Lt Nathaniel Grey (Lt Pieter Fran)

Ships Counsellor (Science Officer)


After the incident at Outpost Arcansas and my knowledge of Industrial Romulan Cloaking Device that was returned to their government I was immediately reassigned to Utopia Planitia with the assigned task of attempting to penetrate the Romulan Cloaking device. While under the belief I was to calibrate sensors to detect their ships instead this was a rogue operation tasked by group of Starfleet Intelligence to build our own cloaking device. Using my research, a prototype was built and then tested resulting in a disaster that destroyed the ship involved. All records were suppressed and I was supplied with a reprimand to cover up the mistake of others.

After being granted indefinite leave I was making my way to DS9 to see if I could aid Captain Sisko, (who had provided a character reference for me during my trial). I never made it to DS9 as I was captured by Cardassians and taken to a secret base where I discover the Cardassians and Romulans are working together. By threating those that had been captured with me on the transport, they got me to assist them in modifying their cloaks to work with the Cardassian ships to prevent detection.


Pieter Fran Information:

Early Life: (Savant)

• Savant – Psi prodigy
• Heavy Psi Training
• No freedom
• Only other outlet is Ice Skating
• No Family love
• Fled Planet
• Convinced Starfleet to let me join

Academic Life: (Computer Design & AI Design)
• Modelling of Stellar Matter
• Loner
• Pretended to be human
• Didn’t show my powers
• Space Science Speciality

Cadet Cruise: (Deep Space Mission)
• Volunteered to the USS Tibet
• Made a friend – Human man named Gerard
• After beginning our return to Federation space we were attacked by Telepathy Xenophobic race (The Gnolls)
• Killed ½ the crew including Gerard
• Managed to defeat the creatures
• Received Commendation for my actions in the Farah Sector. Promoted to Ensign
Tour of Duty: (Uncharted Space Exploration)
• Deep space mission in the beta quadrant aboard the USS Aurora
• Although reluctant the captain preferred to use my telepathic skills when we met other lifeforms
• Mapped out several new space phenomena.
• Promoted to Liet JG
Tour of Duty: (Outpost Point Aransas)
• On first mission captured an industrial Romulan cloaking device from pirates who seem to be outfitted by the Romulans. Penetrated their cloak using my spacial astrogation model I developed at the academy
• The Cloaking Device was returned to the Romulans and although no scans or it was done with my memory and modelling talents I could replicate it
• Promoted to Full Lieut
Tour of Duty: (Utopia Planitia – Project Sunday)
• Believed to be working for Starfleet Intelligence to research ways of penetrating the Romulan Cloaking Device
• In reality, it was a Section 31 operation in an attempt to gather the intel from me to build their own cloaking device
• After making some excellent progress, send my data to my former professor at the Academy and Captain Sisko at DS9, whom I had met on my way to Outpost Point Aransas.
• While visiting my professor at the academy, my lab was destroyed by a bomb and I was arrested on suspicion of breaching the treaty of Algeron
• Although cleared of any wrongdoing in sealed court, to cover Section 31’s involvement, was reprimanded for my ‘action’s.

Lt Nathaniel Grey (Lt Pieter Fran)

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