Zulu Team

The Summit

Session 45


Previously on Star Trek – Darkon

Orbit – Bajor (over the summit)
• Darkon, JC, Grey, Yeoman Eugine Jones, Luna and Kord will beam down in full dress uniform.
• There is a military base that will take Gette and her people. Gette and those that can travel go to the SBO base. Gette will go and find Colonel Rikan
• Gette will go elsewhere and then come to the meeting.
• Gette and the Bajorans beam down.
• 6 people transport down from the Enterprise.
• Another 6 people transport down from the Enterprise. The President is in this group.
• Two advisors and an aide – three guards.
• JC grabs the scanner and then Darkon and team beam down.
• As they walk towards the Summit area, one of the aids with the President sees Darkon and whispers to the President. The President looks at Darkon.
• The aid is a Trill. Darkon and JC know it is Loki.
• Before JC can stop him, Darkon draws a pistol and points at Loki. The guards pull the president to safety.
• Bajorans guards on duty draws guns and tell Darkon to drop the weapon.
• Darkon holsters his weapon and instead rushes over to Loki and tackles him.
• JC groans and hobbles over to get Darkon off Loki…
• JC secretly scans Loki, and he is not a Temporal Changeling (pity).
• The Vulcan aid says he can continue, and the Bajor officer stands down. JC thinks it would be good to scan Vulcan…

New Session Notes
Bajor – The Summit (outside)
• The Vulcan Captain Phoy – asks Darkon what is happening. Darkon says, ‘This Trill – Loki, correct?’
• It is.
• The slug was under my command, and it has a vendetta against me.
• What has that to do with the President?
• Nothing says Darkon.
• No phasers or weapons allowed!

Bajoran Spec Ops Base
• Gette talks to Colonel Rikan – weapon drawn at the summit. Was it Darkon? Says Gette.
• Yes, that was the name.

Bajor – The Summit (outside)
• JC explains to Captain Phoy that the Loki slug is responsible for many of the problems that have happened in the last 12 months.
• Phoy then says Darkon cannot come in. The President comes over and says ‘Darkon will be allowed into the summit. He is now attached to my personal bodyguard unit.
• Loki does not come anywhere near Darkon.

Bajoran Spec Ops Base
• Colonel Rikan says Darkon has been attached to the Presidents Guard.
• Rikan then says There is going to be an assassination attempt on someone. Three targets — Gawron, The Federation President and the Zandorian Emperor.
• Gette finds out that a Bajoran was caught helping the assassination. The spotter (a human) is dead, but they think the assassin is still in the complex and will try another again.
• The Bajoran sniper rifle had the serial removed but again there and they think there is another. The assassin must be nearby – Gilly suit perhaps.
• Gette wants to see the body – needs to know everything about it. Can she use her team? Yes, is the answer.
• Why was it moved to Dutton? Does not know – just given orders so it moved.
• Gette and Rikan discuss the underground tunnels and caverns. Gette and her team will investigate.
• Will need to liaise with the Dutton Family. Their person is a Captain and reports to the General and Gette is on good terms with her (Beth Dutton).
• Gette gathers her team – 2 dead and 3 incapacitated. Her tech is trying to find Captain Dutton, but she is in the summit area. The guards will locate her and deliver the message.
• Gette and her team head off towards the summit. Heavy weapons people are inside, but not with heavy weapons. Gette’s team is Big Bird (Demo), Blue Streak, Empress (both Heavy Weapons), Wheels (climber \ driver), Clipper (Sniper), Ace (Pilot) will be in the summit area. Xanadu (medic) is with Gette.

Bajor – The Summit (outside)
• As Darkon is part of the Presidents team we all head inside.
• JC asks Captain Phoy if there is a threat to the summit. Bajorans and SFI – possible threat but there is a meeting soon once the President is in his quarters. Kord gets to stay because the Pelor says it is fine.
• The Vulcan does not like it, but the President keeps saying it is fine.
• JC says, ‘Also means good diplomatic relations with Chancellor Gowron’.

Bajoran Spec Ops
• Gette and Xanadu check the body and they think that the dead body is a false trail. The enemy want the Bajor’s to investigate the tunnels and get them chasing their tails.
• Gette transports to the check point and Wheels drives her around.
• Clipper is driving around on the speeder bike to look for a sniper nest.

Bajor – The Summit (inside)
• Darkon and JC get a pair of glasses each.
• Grey and JC talk, and JC uses the glasses to look at the psi-weapon. The internal display says it is a Zandorian weapon. Future Tech – Deactivated.
• JC asks Special Agent Jackson are these S31 tech – the Vulcan says not your concern. He is S31 for sure. There is something strange about Loki and the slug.
• At that point the TDD drops 3% and Luna and JC are not sure why.
• JC looks at the glasses and the right side has menus; the left side has playback options.
Bajoran Spec Ops
• Gette is advised Captain Dutton has received the message and is making her way to the check point.
• Gette arrives at the forward base. The Lt Ejo (Bajor Army) salutes Gette. The Heavy Weapons team are elsewhere.
• Only people with a correct pass are allowed to leave. Once in you must stay until the summit is over.
• The checkpoint has 20 personnel and a station for screening all comms.
• The Comms hut has more information – a half Klingon \ Bajoran sits at the comms station.
• Gette gets her to pull up the screen showing the cameras this station covers. Behind him is a display showing the movement of people.
• A drone covers the areas that the stationery cameras do not.
• Gette checks everything and sees nothing wrong. Beth Dutton is only 5 mins away. Beth was outside the summit structure and is making her way quickly to the checkpoint.
• Beth arrives and asks, ‘Who is the a-hole that dragged me here?’ Gette replies ‘Me’. Lots of swearing and then they head out of the room laughing.
• Beth was with one of the patrols but got out of that and thinks the tunnels are the way in.
• Neither family talks about the tunnels – not covered.
• We need to block the tunnels so no one can get in that way without giving away the fact the tunnels exist.
• Beth thinks the tunnels were linked centuries ago.
• Has there been any seismic activity in the area. <do>

Bajor – The Summit (the briefing)
• Jackson will stay with the President and Darkon can go to the briefing.
• There are Bajoran and Federation Secret Service are there, and the glasses say they are allowed to be there. A green ticket.
• JC stays with the President (as does Luna) and the Vulcan stays because Darkon goes.

Security Briefing – The Summit
• At the briefing are several groups – John Dutton (civilian) is here, a Klingon walks in, unknown. Kord though watches the Klingon and steps closer to the Pelor \ Darkon. The Klingon looks Darkon up and down and then ignores him.
• The glasses tell Darkon the Klingon is a member of House Konjah. Kord believes he is not associated with House Duras.
• Three Vorta enter the room with three Jem’Hadar.
• There are 10 Bajorans guards stationed around the room.
• Captain Picard, and Troi and Worf enter the room.
• Daghor of House Konjah introduces himself to Darkon.
• Picard introduces himself. Then Troi and Worf. Worf cannot acknowledge the Pelor, but he can Commander Darkon.
• Picard says Sisko has a lot of hope in you.
• Darkon says he gets things done.
• Troi and Grey meet – 5 years in a Cardassian Prison Camp will change a person says Grey.
• Gul DuKat arrives and says loudly, We can start now!
• Chit-chat between the group. Gul Ducat says they do things differently out here on the frontier.

Federation President’s Quarters – The Summit
• JC goes through the menus of the glasses and sends a request to Darkon to view the meeting. It is successful so JC has one screen with the other the room showing.
• JC has Luna keep an eye out after he explains what is happening.
Security Briefing – The Summit
• The Zandorian Emperor and two Sub-Commanders arrive. The emperor greets Darkon warmly.
• Brownie points for Darkon.
• Darkon does not trust what the one of the Vorta is carrying. A case that cannot be scanned and when they see Darkon looking the move to protect it. Darkon draws a gun and demands to know what is in the case!
• All hell breaks loose as the Vorta and Jem’Hadar protect the case. Unfortunately, it opens, and a tube rolls out. In it is a changeling!
• Amazingly Darkon defuses the situation he started! The only problem is the youngest sub-commander falls over because the idiot tries to use his power on Grey (because Grey turned off his PSI-dampener).
• A stasis field is needed to save the young sub-commander as his attack backfired. The Bajorans are getting someone now.

Bajoran Spec Ops
• Gette and Beth talk – The tunnels do link, and Beth and Gette need to get a message to their fathers.
• Beth says her brothers are off world most of the time.
• Gette asks where the General is? Inside is the answer so she heads to the checkpoint.

Bajor – The Summit (the briefing)
• Darkon orders Grey to turn on the Psi dampener.
• Darkon introduces the Klingon of House Konjah.
• The Romunlans arrive and after them in steps General Castill ‘Ra.
• Darkon can see the glasses say the General and the Romulans are exactly who they are.
• The General walks up the emperor and says, ‘It is good to see you again, Sol. The emperor replies ‘And you Ra.’ They are good friends.
• The General and Dutton are on opposite sides of the room.
• JC asks the Vulcan if he knew the General and Emperor were on such good terms.
• We thought that might be the case says the Vulcan.

Battle for the President
• It is at this point Captain Phoy stands up and walks to a chair. He sits and places a case on another chair opposite him. It is a pity Commander you are here. We really thought Darkon would be in the room with the President as we really wanted to kill him and let Darkon get the blame.
• JC speaks loud enough for the room as he moves his cane to point in the general direction of the Captain. At the same time Captain Phoy pulls out a Psi-weapon (Sub-Commander in the Vulcan!).
• The President, his guards and Loki are looking at the Captain. Kill me? says the President as JC aims the cane at the Vulcan and taps the injector on his arm.
• The Vulcan lifts the weapon and JC aims and shoots the bullet from his cane!
• It hits the Vulcan \ Sub-commander dead centre of his forehead.
• The Vulcan dies instantly, but the Sub-Commander can try and jump bodies.
• Luckily Luna and JC have PSI Dampeners on though!
• JC yells for everyone to leave the room as multiple figures transport in. so much for transport blocking…
• The 6 are Breen (well JC thinks they could be other races, but Breen is more than likely).
• Everyone ducks for cover and JC asks Luna can the temporal weapons be overloaded. Yes.
• JC starts the sonic attack that will kill the Sub-Commander.
• At this point Gette and Big Bird burst in and open fire killing the two Breen as two Bajoran guards die.
• Luna pushes JC to safety – JC is still clipped though and there is blood… Luna is also hurt.
• During the fighting the President, some bodyguards make it out of the room. Luna helps JC out as Big Bird throws in the explosives as the remaining four Breen. Each is hit by and the door close as the explosives go off.
• JC confirms Gette’s Psi-Dampner is working and turns up the level of the attack until the Sub-commander dies though Darkon falls over from the attack.

Security Briefing – The Summit
• The alarms go crazy as JC lets Darkon know what is happening (through the glasses). Kord, Darkon and security teams rush to investigate and arrive to see the aftermath.
• Kord picks up a weapon and he and Big Bird go in and check the Presidents room. With Luna hurt the TDD is at 39%.
• Loki is still alive – badly hurt but still alive…
• JC, Gette and Grey return to the Security meeting.
• They meet six Bajorans and after a brief talk all is well.
• This group continue to the security room and Dutton and two Romulans are talking. JC asks after the Federation group. They went elsewhere.
• A Bajoran arrives with a padd from Beth Dutton. Gette looks at it and there has been some excavation at this point in the tunnels Beth thought there was.
Private Room
• Darkon wakes up in a sonic shower with Kord standing over him. He has been cleaned up and then replicates some new clothes. A Bajor noble outfit.
Federation Quarters
• JC, Gette and Grey find Worf outside a room. The General is inside the room with Captain Picard.
Security Room
• Darkon arrives back at the Security Room and meets John Dutton and is introduced to Senator Grievous – Romulan – Of the Tal’shiar? There is no Tal’shiar says the Senator.
• It is a fabrication. Commander Darkon is one of Sisko’s right-hand men in the quadrant says Dutton.

Federation Quarters
• We enter – Picard and the General are talking quietly. Trio is standing to the side with four guards. Worf remains outside. Yeoman Eugene Jones and Data steps out of another room.
• Jean Luc this is my daughter, says the General. Grey is surprised! JC already knew.
• JC explains the Vulcan, Captain Phoy, was controlled by the Confederate Sub-Commander and was working with at least 6 Breen.
• General and Gette talk about the attack – JC gets the impression the General really hates Dutton. A Federation officer vouched for the Vulcan and the General is going to find and question him.
• There is a map of the tunnels, and the General will have the resistance fighter that knows the tunnels report to Gette.
• The Federation will get the General whatever is required. The General says the faction within Starfleet is here. Picard says the Vulcan forcing his way on to the security setup according to the Bajorans – sabotaged part of it so the Breen could get in. JC things they could have been here for some time.
• Darkon and Kord arrive, and Gette comes back into the room. JC diplomatically translates Darkon for Captain Picard.
• After this Darkon plays with the Glasses. Magnification and such but then he has to take the glasses off before heading to see the Emperor.