Zulu Team

Somebody's Going to Die Part 4

Session 9



IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon

• Darkon offers to let blue alien out but Dvoraks says ‘are you sure about this…’ and Darkon says ‘they were used and abused just like the Bajorans were by the Cardassians…’ Dvoraks is put back in his box.
• JC starts to create the power loop to siphon the power he needs and after some adjustments is successful!
• JC powers up his equipment and leaves the universal translator on so it can try and work out what the witch doctor is saying as he dances around the cavern. He is happy with what JC has managed to do.
• Fran and Darkon discuss what is to be done about the two remaining prisoners. Darkon uses the same trick he did on Duncan and splat the infected native female dies.
• As for the Marine since he cannot be saved he is given the choice – he chooses death and after missing once with his disruptor, Chang fires a second time and the Marine dies.

New Session Notes

The Complex

• Fran believes there is more to this complex than meets the eye.
• The symbol on the necklace given to JC by the young Zandorian boy is a standard house symbol (see the House symbol on OP).
• Darkon says in response to Fran’s comment, ‘Let’s continue checking for other Zandorians’.
• The young Zandorian boy is locked off in the other room and will die from the pathogen as we do not have a cure.
• This bit is from before the JC left the party
o Fran thinks that after talking to JC about the young Zandorians House Symbol could mean they were ‘Farmers and Builders but are now protectors’ or maybe Knights says JC. This does seem plausible – Zandorian history allows for this adds JC.
o The bird and cross are the original symbols of the Zandorian race. Sub-Commanders are apart from the rank and file as psionics are special.
o All Zandorians are tested after birth and if they have the gene are raised as part of the psi-corps.
• Fran wonders if they still inject babies with the blue liquid.
• Fran asks if they took blood from Bob and the alien nods ‘Yes’ and did they injected Duncan (human) – again ‘Yes’.
• Fran scans the body of Duncan while the others head over to another room looking for an exit and the other Zandorians.
• Dvoraks checks the door and believes it is not trapped – probably barred from the other side and the edges are reinforced. The door is sealed from the inside so the group cannot get in.
• Freya does have more of the explosive but it would need all of it to blast open this door and ‘could’ bring down the roof.
• Darkon decides to bash on the door to get some ones attention but nothing happens.
• Freya tries to scan with the tricorder but they realise the power is draining even when not turned on!
• Apollo refuses to remain with Chang and follows Fran like a bad smell while B’Hor is watching from the door.
• Fran scans Duncan’s blood \ remains (tricorder is at power 63% lost) and to also do the analysis somehow the tricorder stays at 63%. Duncan’s blood has the blue liquid compound in it and it is affecting the human DNA strands.
• Fran moves closer to the door of the cell that has Duncan’s remains splattered everywhere and suddenly Fran is attacked by the psychic residue that was still trapped in the cell.
• Fran gets thrown out from the cell doorway and the Klingons scream, and Chang charges forward towards the cell.
• Fran battles a Dark Robed Apparition and defeats it, flinging the entity back into the cell.
• Fran commands Chang to get out and not enter the cell – miraculously both Klingons leave the room so Fran seals the cell and the room once everyone is out.
• Apollo panics and starts to run away so Chang throws his Ba’leth and knocks Apollo down.
• Fran explains that Duncan’s tissue and cells are still alive \ mutated with a presence that was using Duncan’s body. Fran says we need to LEAVE this area so Freya and Dvoraks head to investigate some other passages. The rest of the complex is very dark.
• Darkon and the others come to a T-junction – he looks at the right hand passage and the walls are like the facility, while the left is more of a natural cave system. Part of the natural corridor has been cut out.
• Near the right hand corridor is a cable that comes out of the walls and goes down the right corridor – it is old.
• Dvoraks owns up (after being prodded again) about WHY the team is here and he say ‘This facility is supposed to have a data storage area’ but from what the team has discovered so far it seems more of a bio-facility for weapons developments. They also must have known about the power drain as the tech they have here is low. Was the drain not in operation when they arrived and did they trigger it?
• The team head along the right corridor – the cable continues heading down this corridor.
• Darkon orders Apollo to touch the cable, and after arguing he does – Apollo say ‘It is ice cold. What is it for?’
• JC did say earlier that the complex was supposed to be powered from tapping a thermal vent – could be gas or some other link – old school tech and that is why the complex is still working.
• Dvoraks mentions that there are boot prints heading down the left natural passage corridor.
• Eventually the team come to a dead end after following the right corridor, but there is a massive bulk head door on the left side. It too is cold to touch and the cable enters the walls just before this door.
The Cavern of the Jelly
• JC asks the Witch Doctor about the history of the Jelly so he can get the universal translator to start understanding the language.
• The Witch Doctor asks JC to follow him and as JC watches the Witch Doctor stands in front of a another part of the cavern, mumbles and the wall shimmers and he walks through the new opening. JC follows and can see he is in another cavern with pictures on the walls.
• The Witch Doctor says ‘Ceda. Ceda.’ He is pointing to a picture of a sun with many jellies around the sun, and below this are ‘the people’ worshiping the sun and jellies? Or both?
• JC points to the worshippers – makes the motion of bowing and then points to the sun and jellies to work out which one it is they are bowing to. The Witch Doctor says Ceda and points to the Sun and the Jellies are moves his hands together in a joining motion.
• JC realises that the worshippers and hoping for the sun and jellies to come together – Ceda. Ceda means coming together or maybe joining of the Sun and Jellies. The Witch Doctor then points to another picture; this one is of a battle – ‘Ceda Lo’ says the Witch Doctor and JC understands that the Jellies are blind \ cut off to the sun.
• JC now understands that the Jellies are creatures that thrive on solar power – Ceda Lo means the jelly is not getting access to the sun and has to drain power from all available sources. That is why all the Star Fleet and Jem’Hadar weapons and items are not working.
• Ceda Lo also means this Jelly in the other cavern is no longer connected to other jellies.
• JC believes the werewolf creatures have probably destroyed the other Jellies. The temples more than likely housed the Jellies.
• Since the creatures have destroyed the Jellies and this remaining Jelly is underground to protect it it drains power.
• Does the ‘Vulcan’ want to stop the drain OR get ‘something’ else.
• JC believes that killing the last Jelly will hurt the people and planet as there is a symbiotic relationship between them all.
• JC muses ‘Did a changeling infiltrate the Rebels and called in the Vorta to get him off the planet or had the Rebels discovered something worth taking back to the Dominion’.
• Did Sector 31 bring in Dvoraks to get Darkon here so they can capture a changeling using Darkon as bait OR did the changelings get Darkon to go so they can capture and kill him?
• One of the pictures in the cavern shows the planet in the solar system and but JC is not sure what it means – Fran might know. JC also wonders if the debris in the high atmosphere of the planet helped cause the problem or was it the ‘caused’ and this started the change in the relationship between the jellies and the sun?
The Complex
• Back at the massive bulkhead door it is cold to the touch but again the only way to open it seems to be from the inside.
• Darkon examines the wall that isn’t reinforced and he pulls out a knife and cuts through. He’s cuts down and then suddenly stops. Pulling the wall off we all see cables and the knife has pierced the casing of the cables. After careful examination Darkon extracts the knife. While the knife didn’t cut the cables it was close especially if the cables had been powered. The complexity of the cables leads the group to conclude the data storage facility is in the reinforced room and unfortunately the metal is on all sides.
• Due to the darkness the team have to work out how they will see in the dark. Dvoraks and Freya enter and once their eyes adjust, Dvoraks reports back to say there just enough natural light to allow everyone to move forward.
• Dvoraks also adds that further down there is some kind of light source – again very low level and at a distance but enough to allow everyone to ‘see’ by.
• The corridor \ path is only wide enough to fit a person – the Klingons have trouble getting through some parts.
• Darkon asks about the tracks and Dvoraks says they are still there – whomever they are following did not try to hide their passage. After 15 mins of travel Dvoraks says it is getting cooler.
• Fran asks if they have been travelling in a straight direction or a winding one. After some debate it is believed the team has been going in a relatively straight line. The passage is natural and has only been cut where a person could not fit through.
• 10 mins later Dvoraks comes back to the rest of the team and says the passage opens in a massive cavern. We have to be careful – no stuffing this up!
• Dvoraks says it is best if we split up and go left and right at the same time and sweep the area. There is a very large ‘rock’ in the middle of the cavern – the Zandorians could be hiding behind it.
• B’Hor goes left with Darkon; Chang and Dvoraks go right. Freya stays at the entrance of the passage covering the teams, with Fran and Apollo behind her.
• As the two teams move, a dark shape steps out from behind the rock and fires a submachine gun at Darkon!
• Somehow Darkon dodges but B’Hor is hit!
• Another figure steps out on the same side, fires and misses.
• On the other side of the rock, at the first sound of gunshots, Dvoraks ducked down but Chang charged forward heading around the opposite of the rock (which seems to be more of a monolith). Dvoraks swears, gets back up and follows Chang.
• Darkon who has managed to place the monolith between him and the attackers yells out ‘Identify yourselves’ but he gets no response.
• Darkon digs in his backpack and pulls out a grenade, pulls the pin and throws it. As he could not see what he pulled out it is not until the grenade explodes that he threw a high-explosive grenade. The blast kills the two Zandorians.
• Darkon goes over to B’Hor and can see that B’Hor is badly wounded and still bleeding.
• Chang grabs his knife and says heat the blade and sear the wound. Darkon heats the knife and applies it to the wound – B’Hor holds the line (just) with no scream.
• Darkon and Dvoraks come close to chucking.
• Dvoraks cannot understand why they stood on one side of the rock and just opened up with everything. Maybe it was Darkon they were after?
• ‘Why were they here’ asks Fran.
• Dvoraks says we need to look at the end of the tunnel as there is light in the distance. After 10 mins Dvoraks comes back and says there is an exit, but it is in the ceiling and can only be accessed via a rope ladder or a pulley system. Of course there is a grate covering exit, locked from the outside and that is more than likely where the pulley system is…
• There is no way up apart from climbing and the walls of the cavern will make it very, very difficult.
• Darkon decides to check the monolith for handholds etc. but there are none.
• Dvoraks looks around for climbing points nearby but also cannot see any. The pulley system must be the only way up.
• Fran scans the room telepathically and Darkon says ‘FUCK ME’ as he can see blue flame coming from the top of the monolith.
• After being given the ‘go ahead’ by Darkon Fran touches the monolith and the blue flame explodes up from the top of the monolith and tendrils of blue light move out in all directions from the monolith along the floor of the cavern.
• Fran’s Vision while touching the monolith
o Looking up into space and there are blue tendrils going out into space from this world to other planets. It is touching a lot of planets.
o Fran feels he could jump on one and travel.
o Fran says he can see the Airwolf in orbit behind the moon still but he can see it.
o It is emitting psychic power from it. (from the Zandorian in the Vulcan’s body)
o The monolith is the only link on this world up.
• Darkon looks around the cavern and can see writing all around the bottom of the walls.
• Dvoraks then says ‘Can you hear that?’ like a high pitched screeching. It is getting a little bit louder.
• Darkon asks if it is coming from the grate? It could be answers Dvoraks.
o Fran looks around back at the planet and can see a large ‘something’ that is giving off a psychic emanation but it is masked.
o There is a second powerful psychic power travelling at speed towards this area.
• The noise from outside is getting louder – like a scream and Darkon and Dvoraks think it is not good.
• Fran says there is something coming – powerful psychic – and Darkon and Dvoraks say ‘We know we can hear it. Cannot be good!’
• Fran uses his power to drive the ‘creature’ off but fails and the creature grabs Fran psychically and takes control – it is the infected Vulcan.
• The creature, through Fran, lies and says ‘It’s all good’ and that he (Fran) has it all under control. Darkon being Darkon is not sure what is going on.
• Darkon says ‘Come on Fran, it’s time to disconnect’. The Vulcan controlling Fran pushes Darkon with his ‘hand’ and Darkon is pushed away. Darkon says to Dvoraks (who has drawn his gun) ‘Get him off the rock!’
• Before Dvoraks can shoot or do something else, Fran manages to break the link between the Vulcan and his minions. This causes the Vulcan to break the link.
• Fran does not understand what has happened and says he tried to break the link the Vulcan had on the creatures and in doing so left him vulnerable. Fran says we need to find the ‘hidden’ psychic power. The Vulcan and its creatures are looking for it.
• Freya leads the way back to the Complex and manages to blow a hole at the bottom of the door \ wall join of the bulk head door and then they hear Dvoraks scream ‘the creatures are here’.
• Grenades are used to kill at least two of the three creatures while everyone else crawl through the gap into the cold room. Even the corridor is starting to get cold as the temperature in the room is below zero.
• A light switch is found and the group can see a plastic sheet covering a door.
• Inside the team can see many natives lying on the floor, all frozen. They are dead and could be infected. Further into the very large room in the middle of the area is a troop carrier.
• Dvoraks watches the door they blew open and none of the creatures have tried to come inside this area. Are they dead or is the cold stopping them from coming in.
The Cavern of the Jelly
• JC asks the Witch Doctor how he got the jelly into this cavern. The Witch Doctor talks and says something the translator does not identify (JC think the Jelly was guided or ‘travelled’ here via the connecting lines). The translator does understand ‘diamonds form the base’ and JC realises that the diamond floor forms a shield around the Jelly on the floor to help protect it.
• The Witch Doctor brings out a case and says necessary – not purpose.
• He then opens the case and shows a clear crystal mace and again says necessary, not purpose.
• JC thinks and gets it confirmed that the Jelly is a ‘Teacher and Traveller.
• The mace is used by a psychic and is a weapon that is necessary.
• The jelly is a sentient being and the Vulcan has been feeding on all the other Jellies, killing then and taking their power.
• The jelly starts to pulse – and I notice that my tricorder, phaser and other devices are no longer losing power. The jelly has changed it power drain to not affect my equipment.
• The Witch Doctor touches the jelly and he says ‘creatures, science officer, controlled, Ceda’ and then grabs JC and shares a vision.
• JCs Vision
o Space – a figure – blue lines from the creature – comes back down again –
o JC think it is Fran but not 100% sure.
• After the vision the diamond floor has expanded so that the whole floor of the cavern and parts of the walls are now covered.
• JC has to take the mace to the person in the vision (Fran) so that Fran can Protect and do what is necessary. Fran has to become a Conduit for psychic power.
• JCs tricorder recorded everything that just happened. JC now has some understanding of the natives language so he transfers the data to the fully charged Borg-tricorder and takes the charged phaser with him and is led by the teenagers that brought him here in the first place towards Fran and the rest of the team. Fran needs the mace to fight the Vulcan.
The Complex
• Back at the base the team realise that the transport has been converted to a mechanical based starter and power system to bypass the electrical parts. Freya has a look but says nope I can’t fix this.
• Apollo on the other hand says let me fix this bitches.
• He looks at the transport and says the Zandorians were trying to jury rig the system and bypass all electronics. They could have blown the thing up but Apollo says he should be able to fix it.
• The cannon on top of the vehicle and front guns are all fully operational. They might be able to blast the data storage door to get it open if the guns can be somehow be moved to that location.
• In the vehicle are lots of med-kits and other important supplies the team needs.
• Darkon gives B’Hor a med-kit for his leg.
• At the end of the room is another bulk head door with a lever to open it which more than likely leads outside the complex.
• The thermal generator is located nearby and is working well – it is set to keep the cold temperature running.




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