Zulu Team

Secret Weapons and Secret Meetings

Session 43


Previously on Star Trek – Darkon

Ready Room – Twilight
• Darkon contacts Sisko – I have critical info – every Dominion base in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
• How did you get this? Gette appears on screen and Sisko understands. He says are you returning to Star Fleet? Gette says not currently.
• Sisko adds he did not know the General has taken control of the Bajoran armed forces.
• Gette asks if Sub-Commander Van Rikki around. Sisko is not sure – he has been helpful, and several Federation Psi members have gone for training to the Zandorian Homeworld.
• Sisko will get in touch with the Van Rikki.
• After ending the call, Gette goes to leave but then renters the room and says to Darkon ‘I am not sure, but my team ‘could’ be compromised by S31…
• Gette leaves for a second time taking her weapons.
• Darkon talks to Price and Kord to scan for the S31 exoskeleton and any low-level dampening fields on the ship, now that we know what to look for.
• Two of Gette’s team are in surgery.
• The future tech is stuck in the asteroid.
• Darkon will launch torpedoes just before leaving and confirm the device is destroyed.
• Grey has the shuttle link to the array to do a detailed scan the old nebula before leaving and the device is destroyed.

New Session Notes

• Gette is taken to a special holding area and then contacts Darkon and asks if we can scan the Cardassian shuttle. Darkon says no you must wait an hour for JC. Darkon adds saying ‘I am in charge, so you have to wait’.
• Medical to Darkon. We have completed scans of the Bajorans – malnutrition and mental trauma, but they are mostly healthy. They should see a ships counsellor – would be good for them. Darkon says, ‘Gette get yourself checked out as medical says’ since she has not been checked.
• After an argument Gette heads medical with her escort in tow. The specialist follows as he was told to stay with her.
• JC has 15 mins to go in the tank.
• Grey arrives first and there is a brawl happening in medical. Grey says ‘attention’ and everyone ignores him. Instead, he uses his PSI to contain the fighting.
• Gette on the way to medical gets a massive headache because of Grey’s PSI use. She gets a vision of the choir of jellies and a person conducting the group. It is not someone she has seen before.
• Gette tries to put up a block. She turns and looks at her escort and then collapses.
• The specialist contacts Grey – Medical emergency – The Bajoran Major has collapsed!
• The Bajorans that have stopped (some try to run and Grey knocks them back with a PSI ability) wanted to find the Major.
• Peace envelopes medical (finally) and Grey says one Bajoran will go with medical to bring in Gette.
• BT tells Xanadu to go, and Grey says everyone will settle down until Gette is checked.
• Grey says, ‘Computer who called in the emergency?’ The computer responds, ‘Specialist Alan Dig’.
• Grey contacts Dig. No answer. Ditta Blazedancer answers instead (from medical). ‘Sir, there is no Dig here’.
• Grey asks the Computer where is specialist Dig – ‘Specialist Alan Dig is not on the ship’.
• Empress and Big Bird plus two security personnel head towards the Major. The Older Ensign says I am not giving these weapons. They are not Starfleet, but Grey managers to convince him. I would hate to right this up says Grey.
• To smooth over the situation Grey says, ‘I am returning your weapons to you as you are undercover Starfleet’. They try for knives and Grey says don’t push it. Only small arms weapons. Both set their weapons to maximum damage.
• Grey says to the Ensign, ‘Make sure you find them’.
• JC comes out of the tank. He is told he will need to use a hypo spray twice a day – automatic device attached to his arm. JC gets dressed in a one of the new uniforms!! [4th season DS9].
• Ensign contacts Security and advises what is wrong. Xanadu, Ditta, and two security personnel are unconscious!
• A warning appears on the bridge – Someone or something is trying to take over security and medical. The trail leads to a transporter bay has gone offline (taken over) and was used to remove the specialist and other. Or it was another S31 operative?
• JC notices that someone is waiting for him to put in the new override codes – he does not and gets around the intruders attempts of sabotage with the help of a Security specialist. A complete reboot of all Security systems begins and JC updates Darkon.
• Because the ship is still connected to the array, Grey scans the area and locates a cloaked ship. He calls Darkon who initiates a tachyon pulse.
• The ping goes off and the ship is found; tactical let’s rip and targets the ship. Engines destroyed on the first hit. Grey says we need to stop the ship – JC stops the via the override commands he had found on the other S31 ships and shutdowns the systems, installing new command codes. Using the internal cameras on the S31 ship JC can see a Bolian, Bajoran and Specialist Alan Dig. The Bolian and Bajoran kill themselves after the Bolian looks at Dig and says, ‘It is up to you now’. Dig does not look happy.
• A breakdown finishes on the samples of the drug used on Gette. The drug is trying to break down the PSI barriers Van Rikki helped put in place – this would be bad if she was a wild psi again.
• Doctor Suds arrives and takes charge. After a quick check of all patients, she is not sure why the unconscious personnel are the way they are. There are no brain waves \ activity showing for Xanadu or Ditta. Not good. It is possible they are this way because of Gette.
• JC is ready to go but will continue to monitor the security reboot with the security officer from his Padd.
• The marines make a dig at the Bajoran citizen soldiers. The SGT says stow it! And then he apologies to the citizen soldiers.
• Grey meanwhile is still trying to save the life of the young jelly that is trapped in the S31 ship, and he is not getting far. The jelly is dying and needs to be in the special goop. A Lt Athena Farum – xenobiology is told to report to Cargo Bay 5.
• Dig is interrogated – well he crumbles like a piece of paper and tells all. He was going to be paid 5 bricks of gold pressed Latium.
• Gette is awake and looks at the dead S31 Bajoran. She says he wore an adjutant’s uniform and was at the Generals main operations base. This ship is the connection – they are S31.
• The medic scans the dead Bolian and Bajoran – these are their actual races.
• The baby jelly is dying.
• Lt Athena arrives and goes into the ship with Grey.
• The vat with the goop is coming and ‘should’ be the correct formula to help save the Jelly and any others found.
• Athena says that there is a containment field in the fluid.
• The best way to get the Jelly out is via the transporters – the Transporter Chief would be the best person, but he is asleep.
• JC checks the system and says he should be able to do it but it will be dangerous. We do not know what the poison is. We cannot put the baby Jelly with the other jelly since we do not know what will happen.
• JC takes a breath and activates the transporters… and can transport the baby jelly out successfully!
• A call comes through saying that the goop is ready, so JC transports the baby jelly straight to the goop without the poison – Lt Athena Farum heads quickly to medical.
• The poison JC sends to a smaller container for later study.
• We now have the information on how to get the jellies out a S31 ship.
• The Bajorans can start to explore the logs of the Cardassian ship. JC will stick with them.
• The marines work out that Quintin has had the special defences added to his S31 ship. The damaged S31 ship just captured does not have the booby trap on it.
• We talk to Gette and say we need to share info. She agrees… but can she be trusted.
• On the bridge Darkon is called by Captain Kelly who advises he will be arriving within 15 mins.
• Colonel Dar’tok contacts Darkon and asks if we are heading to DS9, and more importantly, who is in charge? The Pelor is. Dar’tok likes this answer.
• JC will start working on the second S31 ship as it has less security. Quintin’s is special and may have more surprises.
• Suds and the other medical doctor work out that the use of a PSI dampener will stopping the deterioration of Gette PSI defences in her brain and allow the drug to run its course, so it leaves her system.
• The Bajoran and Bolian are not listed in ANY database. And a special access code is needed to find out who the specialist is. Dig explains he had gambling debts, but also explains he is ¼ Vulcan. JC orders him placed in the brig now that the questions are all answered.
• Suds says we need a competent \ good PSI person to help remove the gene that is hampering Gette. We need to get to DS9.
• Captain Kelly and the Thunderchild arrive – Captain Kelly beams over and the fleet prepares to head to DS9. The order is given, and a spread of photon torpedoes are fired destroying the last remaining chunk of rock in the nebula that has the future tech. The blast is massive.
• Captain Kelly is taken to the War Room where he meets Darkon, Kord and the Yeoman. Captain Kelly does not want to see his daughter’s body. He is cold, but this may be the way he deals with the loss.
• The changeling test is administered, and Kelly does not flinch.
• Darkon confirms there are no other missions and orders the fleet to head to DS9 after Captain Kelly requests to return to the Thunderchild.
• The yeoman is surprised. Cold hearted – Kord says it was a glorious death. What’s the issue?

Twilight – Cargo Bay 5
• Back on the Cardassian ship the Bajorans are locked out of some systems, so Gette assists and breaks through the primary security. Three hidden communicates are found but they are encrypted.
• Grey comes on board eventually and says the power system is the Cardassian weakness. Grey shows them and the Bajorans are able to gain access to all the shuttles systems.
• JC is contacted by the Chief as he has located the hypo-spray. A breakdown of the liquid is sent to lab so Suds and medical can try and get an antidote.
• Hallic, the marine and the two marines guards eventually get back to the Twilight.
• The fleet splits up – the ones going to the world and Space Station 128 will only be able to travel at Warp 7.
• The Twilight and the rest of the fleet travel to DS9 at Warp 9. Darkon orders a channel open to DS9 and Ensign Rogue complies. Darkon talks to a Bajoran specialist. I want to talk to Sisko – no says the Specialist – Kira instead. Darkon says we are on our way and will arrive within 48 hours.
• Did you find the Bajoran team?
• Yes – no contact between her and Bajoran. Sisko will explain.
• Kira sends a cryptic communicate to the Twilight.
• Darkon has a read and it appears a secret summit happening at DS9 – Romulan, Federation, Dominion, Zandorian, Klingon, and even Cardassians are coming to DS9. This is a proper peace summit. This was setup by Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Command.
• Gette was the secret weapon. She would have gone off during the summit… and was probably a Confederate plan for they would have helped in the creation of the poison.
• Will a Vorta be sent? If no changeling, then it is a sham, and the Dominion are behind it.
• Will Galwron come – Dar’Tok says yes but will not want to be near Darkon.
• Could the Enterprise and Picard be there? Possibly.
• Sisko did not want it on DS9.
• JC tells Darkon he has access to Admiral Ross’s logs and messages and can look and she what is in them.