Zulu Team

Is the Tomato Rotten?

Session 3


IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon:
• Darkon also manages to push through the renaming of the SURPRISE. We are now aboard the USS AIRWOLF and Darkon even has a plaque made! Typical Darkon.
• Darkon and the Admiral talk briefly about what happened at Trelka, the Zandorian Confederation ships at Vorlon and the mission while I upload all the information on the Founders and what was said about the Federation and the Dominion being allies – the Vorta High Chancellor etc. and the hyper gate details \ location plus the mission data so far in case something happens. Sent directly to Admiral Ross and backup to my Tricorder.
• Repairs to the main systems are under way thanks to the 3D grid display Davros provided for me. Teams are already replacing the faulty components and I can see them change from RED to GREEN as they come online.

New Session Notes
• JC (has 7 courage points) continues to organise the repairs of the ship as we head towards the Klingon Fleet – 3 hour trip.
• Darkon heads to the medical bay to see if General Chang is awake and maybe also talk to Dvoraks.
• There are beds in the corridor outside the medical bay with people on them – Klingons mainly and there is a specialist security officer standing guard.
• Dr Trek-Lek is helping with the wounded. Vigo is hurt so is among the wounded. Darkon stealthy and silent bodyguard B’hor is ever at his side.
• Dr. Trek-Lek says the General is in the medical bay and will recover (eventually) from his wounds.
• Dvoraks was to be discharged but Darkon wants to talk to him first. The General is still unconscious and B’hor puts his hand on the Generals chest and says some kind of verse in Klingon, or a prayer.
• Darkon talks to Dvoraks – we are going to have words; get your ass out of the bed and you are coming with me. Dvoraks gets up and follows beside Darkon. B’hor has drawn his gun and is following along ever vigilant and Darkon asks Dvoraks ‘Why are the Zandorian Confederates after you?’
• Dvoraks refuses to answer so B’hor slams Dvoraks in the back; Dvoraks falls over and gets back up.
• Who are you working for? Darkon asks and Dvoraks replies ‘I am not at liberty to say.’
• B’hor slams him again and Dvoraks is NOT happy. ‘I cannot tell you so do what you want with me.’
• Are you working with Gette? ‘I cannot answer you’ replies Dvoraks.
• ‘You are going to the brig’ says Darkon and Dvoraks does not care – what will be the reaction we wonder…
• At the brig Freya is there and the three Zandorians are in one cell. The Zandorian’s eyes change colour (white – deep seated fear) when Dvoraks walks into the brig and Dvoraks hides his reaction that he knows these are confederates. Darkon realises all this.
• Freya opens the second cell and orders Dvoraks in and adds ‘I should have stunned you…’ says Darkon and Dvoraks says ‘I know…’
• Dvoraks asks after Gette and Darkon gives some rubbish answer that all present know is a lie.
• Back in Engineering JC continues to monitor and watch the red lights go to green as systems comes back online. JC gets Davros to monitor the repairs so he can head to the cargo bay and start looking over the Zandorian ship.
• JC arrives and says to Fran we will check the Zandorian ship – the cloak is sealed in a force field by Fran and the pair enter the ship to find Romar searching the ship – strange
• They talk to Romar and then he leaves but Fran knows there is something wrong with Romar… and notices Romar has no comm badge. He manages to relay this information to JC who immediately seals the cargo bay and erects a force field around the Zandorian ship
• The pair watch as Romar tries to access a console so JC has Davros disable it.
• JC alerts the Captain and security and the computer says Lt Romar is in his quarters… well his comm badge is.
• JC realises that there is something wrong, Lt Fran questions the psychic powers of the Zandorians and whether they could transfer their consciousness between bodies (awarded Courage Point). This prompts JC to remember something Van Ricky said about Sub-Commanders. They have the ability to transfer their essence \ mind to another body and that Lt Romar is currently being mind-controlled by the dead Sub-Commander!
• Things go badly as the Sub-Commander starts combat and tries to rush Fran and JC but as the pair are behind the force field Romar disappears behind the Zandorian ship.
• The door to the cargo bay opens and B’hor stealth’s in and Romar \ Sub-Commander fires and almost kills Darkon! B’hor fires and Romar dodges while Darkon manages to close the door to the cargo bay.
• Fran does a psychic attack on Romar which disrupts the Sub-Commanders control briefly and Romar starts to gain control and tries to kill himself. Luckily Davros has turned off all weapons in the cargo bay so this fails.
• B’hor manages to charge and knock Romar down after JC stuns Romar.
• JC request Dr Trek-Lek to report to cargo bay as he has replicated a pair of neural dampeners and placed them on the head of Romar, but the Dr says to hypo spray Romar to keep him unconscious.
• The hypo works (err on the side of stronger dose) and JC thinks about the best way transport Romar so that no one touches the body.
• Everyone is not sure if the neural analyser device will work.
• JC checks the Zandorian ship while Darkon and B’hor return to the bridge.
• JC scans for Vulcan DNA to work out what was touched. Romar \ Sub-Commander was looking at the roof of the vessel when JC and Fran entered but JC and Fran cannot see anything.
• Against advice, Fran goes to the brig and says to the Corvette Captain that part of the conscious from the Sub-Commander entered a Star Fleet Personal. The Zandorian Troopers have no idea and the Corvette Captain will not speak on the matter at all, much as was expected. Darkon said this would be the case.
• Dvoraks appears to not care but we know he is listening, when then Corvette Captain says ‘I am ending this conversation now’ and ignores Fran. Dvoraks laughs at Fran.
• Fran tries to read the Corvette Captains mind and fails! – Although they have no psychic powers it would seem the species is resistant – much like Ferengi. The lower ranked were easier to read but alas knowledge seems to be compartmentalized and they were useless for what information Fran was seeking.
• Fran says to Dvoraks ‘You might be able to perform your parlour tricks but I could break you if I wanted to.’ – For once Dvoraks expression shows emotion – perhaps apprehension
• Fran arrives back and says… wait for it… ‘Darkon was right but don’t tell him!’
• Dvoraks is Section 31 (says Fran) but it is not that Black and White – not sure how this conclusion was reached. Fran explains that he has had mental resistant training, he encountered similar methods employed by section 31 personnel. It would take some effort but he could break him eventually.
• Fran says Dvoraks was on the planet for 3 months and he did not help Fran. Fran also mentions to me the reason for his disciplinary action. – Didn’t read his mind during this time (although it would have been easy considering his condition but respected the privacy of prisoners once he knew they weren’t Cardassian/Romulan spies.
• I point out where there is Vulcan DNA and what was Romar was looking at – could it be a psychic is needed to open any sealed compartment.
• JC has Davros scan once more for any Zandorian communication signals leaving our ship – Davros says the Zandorian ship is sending a signal. JC tells Davros to advise the Captain and then scan and locate where the signal is going while we search the ship.
• The beacon \ signal is transmitting towards Vorlon and there is a coded message within the transmission!
• Under a seat the transmitter is found and after scanning it with the Borg Tricorder JC manages to break the encryption – he can also unlock the PADD the Sub-Commander had – the secret message is as follows:-
o Mission compromised
o Dvoraks and Darkon located
o Priority mission is now Darkon – General Order 15
o Returning to Confederation Space
• Fran scans for psychic emanations and finds nothing.
• JC contacts the Captain and sends the info to the Captain’s Chair; over the comm we hear ‘fucking what???’ Classy as always.
• Silver says he and Dr Lori are ready to test the enhanced scanners so they can see if the Zandorian Ship is over Vorlon, but it will take 7 mins for the information to come back.
• There is another seat in the Zandorian ship and that is probably the where the Sub-Commander was sitting – it is very plush and comfortable for long distance travel.
• JC goes and grab the tricorder Romar \ Sub-Commander was using.
• Fran asks what was Romar \ Sub-Commander going to do with the computer terminal; Transport to Engineering or another part of the ship?
• Fran gets the computer to analysis any Vulcan DNA evidence from Romar’s quarters to the cargo-bay, eliminating standard places and realizing the Zandorian (in Romar’s body) accessed 6 restricted panels).
• JC wonders if the changelings managed to break the Indigo level security. He does not think so but as they had system access it did not matter – the systems were linked so it was enough to get around the ship using the Loki access.
• Darkon goes to the brig and says to Dvoraks so that the Corvette Captain can also hear ‘I have a General Order on me. 15 to be precise.’
• Dvoraks does not respond – the Troopers eyes go orange (confusion) but the Corvette Captains eyes go Green.
• Darkon turns to the Corvette Captain and says ‘What is this General Order 15 on me?’
• Darkon orders the Corvette Captain to answer and Dvoraks says ‘That’s not the way to talk to them’ and ‘Not talking to you is the answer’.
• Kelly to Darkon – we have located two incoming Federation vessels – Warp Fighters.
• Silver says that the Zandorian ship is no longer over Vorlon.
• The warp fighters hail the ship – Commander Nasa of the Twilight; the Twilight is classified as a Federation vessel. It is some kind of Prototype Star Fleet Carrier – it is the size of an Intrepid class vessel and is classified as a Typhoon Class.
• Fran fills in JC (and Darkon over comms) about the basics of the ship – knowledge he gained while at Utopia Planatar.
• Nasa says that the Surprise is the follow them but Darkon says that he has different orders and that Nasa needs to confirm his orders!
• Nasa comes back on the comms and says he has been given the correct information – we are to still meet with the Klingons and not the Dauntless.



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