Zulu Team

Somebody BETTER Die! Part 5

Session 10




IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon

• Apollo on the other hand says let me fix this bitches.
• He looks at the transport and says the Zandorians were trying to jury rig the system and bypass all electronics. They could have blown the thing up but Apollo says he should be able to fix it.
• The cannon on top of the vehicle and front guns are all fully operational. They might be able to blast the data storage door to get it open if the guns can be somehow be moved to that location.
• In the vehicle are lots of med-kits and other important supplies the team needs.
• Darkon gives B’Hor a med-kit for his leg.
• At the end of the room is another bulk head door with a lever to open it which more than likely leads outside the complex.
• The thermal generator is located nearby and is working well – it is set to keep the cold temperature running.

New Session Notes

In the Caverns

• JC follows the natives through the tunnels after asking for and getting some rope (hemp) to tie the box shut and slings it over his back.
• Eventually JC and the natives arrive at an open tunnel with only blackness all around; the natives then look at JC and randomly jump into the blackness.
• JC listens careful and cannot hear anything… so hoping he will not die JC leaps into the same area of the icky blackness as the natives…
• JC has a fit when the blackness lifts and he can see he is falling towards a large underground lake!
• Keeping the box as staff as possible JC hits the water, resurfacing with no broken bones, and sees the natives swimming to shore.
• The water is very cold BUT JC wonders about that as he should be a long way underground. JC believes the Jelly has a symbiotic relationship with the natives and the ‘blackness’ was some kind of teleport \ transporter ability and they are closer to the surface.
• JC looks at the rock walls and beach and can see that the light in the cavern is refracting from some kind of natural crystal formations.
• The natives then lead JC through another set of tunnels (for around 20 mins) before stopping and retrieving some food and water from a sack in a hidden alcove in a rock wall. The sack is returned to its hiding spot before the group continues on.
• About 30 mins later the group arrive at their destination; an exit to the caverns and JC can see stars in the sky.

The Complex

• Apollo says he can fix the transport and it will take about 2 hours to complete the work. He tells everyone to ‘Go away so I can work!’ Once the vehicle is fixed the guns will power up. ‘Fuck off now!’ adds Apollo.
• Over the next two hours the group splits up. Some stand guard while others will go and search the area – Darkon gives the Klingons two of the winter cloaks so they can stay warm (Klingons do not like the cold). Hopefully the cold will keep any of the ‘creatures’ away from the cold room unless they did all die from the grenades that were used.
• Fran and Freya to investigate just how far the tank can be manoeuvred into the side tunnel to see IF it can get a shot on the data storage door. There will be some serious manoeuvring to even get it close, but both believe it is possible. Fran shows Freya his calculations and Freya nods in agreement.
• Next Fran tries to work out how much wield \ power level the gun on the transport has to be set to so that the door can be blasted open without damaging anything (hopefully) inside.
• It is at this point that Fran notices the data storage door is slightly open!!!!! OMG thinks Fran and how did Freya miss it!?!?!?
• Fran ‘stealth’s’ (yeah right) back to the cold room and calls out for Dvoraks as he is supposed to be guarding the door.
• With no answer Fran looks around and sees there is someone in the area with the bodies; Fran yells out again and gets Dvoraks attention and tells him that the door to the data storage door is open and somehow Freya missed it.
• Dvoraks says to get the others and he heads off to find Freya.
• At the transport Fran is yelling at Apollo and Apollo says Darkon is in the transport. ‘You get him you lazy shit’ says Apollo.
• Fran explains to Darkon that the door to the data storage is open! We need to investigate it. The Klingons get up and say please explain and Fran says that there could be someone else here. Someone needs to stay with and the General say B’Hor will stay to watch Apollo and Bob the Blue alien. B’Hor does not like it but understands that because of his wound he should stay.
• As Darkon, Fran and Chang head towards the data storage room Fran scans for life signs (75% charge lost now).
• The scan shows everyone in the ice room (no extra life signs) with a strong Bajoran life sign half way towards the monolith (Dvoraks) and another strange life sign (87% power loss) just in front of Dvoraks. He is obviously following someone.
• There are power readings from the data storage computer room and weird readings still in front of the bajoran life sign where Dvoraks is.
• Darkon has a look at the readings and says there is a damping field around the monolith. Someone is trying to stop people from seeing what type of field it is. The field is Zandorian.
• Fran’s tricorder has 5% charge remaining.
• Darkon and Fran suggest that the Sub-Commander probably left his body the Data Room and had taken control of Duncan’s body to watch what the group was up to. After Duncan was killed Sub-Commander eventually returned to his body but not before he tried to kill Fran. Once the group was in the cold room after escaping the creatures, the Sub-Commander returned to his body and has gone to the Monolith. Is Freya a prisoner?
• Chang kicks the door open and the lights come on – the door is thick so using the remaining sulphur would not have open it.
• Inside the room is a strange Jelly fish creature! (JC had theorised back with the Witch Doctor as the thermal power was not enough and he expected the Zandorians to study them)
• The Jelly is in a bio-dome and solution with cables running from the Jelly to tables and a big power board. The Jelly is powering the computer system.
• Darkon decides to touch the bio-dome and has a vision!
• Darkon’s Vision
• Chang raises his Bal’eth and Darkon yells ‘Do not. I will explain all’ says Darkon.
• Darkon explains the vision – I was the jelly and saw the Sub-Commander and two Zandorians in lab coats taking readings. Darkon also felt great sadness.
• Darkon also saw the House Symbol for the Sub-Commander – it is the original house that did the nasty experiments on Bob the Blue Aliens people.
• Fran says that we need to fine JC. (so true )
• A button in the room flashes green and starts to beep so Darkon presses it. A retinal scanner appears out of the computer system and starts beeping again.
• Fran says he will scan for Duncan \ Sub-Commander in the room and says to Chang to ‘stop him’ if things get bad. Chang loves this idea but Fran reports there is no presence here.
• Fran is going to stay in the computer room and try to search telepathically (without being noticed) while Darkon and Chang go and find Dvoraks and Freya.
• In the computer room Fran looks around and finds clothing, bedrolls, etc. and some hypo-sprays plus a locked cabinet \ drawer. The computer room door slides into the wall.
• Fran scans and can see B’Hor, Apollo and Bob (some psychic power) in the cold room with the vehicle Apollo is working on.
• Dvoraks is in the Monolith cavern with Darkon and Chang closing in fast.
• No sign of Freya or the Sub-Commander.
• Fran picks up no readings from the Jelly.
• Fran uses his telepathy to give this info to Darkon and succeeds.
• Dvoraks waves Darkon and Chang over to where he is watching the monolith and says he has seen no one. Darkon explains what was in the computer room and when the Jelly is mentioned Dvoraks turns and RUNS back towards the computer room.
• Dvoraks arrives first at the room, disables the retina (it was an incoming message), then proceeds to cut open some cables that are connected to the Jelly and hooks up Fran’s tricorder. ‘The Jelly does not like it’ says Fran and Dvoraks answers ‘I know’.
• Dvoraks gets the tricorder to power up and after reading through his notebook (lots of Bajoran writings in it).
• Darkon say we need to get the Jelly out as the Zandorians were doing something bad to it.
• Dvoraks then explains that all Zandorians systems are very very strong and secure to hack from a frontal assault but if you can get straight to the secondary systems you have a much better chance to get around the security. Dvoraks knows how to do this.
• It is decided to seal Dvoraks in the computer room so he can use the tricorder to get the data he needs while the others head to the monolith.
Back Outside
• The natives look around the entrance so JC uses his tricorder to work out where he is – there are a number of life signs about a kilometre away.
• The native’s then point to a cloaked shape in the dark and after removing a sheet JC finds a dune buggy. There is a symbol on the side of the vehicle (Star Fleet Marine Corp) and there is four letters in Russian on it though JC is not sure what they say.
• JC jumps in driver’s seat and puts on the goggles from the mirror. The natives jump into the back of the dune buggy and want JC to drive. The dune buggy starts and the natives cheer!
• JC ties the rope around the box in the compartment next to him and starts to drive (lights on) down a path that has obviously been used before. The natives seem to have travelled in the back of the dune buggy before (friends with the marines) and continue to cheer. JC can tell that the buggy has a V8 engine on a roll cage. It is a lot of fun drive!
• The natives are having a ball in the back and JC continues to follow the path.
• After travelling for what JC think is the halfway point to the life signs, he turns the lights off and slows the vehicle to a crawl to take some more readings with the tricorder once more. The power in the dune buggy has gone up to 16%.
• JC decides to user his borgified-tricorder and scan – the readings so Zandorian nearby but there are also human, Bajoran and Klingon. The last three are underground while the Zandorians life signs are above ground.
• JC picks up some additional life signs approximately three kilometres further away – there seems to be a phase issue with the. JC is of the opinion they are Jem’Hadar.
• The natives want JC to keep going and drive faster so he does (to a point).
The Complex
• Fran asks to use Darkon’s tricorder (only has 12% power remaining) so he quickly scans for the dampening field and finds the field is gone!
• Fran then telepathically scans the cavern and only picks up the monolith’s residual residue. There is no sign of Freya.
• Fran says he cannot pick up anything and asks for Darkon and Chang to investigate.
• Darkon stealth’s into the cavern and looks around for movement with Chang right behind him.
• A bit further in he finds a Star Fleet Comm-badge on the ground – it is Freya’s.
• Fran says we could use the Jelly to power the comm-badges to contact JC – but is it Freya’s he asks and Darkons says it is.
• Darkon does as recon of the cavern and sees nothing. Chang confirms the same.
• With no other way out and no sign of Freya, the team head back to the computer room.
• Dvoraks lets them in and Fran and Darkon look at what Dvoraks has found \ been doing.
• Dvoraks says the file he has managed to download has all the Dominion agents in the Federation and he download a copy to a PADD and then transfer copies to all PADDS so that there is a greater chance of the data making its way back to the Federation. It appears that the information on the Dominion includes Zandorian Space as well.
• The data has everything on the Zandorians on this world to.
• There are Star Fleet encrypted files as well.
• Darkon asks if they can power up the Comm-Badges, tricorders etc. and then asks the Jelly for help to let this happen.
• Once the power has been applied to the badges etc. (suddenly 6’s all round!) Darkon and Fran get super special visions \ feelings.
• Darkon’s Feeling \ Vision (see Dave’s Notes)
• Fran’s Vision – I see a group of jellies circling the planet. They are connected to it and other planets and the sun. If the Jellies die everything dies. They are in danger.
• Fran says we need to stop using the Jelly – it thinks Darkon has betrayed it.
• Fran asks if we can remove the HDD of the computer.
• Dvoraks gets power to the comm-badges and Fran contacts JC.
• Falkenberg here! Glad to hear from you all and boy do I have some things to tell you once I get to you. How do I get to you guys?
• Fran explains the power loss and the Jelly creature they have found powering everything in the computer core. JC says you need to shut down the power drain on the Jelly. Dvoraks explains he has been getting information for the mission and the mission is more important than anything else. JC says that because the Zandorians use crystals as the storage of their data you have to be very careful or you will lose the lot! We do need to shut down the computer though.
• At this point the steady golden pulse good from the jelly changes to magenta and that is bad.
• Fran takes a closer look at the pads attached to the Jelly when the jelly’s colour suddenly goes dark purple and pulses. Darkon starts to get strangled (by the Jelly mentally) and Fran yells to says get Darkon out now! The Jelly is not happy about with Darkon and Darkon is not happy but he does get out of the room. Once near the corridor that heads to the monolith Darkon feels better.
• Dvoraks says he will go back to Fran but no touch the jelly!
• Fran works out that the pads inside the bio-dome and are connected to the power couplings and he works out the best way to unhook them. Fran unplugs them one at a time until they are all released.
• JC is still in contact with Fran via the comm-badge (still has power) and talks briefly about the larger Jelly the natives moved to a safe location to protect it.
• Dvoraks returns and cracks a glow stick and scans the jelly with the charged tricorder (84% remaining) and the Jelly is no longer draining power – the Jelly is now a soft purple colour.
• Since it is no longer draining power JC says to get the Jelly somewhere with natural rock – nothing man made \ constructed. Fran believes he has a strong connection with the Jelly and JC says to get the Jelly and the solution out of the room fast as JC does not know what the fluid is but since the big Jelly needs diamond floors to sit on \ be near it is probably not good to touch.
• At this point the fluid from the bio-dome is starting to burn \ eat away Fran’s arm – JC yells wash in in water quickly! The fluid must have been some kind of clear acid that the jelly could live in.
• Chang picks up the bio-dome with the Jelly and carries the whole thing out into the corridor without spilling a drop of the fluid.
• The pain from Fran’s arm is beyond belief and he is no longer coherent and getting worse. Darkon lets Chang go past with the bio-dome as Chang heads towards the cavern.
• In the Buggy JC does another scan with the Borgified-Tricorder and scans the Zandorian camp (above ground) as he and the natives can see the camp fire. JC also picks up a human life form, a weird life form and a Klingon in a really cold area, but they are underground.
• JC uses the normal tricorder to work out a way to find the underground area and the sensors pick up a manmade structure. It is lower in level and more to the south.
• JC works out that the cold area in above ground and heads to this general location eventually arriving in front of a massive Bulk Head door. The natives nod that this is the place so JC contacts Darkon and see a massive cloud of cold appear as the bulk head door opens. The buggy now has 73% charge.
• Back in the computer room Fran wakes up as Dvoraks has used a hypo-sprayed him and bandaged his arm.
• JC drives the buggy in and turns it off and jumps out taking the case with him. The natives see Apollo and start to throw rocks at him. They really do not like Apollo. JC says to Apollo I built that (pointing to the buggy) and heads to the computer room. The natives do not like the cold and are grateful for the window coats.
• JC arrives in the computer room and can see that Fran’s is in need of immediate medical treatment so he re-calibrates one of the Zandorian dermal regenerators and gets Dvoraks to start from the top of the arm down to heal the injury. It takes some time to do this but the pain lessens as the wounds heal.
• Once Fran is stable JC says to Dvoraks we do not need to take the crystals out we just need to remove the whole case around the crystals then we can peel bad the layers at out leisure on board the Airwolf or back at DS9. Dvoraks things that is a brilliant idea.
• JC then says to Fran I have a gift for you from the Witch doctor of the natives. It is ‘necessary’ and needed according to the witch doctor and jelly.
• The Vulcan has been ‘eating’ the psychic power of all the jelly creatures it has come into contact with.
• JC explains as he opens the box and shows the crystal mace that Fran will need this to help defeat the Vulcan and \ or the Sub-Commander and save the Jelly species.
• JC says that the Jelly’s are a sentient species that can travel between the stars and that the natives and jellies have a symbiotic relationship. Fran had also come to the same conclusion.




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