Zulu Team

Time Warp

Session 44


Previously on Star Trek – Darkon
• The Twilight and the rest of the fleet travel to DS9 at Warp 9. Darkon orders a channel open to DS9 and Ensign Rogue complies. Darkon talks to a Bajoran specialist. I want to talk to Sisko – no says the Specialist – Kira instead. Darkon says we are on our way and will arrive within 48 hours.
• Did you find the Bajoran team?
• Yes – no contact between her and Bajoran. Sisko will explain.
• Kira sends a cryptic communicate to the Twilight.
• Darkon has a read, and it appears a secret summit happening at DS9 – Romulan, Federation, Dominion, Zandorian, Klingon, and even Cardassians are coming to DS9. This is a proper peace summit. This was setup by Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Command.
• Gette was the secret weapon. She would have gone off during the summit… and was probably a Confederate plan for they would have helped in the creation of the poison.
• Will a Vorta be sent? If no changeling, then it is a sham, and the Dominion are behind it.
• Will Galwron come – Dar’Tok says yes but will not want to be near Darkon.
• Could the Enterprise and Picard be there? Possibly.
• Sisko did not want it on DS9.
• JC tells Darkon he has access to Admiral Ross’s logs and messages and can look and she what is in them.

New Session Notes
Twilight – Cargo Bay 5
• As the fleet heads towards DS9 the Bajorans are looking at the logs on the Cardassian Transport Shuttle. Darkon is on the bridge and JC is heading to the Computer Core to make sure the Security reboot finishes without issue.
• Gette tries to break through the encryption but gets the feeling that the encryptions might have something to do with the Obsidian Order.
• Gette then asks Grey to look at and he says ‘Yes, it is Obsidian Order’. Grey then puts in his Obsidian Order Level 1 code, and it gets them inside the system.
• Gette then tries to break through the next level and succeeds! Level 2 encryption broken!
• Now Gette can see flight logs and navigation logs. No messages, but she can see the subject line of messages.
• Grey explains ‘I was a prisoner of the Obsidian Order’ is taken as…
• Boomer says, ‘A Collaborator’. Gette says ‘No, we don’t bring it to work’.
• Grey looks at the logs and gets access. Full access…
• Gette and Boomer walk back in ‘He has full access!’
• Maybe I should have stayed on the prisoner world and not saved you from the station.
• Grey and Boomer have words and Grey walks away.
• There is a lot more data hidden on the shuttle. Boomer says ‘can that other officer help’? Gette asks JC for a separate core to store data.
• JC says he will do and have it dropped down. He sets up the core with high levels of encryption and a remote link that will automatically copies all the data to a special partition he creates in the Computer Core.
• Darkon heads to Captain Higgins quarters to investigate, posse in tow.
Computer Core
• JC is checking through the files in the computer core and goes to grab a module when a voice speaks – one he knows!
• Lying on the floor is Kincaid – and this time he has an offsider; Luna Jadin.
• Kincaid has been shot twice – he explains that time distortion is at 80% – this is a major screw up. Two things that have been set in stone. Kincard must die to get the distortion back on track. The other is for Luna to follow JC orders. She is NOT happy about it, but JC pulls rank as a Temporal Time Officer. Luna will carry TDD and JC takes Kincaids weapon.
• Kincaid talks about the upcoming meeting. It is a trap. He says when the meeting was on Bajoran – General Rai had taken personal protection of the summit – the summit still failed, like it had every time and the General died.
• Kincaid cannot tell when the summit will be destroyed.
• There is a conflict of interest – in one timeline the Dominion conquer the Alpha and Beta Quadrants – in another Darkon was the Head of Star Fleet. He fights the Dominion and rules Earth.
• There are 2 temporal changelings at the Summit and Kincaid gives JC A new device that can scan for them.
• The device can do 5 scans then will need an hour to charge – Luna, JC and Kincaid are NOT changelings.
• The TDD is at 84% now which means the changeling has done things to influence others to help screw the timeline.
• Kincaid dies peacefully – Luna takes the hollow badge; rank pins and JC disintegrates the body after rebooting the sensors in the core.
• Cadet 3rd class Luna Jadin – came aboard with the others 6 months ago and updates the stream to the Array. JC even provides a tool kit for Luna.
• JC orders Luna to takes the portable core – the cadet gives a shrug.

Cargo Bay
• A sarcastic chat between Grey and Big Bird almost leads to a fight, though once it is worked out JC set the core up, not Grey, all is well.
• Gette comes out and goes looking for engineering tools. Grey says maybe tell them to look for a power source and gets some Specialist to get some tools.
• Grey drops sarcasm so thick you can cut it with a knife… Special forces?? More like Laurel and Hardy…
• Bajor for Bajor…
• One of the specialists has a case of foot in mouth ‘This a power scanner… so funny…
• On the other ship is an older Chief that says the second S31 ship does not follow standard procedures – there still seems to be a link to the ship and the baby jelly.
• Grey contacts Hallic – there are two Marines with him that are good demolish experts. Seems it will take 25 mins for Hallic to get there…
• The Chief says it appears safe BUT there is just something he is not sure on.
• Luna returns to JC and talks about a Lt – JC says Grey? Purple uniform – yes. He looked at me strangely Luna says.
• JC replicates a PSI Damper and tells Luna to wear it. Why? I am trained. That is why. Only Vulcans, Zandorians and S31 are trained in this timeline.

Cargo Bay
• Gette leaves the ship and walks around it and finds a hidden access port at the rear of it!
• Grey! Yells Gette. Grey has disappeared in search of Hallic.
• Grey contacts the Major. Yes, says Gette.
• You called? Gette explains she found a panel on the outside the ship and needs Grey’s code.
• It is an Obsidian Order panel and the level 1 code will probably work, but it might be booby trapped.
• Big Bird scans the panel and it is not booby trapped. On the inside of the ship is a console. To see more parts of the ship the hull needs to be removed.
• Big Bird says they found a separate power source.
• Seems there is a third hidden location on the shuttle.
• Grey thinks it is a hidden external smuggling location.
• It has a dampening field and a statis field around it. Grey contacts medical and a team is on its way.
• The Specialist returns with the Padd full of statis information. This pod has been upgraded with additional technology. Increased info on life signs and normal Federation pods are not built like this.
• A team of four arrive. This pod is not normal. Presses a button and scans a human male – 6’ something and has been in the pod for 128 days. A pod can last this long as it is not normal.
• Grey asks do they know where the ship was 128 days ago. Gette gets her team on to the logs.
• The ship was at Cardassia 128 days ago and there is no final destination.
• The pod can be taken back to a location (medical) and checked.
Captain Higgins Quarters
• Darkon and posse find the door to Higgins quarters is open – no lights are on… Darkon looks at the panel and gets the lights to work.
• To security personal start to enter and Darkon pulls out his tricorder and says ‘STOP!’
• One of the security officers says good idea.
• Darkon scans again and there is something ‘wrong’. There is a Padd on the desk that is out of place.
• One security officer (next the bed) is told to scan the desk. There are fluctuations from the desk.
• You at the desk, scan the desk since you are next to it.
• The Padd is the issue. Darkon calls the bridge and gets a demo specialist send – Hallic, Hans Wagnall and the Marine. This is not the cargo bay.
• Sir, I have a report for you, says Hallic but Darkon holds up a hand. Hallic know what this means and stops.
• One security guy can leave – the other is told to not move. Darkon issues an epic command order!
• Darkon has Kord do his changeling scan and the Padd moves – Changeling!!!
• Fight ensues – a Security office dies (thanks to the Yoeman…) and the Demolistisines expert is hurt.
• The battle also triggers and alert that sends a signal.
• The battle ends with the death of the changeling – Darkon cancels the Red Alert and has the ship continue back to DS9.
• The demo specialist is missing a hand. He will walk to medical with the Yeoman.
• The three security offices are really a bartender, barber, and waste reclamation officer. Darkon orders them to go to their real jobs.

Cargo Bay \ Medical
• The Cardassian ship is powering up because the signal when to it. Boomer is trapped in the ship.
• Boomer managers to smash the power source to the engines and they power down. No jumping to warp! I missed a bit, but I think this is correct.
• The pod (that has been taken to medical) is starting to prep for opening.
• The bajoran team is in the medical room and marines are outside.
• The nurse in medical is a midwife – close enough.
• The pod has a Level 10 force field placed around it. Mist comes out as the lid opens and a human sits up – it is Darkon.
• Obviously, it is a clone (better be!) What age is the actual clone???
• This Darkon thinks he is 4 days old – Grey explains what has happened. Found in the pod onboard a Cardassian shuttle…
• In the Computer Core Luna shows JC the TDD – 60-65% now… and then Grey contacts JC and Darkon (the real one) – come to Medical urgently!
• JC says ‘well that explains it’ pointing to the TDD and heads towards Medical with Luna in tow.
• Darkon locks down Higgins rooms and the ones either side. Three people come out and two follow directions – the other talks back… Big mistake
• My FATHER is Admiral Alexandra Marcus… Darkon and especially Kord do not care.
• Darkon lays down the law to Cadet Marcus (in particular), Samuel and Nakatora.
• Darkon has Price reorganise the quarters arrangements so the three cadets can go into a room together. Darkon has Price assign the first officer’s quarters.
• Cadet Marcus does not shut up and says he has a lot of battle simulation experience – probably one of the best in the sector – ‘Even you have some experience I am told – we could compare notes’ the cadet says to Darkon.
• Darkon looks up Admiral Alexandra Marcus – Logistics – his ship may have been in combat, but he spent most of his time on the Romulan border.
• Marcus is going to get the worst room near waste reclamation.
• Darkon and Kord beam to medical. The doctors call the time on the security officer.
• Doctor Blood did a report and there is a something within the force field area when the pod was opened.
• JC and Luna arrive at Medical and Luna goes crazy on seeing Darkon.
• Luna says ‘The reason for the drop in the time line is because of him!’
• ‘Which one’ replies JC – he is not impressed by Luna’s reaction.
• So much for remaining under cover. Seems a version of Darkon shot Kincaid – that explains SO much.
• JC explains to Darkon ‘This is a Temporal Prime Directive situation. You cannot be involved, Sir without destroying the Timeline…’ [again] whispers Luna.
• This conversation is shelved while blood is drawn from Pod Darkon.
• The readings indicate that PD or D2 is the temporal age of 77.
• The nurse says we need a blood specialist – the Crew Manifest says there is a Lin Win… working in maintenance…
• Seriously, thinks JC, this setup is an afront to Operations Officers everywhere!
• Grey contacts Win then Price. Lin arrives and we discover that this Darkon has a variant of an old disease called COVID 19, just a supped-up version.
• Deadly to all after 72 hours.
• Luna has a sheepish look. Seems she has an antigen for the virus Kincaid gave her. JC orders her to hand it over and 5 vials replicated.
• We setup a level 10 force field, then another a metre beyond that.
• Kord is given a shot and then gives the hypo to the temporal Pod Darkon.
• Lin Win says we need an hour to let the virus die in the PDs blood.
• 30 hours to DS9. Price moved the cadet to his new quarters personally.
• Darkon is pleased, the Cadet is not!
• We all look up the admiral – we get a heap of information and Gette says her Father meet him and did not believe the Admiral had combat experience.
• Darkon contacts DS9 and talks with Sisko – after mentioning the second Darkon the TDD drops to 35%…
• JC sighs as things are getting worse.
• Sisko is the only one on the communications. He says there is a faction within the Federation Council that wanted the President to attend the summit.
• Gawron wanted to know where Darkon will be sitting. First world problems…
• This Darkon was taken by the Dominion (Vorta was involved) and then the Obsidian Order did the work.
• Image of a Memo 618 – Luna knows and cannot say anything because of the Temporal Prime Directive.
• JC have seen it and writes a query to search the Array and fleet for it.
• With Darkon killing Pod Darkon the % on the TDD went back to 47% – talk of the two temporal Changelings killed on Starbase 129 has the meter fall to 43%.
• 20 hours to DS9… I believe that was said at the end – please confirm