Commander Brett Darkon

Commanding Officer U.S.S Airwolf (Defiant Class Starship)


Darkon is a fine officer and practical joker. He can be reckless sometimes and has lost many runabouts as well as the defiant (Which WAS NOT HIS FAULT :P) and killed lots of changelings. He is a great commanding officer (only because his crew are the best and make him look good ;P)

Darkon likes old style weapons from the 20th and 21st century, he carries 2 SIG SAUR P226 pistols and also has an assault rifle which is a SIG SG 551 SWAT. He also has a Sig 550 sniper rifle.

Darkons pistols
Darkons assault rifle
Darkons sniper rifle


Darkon grew up in Toronto Canada, He was a Starfleet Brat and a practical joker, he played raquet ball at starfleet acadamey and was the best.

Father: Campbell Darkon, Starfleet Command Captain (Retired), Freighter Captain.
Mother: Olivia Watson, Starfleet Command (Engineering), was a Lt Cmdr. Resigned commission and now fly’s with her husband on board “The Casanova”

Sister: Kelsie Darkon – Older, is a chef and owns her own restaurant in Toronto, Canada called “The Maple Leaf”
Brother: Owen Darkon – Younger

Education: Raised in Toronto, Canada. Was kicked out of Private School, and taught in Public School. Didn’t see much of father who was out “freightering” around. Still did extremely well at school considering.

Interests: Flying – any type of fixed wing or rotor wing craft. Has a holodeck program of a F14 tomcat and missions based on 20th century Aircraft Carrier called USS Enterprise. (Jet combat and Air to Ground Sims)
Racquet Ball – Represented Starfleet Academy when at the Academy.

Also has a holosuite program based on 20th century computer games like COD, Rainbow Six and a few WW2 ones as well.

Campbell Darkon was a Captain in Starfleet Command running a joint task force with Starfleet Marine Corps with his old friend Colonel Hank Voight. The task force was designed to research and develop new tactics against the federations enemies foreign and domestic, and any other threat to the Federation. Campbell is now retired and still keeps in contact with his old friend. He and his wife have a freighter called the “Cassanova”.

Olivia Darkon (Watson) worked at Starfleet Command as an aid to an admiral for Starfleet Engineering (Research & Development). Coming up with new designs for star ships, star ship shielding and weaponry and personal weaponry.

Commander Brett Darkon

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