Zulu Team

Going on a Moon Walk !

Session 42


Previously on Star Trek – Darkon

Nebula – S31 Ship
• JC says the Cardy will know we are coming. Staff SGT and Quintine argue about the best location to beam into, but the Bajorian says they will expect that. In the end we go with the Staff SGT’s plan and location.
• We enter the nebula and energise the hull. All goes to plan with the phase cloak and hull working to perfection.
• JC asks about pockets we need to avoid, and Grey adjusts the data so the pilot can avoid them. The further in we travel, the more we need to add energy to the hull. The computer can easily compensate.
• The ships sensors indicate there is a dreadnaught between the station and the warp gate. The pockets are not going near the station, warp gate or dreadnaught.
• Grey does more modelling to work out where the device could be located that is repelling the pockets of denser matter.
• The centre is off, and JC says bring up a computer screen of the gravitational flows of the area.

New Session Notes

Nebula – S31 Ship
• JC, Grey, Mast Chief Thespian, the Pilot, Staff SGT, and Corporal of the fire team have a psi dampener.
• Grey goes to tell JC something and he collapses. JC says, ‘Wake him up!’ and the medic attempts to work out what is wrong. Grey appeared to want to say something important.
• The medic gives him an adrenaline boost (ephy-pen) and Grey leaps up and runs into a wall.
• Grey eventually comes around but says he cannot remember what it was he wanted to say. He has been blocked from doing so! But by whom?
• The attack (Grey is not sure) happened when the ship entered phase.
• JC says full stop and orders all the six people with psi-dampeners turn them on.
• Once the ship starts moving the JC suggests using the bubbles to help hide the ships path. Stay to the outer edge for now. The pilot uses the scans we did of the bubbles, and it works.
• Grey has the combat medic do a scan of him once more. Nothing appears wrong, though the adrenaline is causing his PSI abilities to be out of whack.
• The ship continues through the nebula using the bubbles to hide. As it gets closer to the point where the anomaly, the ship is still doing passive sensors scans. It is at this point JC’s tricorder has an alarm go off!
• Checking the readings from the rear panel JC locates a Chel Grett class Breen warship, cloaked and very close by!!
• Readings indicate its hull is only at 40% but worse the ship has trans-phasic torpedoes. The forces arrayed against us know of this ship’s capabilities.
• JC and Grey turn to Quintine and he is shocked. JC and Gray say they are not surprised. JC sends the data to Quintine, and he is not happy.
• JC realises he has broken through most of the firewalls on the S31 ship. The tricorder continues to break through the ship’s security.
• At this point Grey feels better and turns off his psi dampener to tries to remember… but is still not sure.
• JC asks if there are any jellies on the station?
• Grey has a light bulb moment and remembers! He says there is a single jelly somewhere in the nebula. Not exactly sure though.
• JC says speaks out loud, where could it be? The station or the dreadnaught? Or floating in space or is it on the Breen ship?
• Grey can piece it all together, as JC’s words seem to jog Grey’s memory. The jelly is on board the S31 vessel and it is being used as part of the phase tech.
• JC is annoyed and attaches his tricorder to the rear panel.
• The Staff SGT sees this and goes and sits in the opposite corner from JC and keeps his weapon drawn but hidden. Shit is about to get real.
• The tricorder easily brings up full schematics of the nebula. Quintine \ S31 has been lying to us and we have a full list of Gette’s Bajoran Special Ops team. Quintine said he did not know they were there – another lie.
• There is also a second Breen warship patrolling the nebula.
• JC discovers there have been a lot of encrypted messages from the ship to the nebula… and the list of messages goes back 2 months. Lot more in the last two weeks. Full task force information was sent with sabotage data, though we have fixed it all.
• The enemy have the warp signatures of all our ships. JC could find out who provided the information but doing so will tip Quintine off.
• Looks like S31 agreed to remove the separatist from within the Confederates. S31 send in Starfleet Intelligence and marines to do the job, but they failed and Zulu Team was sent to finish it off.
• Confederates then stab S31 to remove them. The ship jelly does not love Dvoraks because he helped put the jelly in the ship. Something else Dvoraks will answer for if he turns up!
• The information shows that S31 have a passive device sending data out of the nebula.
• JC does a check of the data to see if there is a path through the nebula. He find the following: -
o There is cloak scanning tech within the nebula. Even where the S31 ship is it can be spotted.
o There is a Cardassian Science report (recent – from a doctor) on the nebula and an alien device with technology the Cardassian Union has never catalogued before.
o A confidently report on an attack on DS9. Confederates and Breen assault force. They have realised they need to control the wormhole. The confederates sent the Dreadnaught to get Darkon and then take DS9.
o The Confederates supply lines are stretched to breaking point. There is no mention of the Dominion being involved in the assault. This is a top-secret report. The battle plan was sent to a person called Rok-tahk – his rank is Fleet Captain of the 3rd Order. He is one below the Confederate Emperor.
o JC reads between the lines and says the Dreadnaught came here on a one-way trip as there are not enough resources for it to return… and then gasps! ‘OMG the Confederate Emperor is here!’. Could the war be going bad for the confederates since the Dominion seems to have pulled its aide, thus weakening them.
• Grey asks if JC can put the information of the Cardassian report through JCs database. He does and sets it is running.
• Grey shows the pilot how the approach to the Jump gate can be done using the bubbles, since the pilots first plans would not work. Once set the ships Auto-pilot is engaged.
• JC works out the future \ alien tech is Hern (future tech!) and is controlling the bubbles. If the alien device is destroyed the nexus to the future is gone and the Hern cannot return.
• JC thinks about the attack – DS9 has been upgraded… this attack seems to be a last-ditch effort for the Confederates.
• The Dreadnaught might not be upgraded with Cardassian cybersecurity measures so we might be able to hack the vessel like before.
• A Clandestine approach does seem to be the best option. Sisko is mentioned in the various reports.

Jump Gate – Spacewalk time
• Taking our time, the ship manages to attach to the jump gate and power down to minimal life support very close to an access hatch.
• JC suits up – he is the only one qualified for Zero-G to complete what needs to be done.
• The computer says JC will only have 9 mins before his suit starts to fail and the radiation of the nebula will start to eat through the suit. JC places his tricorder inside a special container.
• Pattern enhancers will be used so JC can transport to the hatch and then use them to get back. He has a device set to transport him back if pressed.
• JC teleports to the ring, attaches himself and then opens the hatch. A quick diagnostic shows the Zandorian’s have locked out everyone – Cardassians, Breen, S31, BUT there is not security on this link that is feeding data directly back to the Dreadnaught. JC has complete access to upload trojans into the Dreadnaughts system.
• Going over the reading, JC can see there is a red alert on the station. Bajorans are lose! Capture – do not kill! This order has been sent to the Cardassians and Zandorians on board the station. Seems there is not complete trust between the two parties.
• JC also confirms this Dreadnaught is the Fleet Captains flagship and the emperor is onboard.
• JC sets up the 4 known trojans that worked on the previous Dreadnaught as red herring. They will create havoc but are the diversions. The ship and jump gate are infected.
• Next JC uploads the Maqui virus and Dixson’s virus’s that were do the real damage.

Hallway – Nebula Station
• Gette is at a panel on the station and can see that someone has access the jump gate and can see that it is JC. JC’s panel comes up with a message – ‘Hi JC – how are things?’
• JC can see it is Gette and replies, ‘Just floating in zero-g, in corrosive atmosphere. I have hacked the Dreadnaught as there is an open link straight back to it. Shit is about to hit the fan, so you need to get off the station’. Thankyou Zandorian security…
• Gette is still trying to get her team. Skylab takes over the comms as Gette and her team head to the Cardassian security office.
• JCs timer has 4 minutes remaining, so he sets up a link to the station and blocks the turbo lift and says the security room shield will drop in 2 mins!
• The rest of Gette’s team make a run for the security office.

Jump Gate Panel
• JC starts to setup the link back to the S31 ship so that all control can be done from the rear panel.
• JC contacts Grey so Grey can confirm the link is working – Grey checks and it is.
• JC then sets off the first 4 trojans so they cause havoc, and then 5 mins later the other two will begin the real damage
• With 2 minutes remaining JC adds additional security to the link so he can transport back, and runs the final checks to confirm.
• All appears to be working and JC’s 9 mins are up! The computer gives alerts saying the Zero-G suits armour is failing.
• After an additional minute, JC can transport back to the S31 ship, thanks to the pattern enhancers.
• The medic and a marine get JC out of the armour and administer stims and antidotes for the radiation poison. The medic says JC is not in good shape but will survive with limited time spent in med bay once back aboard the Twilight.
• JC says the mission is a success and that the Bajoran team is loose and will require assistance to get to a ship.
• Quintine takes the chance to betray us, locking us out of the bridge. The pilot is freaking!
• Grey has been waiting for this and quickly takes Quintine down with a powerful PSI attack.

Station – Security Office
• Gette and her team take out the Cardassians in the security room in a short but deadly combat. Three Cardassians are killed with knives. They then prepare to attack the room where her missing team members are located.
• Boomer brings up the rest of the team. The plan — kill the Zandorian and take the two Cardassian doctor captive. Then get the doctors to take the probes out of their team members. Kill a doctor if they refuse.
• Gray talks to Boomer – there ship is not here – we need to find one.

S31 Ship
• The doors to the little bridge are opened and Quintine is secured and drugged. The pilot is calmed down.
• JC finally get the schematics up of the station so that people can see what is happens. Get to a transporter and then to a cargo bay.
• JC asks if Grey can boost the transporters to get us to the cargo bay. Sadly, the interference of the nebula and distance does not make this possible.
• Grey and JC talk – we could cause diversions so the Bajoran team can move to the transporter pad and then head straight to the cargo bay.

• Gette and her team storm the room. Unfortunately, the Zandorian (who reacts really fast, but not fast enough) and both doctors are killed in the phaser fire…
• The two team members are alive but have metal poles in their skulls.
• The group prepare to head to the closest transporter pad.
Twilight Bridge
• Darkon is told there are readings coming out of the nebula. Darkon talks directly to Hallic – I need you to scan the nebula. Hallic says that JC has entered virus into the station and ships of the Zandorian jump gate.
• Hallic says the readings started coming through a few minutes ago. The Dreadnaught is listing in space and drifting towards the station.
• Hallic says I can contact them. Darkon says ‘do it!’
• Darkons voice comes over the comms. JC gives him a quick catch up. The Confederate Emperor is on board, and we need a diversion. Darkon says fire!
• Grey sets the torpedoes, and the missile platforms open fire!

S31 Ship
• JC says we need to get to this cargo bay on the station. With the missiles launched they are our diversion. Once we enter the cargo bay, the Marine Fireteam (x3) and two of the Combat Trauma team, along with Grey and Staff SGT will take control of room.
• As the shuttle is flying to the cargo bay, Gette and her team are making their way to the transporter bay.
• We land in the cargo bay and the marine teams leap out firing like hell. The three Cardassians did not stand a chance thanks to the short decompression of the cargo bay.
• Grey scans for lifeforms. It is all clear. The pilot jumps out and begins to prep the Cardassian shuttle in the cargo bay.
• Grey turns on the transporter, but nothing happens, then notices a piece of Zandorian tech. The Staff SGT knocks it off the transporter pad and it is now functioning.
• Using transporter enhancers, Grey says he can transport 10 people at once.
• JC says try the next room – it has a lot of bio-hazard material in it, so Gette skips that one and use the next one, which appears to be a makeshift med bay.
• Furniture etc. are pushed to the side and Grey transports the enhancers.
• Gette has her team set them up.
• Sent in two groups. The wounded and medical \ pilot first so the shuttle can be prepped. The two people with the rods in their heads are successful transported, but Grey says we should not do that again.
• The marine pilot says he can’t get the shuttle to start and Grey says get rid of the Zandorian tech! Loots like this and holds up the device. There is a crash, and the shuttle begins warmup.
• The Bajoran pilot goes aboard the Cardassian Hideki Shuttle and goes through the start-up sequence. She has no problem piloting this type of ship.
• Outside, one of the Breen ships explodes from part of the missile barrage.
• Gette’s and the rest of her team are transported to the cargo bay and head aboard the shuttle.
• JC has his team reboard the S31 ship.
• Darkon says get out of there as the Dreadnaught is about to crash into the station.
• JC says Raise shields and run like hell!
• The Cardassian shuttle quickly exits the bay. JC confirms that the other two trojans have started their work and sees that the reactor of the Dreadnaught is about to explode.
• The Marine pilot takes the S31 out of the cargo bay at FULL IMPLUSE. From a dead stop inside the space station and out! Sounds like a first time for that!
• The next barrage of missiles hit the jump gate moments after the whole rear of the Dreadnaught is vaporised from the engine exploding.
• The missiles cause the gate to implode, before the explosion then expands outwards.
• JC reinforces shields with a modular setting, sending the data to the Cardassian shuttle. Lucky for us we have reinforced the hull of the S31 ship.
• Gette’s ship gets tossed around – people are vomiting.
• Ace gives her status report – vomit everywhere, Major.
• The task force was far enough away that the wake if the explosion is easily ridden out.

• The S31 ship docks on the Twilight via tracker beam. JC is beamed straight to medical.
• Communication from the Twilight and the Cardassian shuttle is also docked via tracker beam.
• The Bajoran team are asked to head to medical, especially the two members with rods in their heads.
• Gette laughs when she hears ‘Captain Darkon’. The shuttle is such a mess – vomit everywhere.
• Gette will not leave her weapons. The railguns (heavy weapons) will leave them behind. Personal weapons only as Darkon approves this, then they all head to medical.

Med Bay
• JC is told he needs to remain in the medical bed for an hour.
• JC realises that the separatists on the planet had been betrayed by the Confederates and S31. Zulu Team was sent in to clean up the mess – the betrayal was absolute.
• JC then sleeps.
• Gette tries to contact Van Rikki and appears to kill the Kid. The doctor is also hurt but alive.
• The medical team are trying to revive the Kid but no brain functions – the Kid is put in statis. Gette says we need Van Rikki.
• Darkon contacts DS9. Yes, Twilight. View screen comes up – a Specialist Bajoran on the screen. This is Darkon. Silence… the facial expressions that go across the Bajorans face are shock and awe. Like ‘Thats Darkon!’ and he is put straight through.
• Darkon explains to Sisko.
o Ross  S31
o Kelly killed by a S31 traitor.
o Dreadnaught – the Emperor and Fleet Captain of the 3rd Order were on board and killed when the Station, Jump Gate and Dreadnaught were destroyed.
o Sisko says to get the task force to DS9.
o Darkon explains the events to Sisko and sends through the logs.
o Captain Kelly will arrive in the hour with two ships. They are all to come with the task force to DS9. It is possible there is a planned Breen and Dominion attack.
o It was a suicide mission — No shit, says Darkon and suddenly realised him mistake. Sisko says he will let that one slide. Never again.
o Excellent work, Captain. Darkon says ‘I cannot take all credit. Commander Falkenberg led the mission’.
• Darkon opens a link to Reynolds and DeSotto – while we are waiting for the Thunderchild we need the following to happen.
o Airwolf to the Trojan for repair.
o Tractor beam the Kongo to continue repairs
o DeSotto will escort the ships to planet and Space Station 129.
• Commander Barc of the Venture contacted – will go with the Trojan as well. They will remain at the planet to help with the wounded and then go to the Station.
• The rest of the task force is heading to DS9.
• Darkon contacts the Colonel Dar’tock and says does he want to go to DS9. He is honoured to serve and follow the Pelor. He will confirm with the Klingon High Council.
• The 2nd officer – V’tak – of the Sitak contacts Darkon. There are some strange readings coming from the asteroid that was the station.
• The readings come through to Grey and he tries to contact Hallic, but Darkon orders all personnel to return to the Twilight.
• Grey instead heads to the shuttle JC has setup with connections to the array so he can scan the asteroid. Grey says it is future tech – Darkon says he will fire torps in 30 mins at the device.
• Grey says the device is emitting strange gases.

Twilight Bridge
• Gette approaches the bridge and can see security and a Klingon.
• Kord administers the Changeling test. Gette passes and is let in.
• Gette wants to talk to Darkon in private. This almost causes problem but works out in the end.
• Gette must leave all weapons outside.
• Once alone in the ready room they open a terminal, and she shares a map of ALL the hidden strategic bases the Dominion has in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.
• Every hidden based with total supplies and men.
• Gette says I never gave this to you. The General does not want to give this to the Federation.
• Darkon contacts Sisko – I have critical info – every Dominion base in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
• How did you get this? Gette appears on screen and Sisko understands. He says are you returning to Star Fleet? Gette says not currently.
• Sisko adds he did not know the General has taken control of the Bajoran armed forces.
• Gette asks if Sub-Commander Van Rikki around. Sisko is not sure – he has been helpful, and several Federation Psi members have gone for training to the Zandorian Homeworld.
• Sisko will get in touch with the Van Rikki.
• After ending the call, Gette goes to leave but then renters the room and says to Darkon ‘I am not sure, but my team ‘could’ be compromised by S31…
• Gette leaves for a second time taking her weapons.
• Darkon talks to Price and Kord to scan for the S31 exoskeleton and any low-level dampening fields on the ship, now that we know what to look for.
• Two of Gette’s team are in surgery.
• The future tech is stuck in the asteroid.
• Darkon will launch torpedoes just before leaving and confirm the device is destroyed.
• Grey has the shuttle link to the array to do a detailed scan the old nebula before leaving and the device is destroyed.