Zulu Team

D & D Make A Deal!!!

Session 4


IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon
• Kelly to Darkon – we have located two incoming Federation vessels – Warp Fighters.
• Silver says that the Zandorian ship is no longer over Vorlon.
• The warp fighters hail the ship – Commander Nasa of the Twilight; the Twilight is classified as a Marine vessel. It is some kind of Prototype Star Fleet Carrier – it is the size of an Intrepid class vessel and is classified as a Typhoon Class.
• Fran fills in JC (and Darkon over comms) about the basics of the ship – knowledge he gained while at Utopia Planatar.
• Nasa says that the Surprise is the follow them but Darkon says that he has different orders and that Nasa needs to confirm his orders!
• Nasa comes back on the comms and says he has been given the correct information – we are to still meet with the Klingons and not the Dauntless.
New Session Notes
• Darkon is still in the brig and JC and Fran are investigating the Zandorian vessel.
• JC exits the vessel and starts to decrypt the Sub-commanders PADD so that once we can hopefully find out some vital information.
• Lt Fran is trying to work out what and where the pulse weapon is in the vessel – he exits and looks over the sensors readings of the incident. It seems the pulse was modified to work on the crew in the cargo bay as the weapon is an actual ship to ship weapon.
• The logs indicate that nothing on the ship was damaged and Fran is not sure what it was meant to do. The force field did not stop the pulse in anyway and he needs to work out where it is located in the vessel, so Lt Fran starts a data modelling program to map the Zandorian vessel.
• Back in the brig Darkon asks Dvoraks for help! Darkon is polite and says ‘Don’t look so surprised’. ‘Why should I help you?’ responds Dvoraks. B’Hor says he will break every Bajoran bone in Dvoraks body if he is not respectfully to the Palor and answers his questions.
• ‘I met your sister’ Darkon says to Dvoraks and… Dvoraks mask breaks! Dvoraks cannot hide his interest now.
• Darkon drops the shield to the cell – B’Hor puts his and Darkon’s weapons on the outside of the cell and also enters. The security specialist is having a fit but raises the shield once they are both inside the cell.
• Darkon says, ‘How do I talk to the Confederates?’
o ‘What are you planning to do?’
o ‘I want to know what the General Order 15 is’
o ‘Many people dislike orders and you’, says Dvoraks, ‘but this is from a race that has a Vorta working with them.’
o ‘They want you too, Mr Dvoraks.’
• Dvoraks takes a step back and Darkon says he has faith that ‘Dvoraks is still a good man.’
• B’Hor says he will rip out the spine of Dvoraks and drape it over the Palor’s coffin if something happens.
• Dvoraks say that there is a secret Zandorian facility and he has the information needed to help locate it and then adds ‘You can trust me Captain Darkon. ‘
• ‘Last time you stunned me!’ answers Darkon and Dvoraks smiles…
• Using a PADD Dvoraks points out the sector where the secret facility is – the Klingons were pushed out of the sector by the Zandorians, not the Cardassians! There is a second functioning warp gate near the planet of Almatha!
• Dvoraks knows a lot of information about the planet and the security of the facility. The information at this location is vital to war effort and could help us deal with the Zandorians in the Alpha quadrant.
• This is the reason why Dvoraks was wanted by the Zandorians.
• Additional the Dominion want more information on this facility – if we say anything about it on open comms the 6 Dominion ships will head to Almatha.
• Dvoraks confirms that the facility is with the Rebels which are a THIRD faction!!
o Confederates are working with the Vorta with Dominion Support. They have a warp gate that the Cardassians know about.
o Loyalist (Van-Rikki) are the faction Team Zulu helped.
o The Zandorian Rebels are a faction within the Confederates that do not want the Vorta support. The leader of this group is VERY high in the military.
• The more people you tell this information the worse it will be for us! ‘You are coming with me now, Dvoraks. I believe there is good in you. Besides you are probably working with Gette.’ Dvoraks accepts the bargain and the two shake on it.
• Darkon gets the door to the cell to open – the specialist has a fit and mutters ‘Freya will kill me…’ but opens the cell.
• Freya then screams around the corner in the Brig, phaser a rifle in hand, and looks at the group… she has restrains for Dvoraks but Darkon says ‘We have an agreement… we are going to the cargo bay’.
• Freya is not happy but falls in beside B’Hor – both are waiting for Dvoraks to do slip up.
• Back in the cargo bay, Lt Fran says that the pulse is meant to hit star vessels and the assembly is located in the aft section. JC is ¾ of the way through the decryption process and sees the Darkon arrive with Dvoraks, and Freya \ B’Hor close behind.
• And then with everyone present we do another changeling check. Paranoia rains…
• We enter the Zandorian vessel and Darkon explains about the 3 factions of the Zandorians…
• JC thinks this person in charge of the Rebel Faction is a Sub-Commander since this faction has a warp gate and to get the resources for it and the Rebel installation a Sub-Commander has the position and power to not be challenged when diverting resources.
• Dvoraks agrees with my idea that a sub-commander is in charge of the Rebel Faction. I also add that I believe Dvoraks is not ‘actually wanted’ for anything and he was technically undercover with Starfleet Intelligence (though we cannot currently prove that as that would require us to link back to SB 310 and that would give away our position).
• Dvoraks believes there is a changeling infiltration going on in the Federation. We concur with this as well as we know there are changelings on SB 310.
• JC says we can head to the facility and then send a message to the Dauntless saying we heading to a secret location to investigate a secret Zandorian facility. Of course we give a false location so that the Dominion ships head to the wrong location.
• As we do not have the cloak working on the Airwolf – Dvoraks says we could transfer to a Bird of Prey and then head in leaving Kelly in charge of the Airwolf.
• Davros says he has got all the vessel details and technology. The Zandorian vessel can travel at Warp 13. Well damn! JC wants to investigate that further and he now has full schematics of the Zandorian vessel!
• We discuss the ‘pulse weapon’ and Davros says we could modify the weapon so that it only affects the people on the facility and not the equipment.
• Dvoraks and Darkon head back to the infirmary where that see Dr Treklek. He says the General is still unconscious and we are still 2 hours from the task force. Darkon decides to increase speed to Warp 9 and will be there in one hour.
• The General is given a hypo – B’Hor says it is not an issue for the General, and the General is conscious.
• Darkon explains the situation and that Admiral Ross wants us to meet a Klingon task force that is closest to SB 310 – The General says an ‘Admiral Kregg’ is in charge of this force.
• Chang adds that his and Kregg’s families are not at war – this leads to Darkon asking about the House of Suin – they are cowards exclaims the General!
• Darkon explains the whole ‘How he got to be the Palor’ and the General and B’Hor say D’Mor Siun was never meant to be the Palor as he was a coward and is allied with House Durris. The Klingons have justified what happened in their minds. It was also mentioned that the tip of JC’s finger is in Stovakor… Chang and B’hor are fanatical that Darkon was meant to always be the Palor. End of discussion.
• General Chang says he will speak with Admiral Kregg.
• Meanwhile Lt Fran tries to work out the best planetary system where the fake facility could be located to trick the Dominion. There is a Class M which is more on the colder temperature side.
• As he continues to scans Lt Fran finds a hidden underground Cardassian facility on the middle planet! It is a hot world and the base is so well well-hidden but we now know it is there.
• Lt Fran calls JC over to have a look – JC checks the readings and confirms that the data is correct and Lt Fran has discovered a secret base. JC adds that they probably have thermal power as the data indicates they have drilled down into the crust.
• JC gives Fran permission to return to work on the Cloaking Device and while JC continues to work on the PADD.
• Darkon fills in Chang on what has happened since he was knocked unconscious as they head to the bridge.
• JC reviews the PADD and finds the following information:-
o The sub-commander was looking for the secret facility.
o It has a sector map of planetary systems the Sub-Commander has already investigated – they have NOT been to the system where the Rebel Facility actually is.
o There is another encrypted area of data on the PADD. You normally need an eye, finger and security code to access this. This is the best way to open the data but JC can get around it but if something goes wrong you lost it.
o Zandorian’s treat the eye like a credit card and all have an implant added when they are young. This is how they encrypt everything.
• Dvoraks, B’Hor and Freya are in engineering modifying a probe that will lead the Dominion on a wild goose chase once we decide on the system.
• Darkon arrives on the bridge and asks Kelly about one of the Captains in Admiral Ross’s fleet
o ‘Yes Captain Kelly is my father’, answers Kelly.
o ‘Well I cannot get you killed then’ replies Darkon.
• There is silence on the bridge… And Darkon adds ‘No one is allowed to die!’ Typical Darkon…
• General Chang is amused.
• Kelly says ‘Moving on we are 30 mins from the Klingon Task force but we cannot see them as they are cloaked. We could use the Loki field but that would give away our position’ says Kelly.
• Darkon deserved that for his dumb comment. Darkon asks if there is a way for him to connect to SB 310 without be found out \ traced.
• Sammy Silver says he might be able to do it and starts to work on a way to secretly connect to SB 310 so Darkon can get a data update.
• Lt Fran looks into a way to link up the cloaking device – melding Romulan and Federation tech will be difficult, but it can be done. He has the information for connecting to the Airwolf; the problem is the high level of power the Ship has and the constant LEVEL of power the cloak will need and must not fall below.
• JC begins installing the protocols that will allow the Airwolf to work with the cloak and also add quadruple the redundancies so power does not fluctuate when the cloak is attached.
• JC says that the shuttle power core could supplement the cloak with the additional power so that IF the ships power grid fluctuates the shuttles power will keep the cloak active.
• LT Fran realises that he needs an engineer to complete some of the setting so JC lends a hand and Davros takes over the decryption of the PADD ‘hidden data’.
• On the Bridge Sammy says he has re-routed the signal and doubts anyone will be able to trace us when Darkon logs into SB 310.
• Darkon logs in and says can see that all the field promotions he requested are on hold until further notice by order of Admiral Ross. This does mean though that Darkon’s promotions stand. (PLAYER NOTE – What was the point of checking in exactly? It was not just for this was it? We did update data as well right? I might have missed it and needs adding).
• Meanwhile JC checks the modelling and completes the setup of the power and redundancies so that this should work! JC also has access to some of Chief O’Brien’s logs on the cloak for the Defiant.
• JC and Lt Fran begin the install of the cloak and the shuttle craft as a battery appears it will keep the cloak at a certain level in case the warp core \ power grid has problems.
• JC uses his skill in material engineering and between the pair the cloak is setup, connected to the shuttle craft with all the power regulators in place.
• The shuttle will also only ‘cut in’ when \ if needed.
BUT the Airwolf should only travel at Warp 7 or 8 to always be hidden – at this speed there will be no issues with the power at warp. For impulse speed – ¾ impulse is okay and MAYBE ½ but below that we might be in trouble.
• Lt Fran asks about the shielded plating on the Zandorian vessel – we cannot put it on the bladed armour of the Airwolf unfortunately but it is an interesting piece of engineering.
• Lt Fran accesses his thermal scanning array and can see there are cloaked ships in the area where the Klingon vessels are supposed to be. Lt Fran contacts the Captain to let him now the Klingons are here.
• Kelly says they are cloaked in close formation.
• We drop from warp and Darkon says open hailing frequencies and says ‘I am Captain Darkon of the USS Airwolf and I am hailing Admiral Kregg of the Klingon Task Force’.




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