Zulu Team

Somebody's Going to Die Part 2

Session 7


IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon
• From the scans and analysis JC has performed on the blood, vomit and bodies before all were destroyed, he sets his (borg) tricorder to being working out what this strain of plague \ disease is and hopes the nanites can start working on a solution.
• JC asks what it is we are after! Dvoraks finally says the information held by the Rebels has information on all spies and their key locations within the Federation and also what persona’s they are using. This means we could find the changelings within the Federation!
• It is possible that a changeling let loose the plague to destroy the Rebels so that the information cannot fall into the wrong hands, especially if the changeling cannot get a message out.

New Session Notes
• JC says he is going to go down the hidden tunnel and scan for Zandorian life signs and possible electronics beyond the welded shut door.
• The electrics are no longer working and there are gouges in the metal – almost like fingers marks and the welding is what is keeping it closed. This was very well done and the welding is overkill for the job required.
• Meanwhile B’Hor is sniffing at the caved in entrance and he says to Darkon that there are explosions outside – not outside the entrance but a distance away from the temple.
• Lt Fran scans and cannot confirm what B’Hor is saying. Could it be a Zandorian party or the Marines helping out? Or someone else altogether?
• Lt Fran tries again and says yes there are explosions outside the entrance to the temple; JC comes out of the corridor and explains to all that the door has been closed from this side and looks like it is meant to NEVER be opened again – well without major work from a laser or our phasers.
• Dvoraks sets up a ladder for Fran so he can investigate the Muriel that is on the wall of the temple.
• JC heads to the entrance and asks Davros if he can help Freya. He says we can put nanites in her and JC says NO!
• JC is at the door and the noise outside the cave goes quiet… Lt Fran is trying to use his physic powers… then JC detects a low keening noise outside. Maybe there is a link between physic powers and the creatures?
• Lt Fran has a vision – he can see the silhouette of a Vulcan with elongated teeth and it is pointing behind itself and then BOOM; feedback and Fran falls down.
• Darkon asks Dvoraks if there is a Vulcan in the marine party and he says ‘maybe…’ and Fran says there is a Physic person controlling the creatures.
• The creatures are now back growling outside the collapsed tunnel like they were doing earlier.
• B’Hor continues to search the rest of the temple. The best plan of action is to wait until we know the sun has come up outside the temple and then we can open the door to the complex just in case the base has been compromised. This way we only have to worry about the creatures from one direction and we might still be able to complete our mission.
• JC applies a hypo spray to stabilise Fran (successfully).
• We rest for the evening and Fran and Freya are ‘better’ in the morning. We heard no further explosions that night and B’Hor found no other exit.
• Fran climbs the rope ladder Dvoraks made and gets to the top of the mural. Fran works out that the mural was well painted and that this was done a long time ago. There is a city in the mural with the sun coming over the horizon and a figure pointing towards the city.
• Fran says the mural has a link between the sun and the city. He does not fully understand the significance of it all.
• It is then that we hear Morse code from outside that says ‘GET BACK BOOM’!
• JC taps back ‘OK’ and runs back to the hidden entrance and then BOOM! The entrance to the temple if open again.
• Then a voice says ‘Star Fleet Dudes’ – Darkon says who he is and the person says ‘We have heard of you – you kill people!’ Lots of laughing. The person says I am Captain Apollo (he is pirate). ‘Have you had breakfast? Local foods?’ – Fuck off says Darkon – more laughter from outside.
• Eventually in walks the individual known as Captain Apollo. He is indeed a pirate and a smelly on at that. Apollo explains that the ‘Day Walkers’ are the ones that were trying to blowing up stuff earlier as they were trying to get into our ship!
• Fran decides that now is a good time to make his presence known – somehow Fran makes an awesome climb down and Apollo names him ‘The Spider-Monkey’.
• Darkon gets Apollo to come over and slices the palm of Apollo’s hand! His guards go mental but
Darkon proves Apollo is not a Changeling (paranoid much?) and then uses a dermal regenerator on Apollo’s hand; he then hands the regenerator to Apollo and Apollo is ecstatic with this gift.
• Apollo knows ‘Shredder’ and he says that the bounty on Darkon is substantial. Darkon says do not think about collecting it…
• Apollo has one of the locals bring in a chair for him to sit on as well as drinks (moonshine) and offers it around. JC and Fran decline but Chang and Darkon drink up. Apollo says the Day Walkers will not parlay with anyone and that everyone wants to get off this rock. Darkon asks about the marines and Apollo says yes – they met the Day Walkers and the got scattered around.
• The Day Walkers are adept at what they do and then Darkon realises that they are Jem’Hadar and a Vorta is leading them. JC asks Apollo ‘how long have they been here?’ Are they without ‘The White’?
• Apollo is not sure what the ‘White’ is but they have been here for around 6 months. Apollo says daylight is from 5am to 5pm.
• JC heads to the entrance and scans and then returns to Darkon and says there will be shrouded Jem’Hadar outside. They are probably shrouded by have no energy weapons. He cannot tell if they are still near the ship though.
• Darkon talks to Fran and he asks Fran to scan Apollo; Fran says he can and asks for Darkon to ask leading questions to help give him an opening.
• Dvoraks says do not trust Apollo (as if we did!) and he should be dealt with. Darkon says ‘in due course’ but Dvoraks is NOT happy.
• With that he gives a look like ‘You Star Fleet Officers are so stupid’ – does Dvoraks think he is a cut above?
• The scan works and Fran knows Apollo wants off the planet! He is shit scared and would leave his men behind so he can live if need be!
• Apollo says he wants off this world and asks where is our mothership? Darkon avoids the question – like we will tell him and then Darkon surprises EVERYONE (especially Dvoraks) and stuns Apollo. All hell breaks loose and before the two guards can react B’Hor throws knives killing one guard as Chang shoots the other one.
• Apollo is stunned and falls to the ground.
• JC scans outside the temple and confirms Apollo’s men know something has happened but do not know what to do.
• Lt Fran runs to the kid and tries to move him out of the way of the entrance. JC informs Darkon the people outside are not sure what to do.
• Darkon goes to the entrance and yells ‘Put your weapons down’ and we are stuck with a standoff.
• Fran wakes up Apollo and he and Dvoraks check him for additional weapons. After some lies all weapons are removed.
• Darkon asks Apollo ‘What deal did you make with the Vorta’ and Apollo replies ‘The bitch betrayed me’; we are dealing with a female Vorta – good to know. ‘What was the deal?!?!?!?!’ Apollo was to betray his men and send them into an ambush; if it had not been for a surprise attack by a group of cannibals Apollo and his men would have died.
• JC readjusts the settings on his tricorder to scan for Jem’Hadar and they are playing cat and mouse with Apollo’s men outside the temple waiting for us all to come out!!
• Freya says the pirates are stuffed and JC says this is when we needed more security (and maybe Darkon’s sniper rifle… sigh Darkon was right…)
• Fran says maybe he can contact one of the guards that has a Jem’Hadar behind him to warn him so they can kill the Jem’Hadar. JC has reservations but what choice do we have apart from yelling ’Lookout behind you?’
• All hell breaks loose as Fran mentally communes with one pirate and guns go off; the closest Jem’Hadar is wounded and firing starts. The gun placement on the overlooking ridge kills a second pirate and soon the firing has stopped with only 5 Jem’Hadar life signs remaining. Only one Jem’Hadar was killed and the locals have all runaway in fear.
• JC suggests he should start to cut through the reinforced door to the Zandorian base while Darkon picks up one of the rifles the pirates had, takes aim at the Jem’Hadar that is controlling the central position of the gun placement on the ridge.
• Darkon fires and the centre Jem’Hadar is killed by a head shot! The remaining 4 Jem’Hadar retreat after Darkon asks to talk to their leader, or 1st.
• Back in the corridor JC is looking at the door to the Zandorian base when he detects an energy surge coming from its centre! The Zandorians are coming out!
• We all take cover and Darkon contact B’Hor via comms getting him to return and break off his pursuit of the Jem’Hadar.
• Fran tries to scan but Darkon says ‘Since the door has started to open, the dampening field around the entrance has also expanded’. Everyone looks at Darkon with amazement!
• JC looks down and sees (with his scans confirming it) that the Zandorians have changed the molecular structure of the door – it is changing so that something can step out of it. Once it is open about 30 seconds a metallic ball is dropped through and it scans the hallway, then stops. JC believes the ball is a sentinel of some type and will alert people and transmit data back to the Zandorians inside the base.
• It could be scanning for Jem’Hadar, us or the locals.
• Dvoraks says the Jem’Hadar are dismantling the gun placement and the Vorta is near our ship (have not been able to get in which is good!)
• At this point a Power Armoured individual steps out of the shimmer in the door and starts to walk down the corridor towards where we are all hidden.
• B’Hor and JC are stealthed near the corridor with everyone taking cover.
• The armoured Zandorian steps out and commands everyone to drop their weapons – it scans everyone but JC and B’Hor are able to remain hidden as they are behind the figure.
• It is at this point something really strange happens. The power armoured figure freezes…
• JC scans reveal the suit is in a really bad state of disrepair and that it has no power. Darkon walks over and opens the compartment to pop the suit.
• Inside is a very young Zandorian trooper; really young and also of the lowest rank possible. It is hard but we manage to peel the suit away from the trooper and get him out.
• JC scans him for the plague – this one is clean.
• JC talks to the Zandorian – ‘Trooper, what is your name and rank’.
• JC can tell he has a full brown square on his shoulder. Brown is Trooper. His eyes go orange when JC speaks to him. ‘Trooper I see you are new to the service’ and his eyes go violet. ‘What is your name?’ The Trooper shakes his head.
• ‘Why did you not stay inside the base?’ The trooper’s eyes go green and then grey.
• He nods when JC asks him if he is plague free (even though he knows the answer).
• JC gives a Zandorian gesture meaning he is being sincere and the eyes of the trooper go a deep Blue.
• JC asks if the Sub-Commander is inside and the trooper’s eyes go purple.
• JC asks why is your armour in such disrepair. The trooper shrugs.
• JC lets the others know what has transpired and adds that the trooper is malnourished as well.
• The trooper seems to sense he is going to die or is not long for this world and gives JC a chain with a pendant – there is some writing on the pendant and JC knows it explains his family linage but will need more time to work it out.
• Darkon says can we get the power armour working – JC says yes but we need to power it.
• Apollo says he has a generator hidden elsewhere.
• The Klingons say they admire the honour of the Zandorians and understand that the young boy wants to die.
• Fran has had enough as he does not want to see the boy die and tries to break through the mental barriers but he is not successful.
• Blood starts to come out of the boy’s nose… and Darkon tells Fran to stop \ stand down.
• Chang says that the boy’s tongue has been cut out (on purpose before he was sent out according to JC) and that this was a one what mission.
• What is it that has made these people turn away from the Emperor and still follow a Sub Commander that has a person’s tongue cut out?
• A debate in sews about the Zandorians and why they split but Darkon yells out towards the Zandorian door – “Ouh! I want to talk!”




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