Commander Jon Draper

First Officer, USS Kali, Akira Class Starship


Human, Male

Current: Commander, First Officer, USS Kali, Akira Class– Heavy Cruiser Starship under Captain Perry Stevenson
Was: Chief of Security, USS Gryphon under Captain Elaine Mello

Speciality: Security systems, military strategy, phasers and phaser rifle, some hand-to-hand combat skill, leadership, negotiation

Gette reported to Commander Jon Draper during her Cadet Cruise and was part of his security team during her first tour on board the USS Gryphon (Akira Class – Heavy Cruiser Starship).

Commander Draper commenced a relationship with Gette during her first tour on board the USS Gryphon. Both were informally reprimanded when Captain Mello found out. He was Head of Security and liaisons between commanding officers and subordinates were not permitted. Captain Mello told him to think long and hard about his career and subsequently he requested transfer to the Command Stream and became first officer on board the USS Kali in 2371.


Commander Jon Draper

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