Zulu Team

The Plan

Session 2

Notes completed by JC (Waz) and Fran (Phil)

Zulu Team
Player Name: Character Name: Primary Dice Secondary Dice Race
Phil B Lt. Fran Green Blue Betazoid
Warren Lt. Cmdr. Falkenberg Brown Red Human
Rob Lt. Romar Orange Light Blue Vulcan
David Cmdr. Darkon Yellow Black Human
Wayne GM White Grey N/A
Catherine Lt. Gette ABSENT ABSENT Bajoran

Starfleet Field Uniform Colour
Command Red
Security Maroon
Engineering Gold/Yellow
Operations Silver
Science Green
Medical Blue
Marines Black
Diplomatic Purple

Previously on Star Trek – DS9 Darkon:
• Darkon, Viggo & Lt Romar are going to the brig to check on the Cardassian and two Romulan prisoners while Dvoraks (who is now stable – but needs time to heal) is in the infirmary.
• Falkenberg & McClune are attempting to get more out of the engines and make sure the cloaking device is insulated from any feedback as it will have to be connected to the engines.
• Fran & Science (will need an engineer) to try and get the cloaking device online.

Cloaking Device Issues:
• Booby-trap (Need security to check)
• Compatible power source (Falkenberg suggests using a shuttle craft for power).
• Making sure the cloak is going to mask the signature of the Defiant (Defiant had issues with still putting out an energy source while cloaked, especially at high warp)
• From JC – make sure the cloaking device is insulated from any feedback during \ having it connected to the engines.
• From JC – Do we want to look at a dampening field like the science vessel used to help mask the SURPRISE?

New Session Notes
• As the meeting breaks up we do mention the possibility of connecting the cloaking device to a Shuttle craft.
• Just before we head off to our assignments, the Captain pulls Lt Fran into the room for a short talk.
• Captain Darkon gives Lt Fran a direct order to not read his mind (‘Or I will fucking shoot you and I will put you out an airlock’)
• I head to engineering with McClune – still have phaser and gear from mission to D’Deridex.
• Lt Fran and Viggo (incendiary specialist) go to the cloaking device which is in the cargo bay.
• Darkon, Lt Romar and Laybok go to the brig to see the prisoner. Darkon puts his foot in mouth again and insults the General, then gets paranoid about changelings again (Laybok did not respond like a Klingon should…) so he says he wants to go to the mess hall to make sure none of the Klingons are one! The General comes over to speak to Darkon as he says we need to check for changelings. Hands are cut and Darkon’s goes deep – very deep!
• All the Klingons pass the test except for Laybok – another damn changeling and combat begins – Death to Darkon is mentioned!
• General Chang saves the Pelor and Romar and Freya hit the changeling. Freya kills the changeling (mini Gette in the making).
• Darkon rises in honour in the eyes of all the Klingons as he found another changeling.
• Romar asks to have his phaser set to a higher setting – Darkon says yes and Freya says that it is a standing order under Darkon’s command.
• Darkon announces to the crew that we have had a changeling encounter (dealt with) and to check all systems; General Chang says that Laybok wanted to deal with the Cardassian himself.
• In science Viggo checks Fran and vis-versa for a changeling.
• In engineering I start a level 9 diagnostic of all systems (via Davros) and I activate the Command Line (Indigo). Davros and the Computer understand.
• McClune and I check each other for changelings – all okay.
• Security to the brig is ordered and so do Darkon, General Chang, Romar with Freya in tow.
• They arrive to find the Cardassian is dead from a puncture wound – was it the weapon that Changeling Laybok had? A quick reveal this appears to be the case; the two Romulans are missing.
• Romar and Freya go get suited up with body armour and travel in as a pair – requirement with changelings possibility still onboard.
• Davros lets me know that he is having trouble with environmental systems – I get Davros to raise a force field around engineering and the Dilithim Crystal and I also have him lockdown and disable the shuttle craft.
• I alert security to go to the secondary computer room (which is near the cargo bay) and I engage my personal cloak (McClune has a fit!).
• In the cargo bay the lights go out and comms go down – the Romulans (changelings? Or someone else?) are there trying to steal a shuttle. Fran manages to open the cargo bay door and the creatures are ejected into warp. There is nothing left. It is revealed they were going to blow the shuttle craft and do damage to the ship – would have dropped us from warp.
• The environmental controls are near the cargo bay so Romar and Freya check it out.
• Nothing was set to explode but there was a secondary program to deploy gas throughout the ship and kill everyone. The gas is being collected from the warp core and has not been triggered.
• I relocate power to the cargo bay and notice that there is a power drain. I track the power drain (4%) and it is something to do with this vessel class and it was an issue O’Brien was also working on with the Defiant. McClune is trying to increase power to the engines still but with little success so far.
• Back in the Brig – Romar and Freya are checking the security feeds to see how the Romulans escaped. Romar checks the last 2.5 hours of video and he sees Freya smack down the Cardassian and the two Romulans just watched. After she leaves the screen goes grey – someone took the surveillance offline for around an hour.
• Romar tries to check the console and cannot get it in as Darkon has still to setup Romar’s access in the ships system (same with Fran). Freya puts in her code and Romar checks to see who put in their access – the redundant system is still there luckily and Romar can see who it was.
• The code used was by a Loki?!?!?!? Loki’s code was used!!! He is dead and the slug is elsewhere.
• Freya has a fit and calls Darkon – I realise that there is a changeling at Starbase 310 because that is where the Surprise had its upgrades completed – and the Changelings hate Darkon.
• Darkon, Chang and Klingon bodyguards arrive at medical where there should be Moss, Dvoraks, and the others but they are missing!!!
• I realise that there may be a ship attached to the hull – I could demagnetize the hull and fling any attached vessel into space BUT our missing crew are probably on board it!!
• I add that my Level 9 diagnostic would locate the ship but it is not finished because of the sabotage. Hallic does scans and says that the ship is located next to one of the emergency locks on the outside of the hull.
• Darkon enters Medical and it is empty – it looks like Doctor Larsen saved Dvoraks. A review of the security feed shows two figures beam in and take out the Doctor and Sven.
• I already know there is something going on and wonder if the Zandorians or Gette are involved. And if the Zandorians are here, is it the Confederation or the ones loyal to the Emperor?
• I check for low level frequencies – Marine, Bajoran military and Zandorian – I find the frequency I am after and it is Zandorian.
• Darkon unlocks the ship setting for the Kelly on the bridge so she can scan for said vessel.
• Romar and Freya check the emergency lock and it is secure and then go and get vacc suits.
• Darkon and the Klingons are on their way to the emergency lock.
• The level 9 finishes – The highlights are:-
o I can see the Zandorian ship and it is linked to another ship further away.
o There is a booby trap in the second shuttle craft.
o Breach (transporter) into medical – they look like the battle suits. Four people taken and the ship is like a runabout.
o I might be able to pin-point the 4% drain on the system.
o We vent the gas thus stopping that sabotage.
o Number of subroutines accessed via the Loki credentials – 27 accesses via Loki
o Davros removes all Loki command codes. (we have a frequency back to SB 310).
o I send the model of the cargo bay to Fran and we also work out that the Zandorian ship is communicating with another vessel in the Vorlon system.

The Plan
o The Booby trapped Shuttle becomes a bomb
o Raven will fly the second shuttle as a decoy and deploy the ‘bomb’ so the Galor exits on top of it. We will keep a transporter lock on Raven at all times.
o As we exit warp we electrify \ pulse the hull to disable the Zandorian ship and then we transport the vessel to the cargo bay.
o We have transporter enhancers pointing at the Zandorian ship from inside our ship.
• Fran has thermal imaged the Zandorian vessel to make it easier to mark and transport to the cargo bay

Order of Events
1. Drop from Warp
2. Pulse the Zandorian ship and interrupt the frequency back to the Vorlon system
3. Shuttle Craft leave the Cargo bay at the same time
4. Transport Zandorian ship to cargo bay
5. Shuttle craft to location of Galor exiting warp with transporter lock on Raven at all time
6. Disable Galor and raven returns to the ship
7. Run like hell.

The Plan starts…
• All appears to go to plan and the ship is transported in and then it does a pulse back. People go down! Are the Klingons and our crew dead?!?!?
• The Surprise is damaged from the pulse.
• I repulse the Zandorian ship and damage it enough to stop it from doing any more damage to us.
• I re-route power and the ship is functioning once more on secondary systems.
• The Galor hits the shuttle craft bomb and the vessel refuses to respond so Darkon orders the Galor destroyed.
• Raven comes back in as the Zandorian ship opens and out comes two Zandorian’s in battle suits.
• Raven fires the shuttle crafts weapons and kills both Zandorians and manages to land the shuttle without killing anyone.
• She also damaged the Zandorian vessel.
• Romar manages to scan the inside of the vessel and there are 4 Zandorians and our 4 crew from the medical bay. He also recognises that one of the Zandorians is a PSI Officer. Again we are not sure if they are Loyalist’s or Confederation.
• I open the Comms Frequency’s and Darkon speaks to the Zandorians. Darkon uses gunboat diplomacy and commands the Zandorians to talk to him.
• I give an ultimatum to the Zandorians and they say hold –
o I am Corvette Captain Y’liker and we accept the terms of surrender. I reply that you will remove weapons and armour and will be treated honourably.
• They come out and do as instructed as Darkon walks over and introduces himself. Eye colour goes violet on three of them and white on the sub-commander.
• We work out that they are Confederates and their ship is over Vorlon at the request of the Emperor of the Confederates. The Cardassian’s have welcomed the Confederation Zandorians to Vorlon. As the talking continues the Sub-Commander is killed (we worked out he is not loyal to the same Emperor of the Van Ricky).
• The Corvette Captain says the Sub-Commander turned up at Vorlon via the pod and took command to grab so they could take Dvoraks – there was also a team of specialist that came with the Sub-Commander.
• I launch a second communications torpedo to give Admiral Ross a ‘heads up’ about the sabotage, the Changeling on board SB 310 and everything else we have discovered so far. This message is sent to the commanders of the Fleet under Admiral Ross just in case there is chance the message will not get through.

A Major Discovery
• The Founders are the Dominion – the shapeshifters control the Dominion and the Zem’Hadar and the Vorta serve the Founders. There is a Vorta at the Confederation Emperor’s Court with the title of High Chancellor. The Battleship at Vorlon is there at the request of the Cardassians.
• There is a Hyper Gate nearby Cardassian space. There was also a fleet of 6 ships at Trelka when the Confederates arrived.
• The Confederates think the Federation and the Dominion are working together. Say what??
• The troopers have a blue tattoo on them – might prove they are Confederate Soldiers.
• There are no changelings in this group. The changelings are our enemies.
• The Padd the Sub-Commander had is encrypted but the primary mission was to keep the Sub-Commander alive and follow his orders.
• With the destruction of the Galor we are able to push past Vorlon and into the Demilitarised Zone. I boost the Communications system and we know that Admiral Ross is now aboard the Dauntless – we patch Darkon through and we find out there are Dominion ships heading towards SB 310.
• Darkon also manages to push through the renaming of the SURPRISE. We are now aboard the USS AIRWOLF and Darkon even has a plaque made! Typical Darkon.
• Darkon and the Admiral talk briefly about what happened at Trelka, the Zandorian Confederation ships at Vorlon and the mission while I upload all the information on the Founders and what was said about the Federation and the Dominion being allies – the Vorta High Chancellor etc. and the hyper gate details \ location plus the mission data so far in case something happens. Sent directly to Admiral Ross and backup to my Tricorder.
• Repairs to the main systems are under way thanks to the 3D grid display Davros provided for me. Teams are already replacing the faulty components and I can see them change from RED to GREEN as they come online.




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