I didn’t want to be eaten"

According to our chronometers it is about 6am. Lt. Fran climbs the ropes D’voraks set up to look at the mural on the wall/roof.

We hear tapping coming from the entrance in morse code saying " Get Back… BOOM". We all move way back and Lt. Cmdr. Falkenberg taps back “OK” and joins us. The entrance blows open.

We hear “Hello… Hello….” “Starfleet dudes” I say “Identify yourselves” and the response is “We can throw grenades down there and you will die!!” So i come out and identify myself “I am Cmdr. Brett Darkon” and he replies “HAHAHA… I’ve heard of you, your the dude that kills people” and I say “And you are???” his reply “I am Capt. Apollo”.

I call Apollo over and ask him for his hand and cut him to see if he is a changeling. He screams and everybody points weapons at each other and he is not a changeling.
I use the dermal regenerator and his eyes light up from the regenerator. As a sign of good faith I give it to him. Capt. Apollo says he was deposited here after a misunderstanding.

Capt. Apollo has his little lackey One of the locals bring in 7 cups of drink and I ask General Chang if it is better or worse than blood wine and the General grabs a glass and downs it and says “It has bite”. I take a sip and it has some kick to it. Apollo says we need to talk SEE WAZ NOTES

Apollo talks about the “Day Walkers” and I have this idea and I pull out a PADD and bring up a picture of both a Jem’Hadar solider and a Vorta and Apollo says “Yes that’s them”.

I pull Lt. Fran aside and ask him to probe Apollo and D’voraks says “don’t trust these fuckers” SEE WAZ NOTES

Capt. Apollo says that he won’t give anymore info until we give him something. He says “You didn’t get here without a mothership and some other stuff?” I look at Falkenberg and say “I’ve had enough of this” and pull out my phaser and stun Apollo. He falls off his chair and the other 2 start to raise their weapons and B’hor pulls out his Mek’Leth and throws it at one and hits him, as he drops bullets fly up the wall. The second guy starts to aim at me and General Chang pulls his Bat’Leth and takes off the guys head.

I go to the door and try and command Apollo’s men outside to drop their weapons and we don’t want this to get any messier than it already has. It does not seem to be working. Lt. Fran wakes Apollo up and tells him to get his men to drop their weapons.

I ask Apollo what deal he has made with the Vorta and he says “doesn’t matter as she betrayed me” I insist again and he tells us that he made a deal to get his men killed and they attacked before he could get them there.

Lt. Cmdr. Falkenebrg changes his tricorder to scan for Jem’Hadar and says that they are outside and have Apollos men and us surrounded.

Lt. Fran uses his telepathy and tells one of the guys outside about the Jem’Hadar and the guy “freaks” out and opens fire and tags the Jem’Hadar but dies in the process. In the end all of Apollos men are dead.

I go to the door and take aim at the gunner on the ridge and I am trying to go for a head shot. I hit the gunner in the head and “pink mist”. I then yell out “I want to speakto the Jem’Hadar in charge” and they shroud and disappear. The .50 cal on the ridge opens up again so the other 2 can retreat up the ridge.

Falkenberg informs us that someone is coming thru the blocked door and we all move away from the tunnel and I call B’hor back.

I get Fran to scan down the corridor and he says that he can’t see anything but can see that there is a dampening field in the corridor. I say maybe they opened the door and the dampening field has extended from the other side.

Falkenberg says the door is fluid like and thinks it has not finished what it is doing.

I ask D’voraks what’s happening outside and he says that the Jem’Hadar are retreating over the ridge.

Falkenberg says a metal hand is coming out of the door and drops a device and it scans the corridor. We wait…..

D’voraks says all Jem’Hadar have retreated back over the ridge and are dismantling the .50 cal and B’hor turns up and say he believes the Vorta is over near the ship.

The Zandorian ower armour starts waking up the corridor and B’hor and Falkenberg disappear and the General is about to say something and I say don’t say it.. He laughs and slaps me on the back and says “This is why i like you”..

The power armor comes out and I am standing thee with my hands in the air and it speaks in Zandorian saying “Put down your weapons”

It scans us and then it just stops. I gradually walk over to it and speaking as I go and get nothing back. I walk up to it and press the button to eject the occupant. It opens manually and I press the next button and the power armor falls over and it half opens. I get the General to open the armor fully. Inside is a Zandorian trooper and his body is covered in bandages and he is malnourished, and the armor is in need of major repair.

Falkenberg speaks to him in Zandorian asking him for his name and rank. His eyes change to orange. I say “Tell him we are not here to hurt him”. We notice that he is about the age of a 16-17 year old human male and Falkenebrg says something and his eyes change to violet. Falkenberg talks to him in Zabdorian SEE WAZ NOTES

I ask Apollo if he has any power sources and he says he has a generator but it is hidden and he has to be careful using it as the “Day Walkers” are after it.

General Chang says as he is sharpening his Bat’Leth that he admires their courage and I say yes “They remind me of Klingons”.

I ask about the device at the end of the corridor and Falkenberg says “Just shoot it” so I do. I try to use my rifle but nothing happens all this dust and dirt has gotten into my rifle I am gonna have to clean that. So instead I use my pistol and destroy it.

I go and do something stupid and go over to the hologram and yell out “Oi” wait a few seconds and yell again “Oi” “I know your in there and we want to talk?”




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