Zulu Team

To Breen or not to Breen
Session 5


IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon
• Lt Fran asks about the shielded plating on the Zandorian vessel – we cannot put it on the bladed armour of the Airwolf unfortunately but it is an interesting piece of engineering.
• Lt Fran accesses his thermal scanning array and can see there are cloaked ships in the area where the Klingon vessels are supposed to be. Lt Fran contacts the Captain to let him now the Klingons are here.
• Kelly says they are cloaked in close formation.
• We drop from warp and Darkon says open hailing frequencies and says ‘I am Captain Darkon of the USS Airwolf and I am hailing Brigadier Kregg of the Klingon Task Force’.

New Session Notes
• There is only silence to the hail and it goes on for some minutes before Sammy shakes his head as there is not response from the Klingons.
• Darkon asks General Chang to speak and Chang steps forward and says ‘This is General Chang of the Klingon Defence Force hailing all vessels. Respond now!’ Again there is no answer and Chang says ‘Kregg was always too cagey for his own good.’
• Kelly has an Ensign scan and says after looking at the readings that the Klingons are moving and changing their formation; Chang responses saying he does not recognise the formation.
• Darkon raises shields and the ship goes to yellow alert – and we have a DEADPOOL moment as the 4th wall is broken!
• The specialist on sensors says ‘something is happening with the thermal readings’ and Kelly says ‘They are powering weapons!’
• Darkon commands that we cloak and move!!! McClune starts the operation and JC has told Davros to also in Engineering just in case we need a little something extra.
• All six Klingon vessels fire a full spread of torps but they miss us as we managed to cloak and move. Lt Cmdr Price says the Klingon ships are in various stages of damage.
• JC contacts Davros and he says that the cloak is operating within parameters.
• Darkon and Chang work out a way to contact the Klingons and he will say how Chang and Kregg met some months ago on Kronos to prove we are the real deal.
• Fran and JC arrive on the bridge and Kelly fills JC in on what has been happening. JC muses that perhaps the Zandorian ship from Vorlon came this way.
• We take our seats and Fran scans and locates the lead ship and updates the Captain.
• The IKS Melpara is Kregg’s vessel.
• JC send through the files I have on Zandorian weapon damage to Fran so he can compare them to his sensors findings.
• Fran says that the damage is internal and not external damage. We cannot tell if there are Klingons on board or not!
• JC has Fran send the sensor data to his panel and he quickly recognises the life signs on board the Klingon vessels… they are BREEN!!!
• JC turns to Darkon and says, ‘Captain destroy all the ships – there are only BREEN on board!’ and jaws drop but Darkon gives the orders and we destroy the main Klingon vessel and the other 5 also explode. JC thinks they were all slaved together and this is why they exploded.
• We scan the surrounding area for Klingon bodies and find none within range of the long range sensors. JC asks Fran to scan for all warp signatures.
• We turn off the cloak to conserve power and scan for warp signatures – there are warps signatures heading in the direction of the warp gate.
• JC gets the sensors reports so he can compare all the warp signatures (these ones are fluctuating a lot so this ‘could’ be Breen) against the data he has acquired during the crews time in Zandorian Space, while Sammy checks sub-space channels for interference; it could also be a new type of technology we are dealing with.
• Fran scans for the ‘Twlight’ and picks ‘something’ up on his sensors but they are at an extreme range. After this Fran asks Kelly if he can have Price scan the debris that might match power, shields and \ or life support systems before we leave and transport the items to a small cargo room.
• Price finds them and gets transporter lock; 6 items are in the cargo bay under a level 10 forcefield.
• The ship head towards what we think is the Twlight at warp 9 (cloak deactivated); we will reach them in 30 mins.
• Darkon contacts Dvoraks to find out how the probe is going – the answer is ‘It is going well’ – and Darkon fills him on the Breen and the destruction of the Klingon ships. Dvoraks wants a Breen body to study, but we did not manage to get one.
• Once we are 15 mins from the Twlight we can receive messages from SB 310 so Darkon gets a text message… Sammy scans it and says it is fine to open so he does.
• Darkon reads it and then lets JC read it… it is from Lt. Peters…

To my dearest Brett
The love I feel for you is green. My birthday wishes for you are like a dream.
I hope to have your party ready soon, it will be the gathering of the year.
Most of the people who come will leave on their ear.
Love and Kisses

• Needless to say Darkon is not amused…
• On a tight beam we contact the Twlight and Darkon hails them and awaits an answer. Captain Higgins responses and says ‘Give me the information for Admiral Ross’ in a tone that we are all surprised by, so of course things do not go well… Darkon cuts the hails and then after some debate he opens the hail again and talks to Commander Nased-Sokro (the fighter pilot from earlier).
• Again the conversation is NOT going well and before Darkon says things that will just dig a hole for everyone on board, JC convinces Darkon on a different course of action as JC has worked out Commander Nased is trying to give Darkon a way out!
o JC works says that we are being ‘not’ told by Admiral Ross to continue investigating the mission we are one. Darkon might be ‘under suspicion’ for some reason (do they really need one?) but JC says what the Commander is really telling us is Admiral Ross wants plausible deniability so if we are caught going after the Rebels base he can say he had no knowledge of it.
o We will use the probe as a trick \ decoy once we are at the best location away from the Twlights sensors and then we cloak (in Cardassian space not Federation) and go in the correct direction.
o JC adds ‘We get the job done but we are also expendable…’ Kelly backs up JC 100% and Darkon sees the merit of the plan.
• Darkon thanks the Commander, cuts the hail and we speed off at Warp 9 towards the DMZ.
• Meanwhile Dvoraks says that the probe is ready so Dvoraks and B’Hor head to the bridge. Dvoraks takes a seat to fire the probe and Fran checks the readings and thinks Dvoraks did a fine job…
• Fran locates a Black Hole that will work as a good buffer and help to disrupt anyone trying to get sensor readings of the ship. As we can launch the probe the ship will cloak and we head in direction of the Rebel Base.
• We reach the black hole and at the precise location Dvoraks launches the probe; After checking the readings Fran agrees that all is progressing as it should.
• JC says to Raven to follow the probe until we are away from the Black Hole, then we cloak and travel at warp 7 only. Fran and JC still need to continue monitoring the sensors, cloak and check the debris from the Klingon vessels.
• Fran does one last scans of the probe; it is all proceeding as planned and we are soon heading deeper into Cardassian space and the system where the Rebel base is located.
• Fran tinkers with the cloak and has it purring (realigned the manifold) so as a result we will avoid any patrols as well as we travel. During this time Davros and JC go over the schematics of the Zandorian vessel and work out how they can get the pulse weapon to affect ‘people’ and not the equipment on the rebel base.
• Sammy reports that we have lost connection to the probe so hopefully it is still on course.
• JC wonders if there a defence that could be constructed against the Zandorian pulse weapon. If Fran, Davros and JC could work this out it would make the Airwolf formidable.
• JC ask Dvoraks to come to engineering; once there he asks Dvoraks if he knows anything about the pulse weapon, but Dvoraks does not know. JC also asks him what is some damn vital about the mission – what are we stealing? Dvoraks says ‘We need to beam down and get certain information and then destroy the base’.
• Dvoraks’ adds that the base will also house ship and troop movements, technical data and other useful pieces of Intel we will need. Dvoraks then says ‘We need to get this information before being discovered and also make sure they do not realise we have said information…’
• JC then asks if Dvoraks knows how many Zandorians and Sub-Commanders are there we might encounter at the base?
• Dvoraks gives JC a strange look and asks ‘Why?’
• JC says ‘Do we use the Corvette Captain and his troopers to regain their honour and help us in the fight against the Rebels’. Dvoraks things this is an interesting idea.
• Dvoraks hands over a PADD with schematics of a device we could build that will help disrupt the Sub-Commanders mental abilities. It must rotate between two frequencies. JC mumbles thanks for sharing… insert much sarcasm.
• Would the frequencies work better if added to the shields rotation and modulation? Would these settings of controlled by a computer perhaps disrupt the pulse weapon? Or controlled by Davros as he thinks faster than anyone else on board thinks JC.
• We will need to test these theories though when we do not need the cloak working. Fran begins to perform some modelling and builds the device. We will test it on Fran.
• Fran tries hard but cannot read anyone! It may only be a temporary fix but that is a start.
• JC looks at the PADD from the Sub-Commander now the encryption has been broken and sees it is full of star charts and lots of ship information.
• Fran adds it into Stellar-Cartographer and collates the data. The results suggest the data has been combined from multiple ships. Also the ships are communicating over extremely long distances and are tracking a LOT of information. The Zandorians have had a long time to develop their psychic powers and this communication seems much faster than what is used in Star Fleet.
• JC and Fran realise that most of the data has been collected from a distance!! Almathra sector and across to the bottom of the Cardassian Union. The central point is the Almartha system and JC understands that the Almartha Nebula has a Zandorian Space Station hidden in it!!!
• Cardassian sensors cannot probe the Nebula but Zandorians sensors can! This is such valuable information! JC suggests we keep an eye out for this type of nebula within the Alpha Quadrant.
• Fran wonders if it is flammable as ‘io-nite’ is a very rare substance and if not collected \ processed safely can be ignited. This type of nebula also has a special element in it that is probably used for the Zandorian ships fuel. That would be why they choose this nebula.
• The sensors show that Zandorian vessels open a transwarp tunnel and move about very quickly.
• The Zandorians are building for the future and it is possible that the Rebels are what is holding the whole process up. Fran believes it is about 6-8 weeks before they find the Rebel base based on the data collected so far.
• We need to connect the captured Zandorian ship to the Space Station (somehow) so we can get updated information, but we must do so without giving away who we are.
• JC muses that IF we could get the Rebels to help the Federation and find out what caused the Sub-Commanders to leave Emperor (all but Van Ricky) as it makes no sense!!!
• JC also thinks that Dvoarks is not telling everything – we need to know what it is and Dvoraks says he will tell us once we are on the base.
• Dvoraks has a rotating frequency and JC modifies his personal shield to see if I can stop Fran’s scans. JC believes he has the levels correct and returns a short time later to Fran and Dvoraks and says lets test.
• Lt Fran fails to get through the shield but on the second attempt managers to get through (after applying a great amount of psychic energy). We work out that the shield will eventually go down as the power is drained by the psychic energies.
• Fran comments that this shield would stop any normal Betazoid for a great deal of time.
• JC says it will take 15 mins to recharge the personal cloak \ stealth shield.
• Dvoraks reluctantly says there is something on the base that will help ‘us’ but we cannot let the Confederates know if we are successful in getting the ‘device’ or information.
• JC has a meeting with the Captain and explains what is happening and what Dvoraks has added. We will need to take pattern enhances with us for the team of 10 people; Dvoraks, JC, Fran, B’Hor, Freya, Darkon, Chang and 3 Klingons.

D & D Make A Deal!!!
Session 4


IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon
• Kelly to Darkon – we have located two incoming Federation vessels – Warp Fighters.
• Silver says that the Zandorian ship is no longer over Vorlon.
• The warp fighters hail the ship – Commander Nasa of the Twilight; the Twilight is classified as a Marine vessel. It is some kind of Prototype Star Fleet Carrier – it is the size of an Intrepid class vessel and is classified as a Typhoon Class.
• Fran fills in JC (and Darkon over comms) about the basics of the ship – knowledge he gained while at Utopia Planatar.
• Nasa says that the Surprise is the follow them but Darkon says that he has different orders and that Nasa needs to confirm his orders!
• Nasa comes back on the comms and says he has been given the correct information – we are to still meet with the Klingons and not the Dauntless.
New Session Notes
• Darkon is still in the brig and JC and Fran are investigating the Zandorian vessel.
• JC exits the vessel and starts to decrypt the Sub-commanders PADD so that once we can hopefully find out some vital information.
• Lt Fran is trying to work out what and where the pulse weapon is in the vessel – he exits and looks over the sensors readings of the incident. It seems the pulse was modified to work on the crew in the cargo bay as the weapon is an actual ship to ship weapon.
• The logs indicate that nothing on the ship was damaged and Fran is not sure what it was meant to do. The force field did not stop the pulse in anyway and he needs to work out where it is located in the vessel, so Lt Fran starts a data modelling program to map the Zandorian vessel.
• Back in the brig Darkon asks Dvoraks for help! Darkon is polite and says ‘Don’t look so surprised’. ‘Why should I help you?’ responds Dvoraks. B’Hor says he will break every Bajoran bone in Dvoraks body if he is not respectfully to the Palor and answers his questions.
• ‘I met your sister’ Darkon says to Dvoraks and… Dvoraks mask breaks! Dvoraks cannot hide his interest now.
• Darkon drops the shield to the cell – B’Hor puts his and Darkon’s weapons on the outside of the cell and also enters. The security specialist is having a fit but raises the shield once they are both inside the cell.
• Darkon says, ‘How do I talk to the Confederates?’
o ‘What are you planning to do?’
o ‘I want to know what the General Order 15 is’
o ‘Many people dislike orders and you’, says Dvoraks, ‘but this is from a race that has a Vorta working with them.’
o ‘They want you too, Mr Dvoraks.’
• Dvoraks takes a step back and Darkon says he has faith that ‘Dvoraks is still a good man.’
• B’Hor says he will rip out the spine of Dvoraks and drape it over the Palor’s coffin if something happens.
• Dvoraks say that there is a secret Zandorian facility and he has the information needed to help locate it and then adds ‘You can trust me Captain Darkon. ‘
• ‘Last time you stunned me!’ answers Darkon and Dvoraks smiles…
• Using a PADD Dvoraks points out the sector where the secret facility is – the Klingons were pushed out of the sector by the Zandorians, not the Cardassians! There is a second functioning warp gate near the planet of Almatha!
• Dvoraks knows a lot of information about the planet and the security of the facility. The information at this location is vital to war effort and could help us deal with the Zandorians in the Alpha quadrant.
• This is the reason why Dvoraks was wanted by the Zandorians.
• Additional the Dominion want more information on this facility – if we say anything about it on open comms the 6 Dominion ships will head to Almatha.
• Dvoraks confirms that the facility is with the Rebels which are a THIRD faction!!
o Confederates are working with the Vorta with Dominion Support. They have a warp gate that the Cardassians know about.
o Loyalist (Van-Rikki) are the faction Team Zulu helped.
o The Zandorian Rebels are a faction within the Confederates that do not want the Vorta support. The leader of this group is VERY high in the military.
• The more people you tell this information the worse it will be for us! ‘You are coming with me now, Dvoraks. I believe there is good in you. Besides you are probably working with Gette.’ Dvoraks accepts the bargain and the two shake on it.
• Darkon gets the door to the cell to open – the specialist has a fit and mutters ‘Freya will kill me…’ but opens the cell.
• Freya then screams around the corner in the Brig, phaser a rifle in hand, and looks at the group… she has restrains for Dvoraks but Darkon says ‘We have an agreement… we are going to the cargo bay’.
• Freya is not happy but falls in beside B’Hor – both are waiting for Dvoraks to do slip up.
• Back in the cargo bay, Lt Fran says that the pulse is meant to hit star vessels and the assembly is located in the aft section. JC is ¾ of the way through the decryption process and sees the Darkon arrive with Dvoraks, and Freya \ B’Hor close behind.
• And then with everyone present we do another changeling check. Paranoia rains…
• We enter the Zandorian vessel and Darkon explains about the 3 factions of the Zandorians…
• JC thinks this person in charge of the Rebel Faction is a Sub-Commander since this faction has a warp gate and to get the resources for it and the Rebel installation a Sub-Commander has the position and power to not be challenged when diverting resources.
• Dvoraks agrees with my idea that a sub-commander is in charge of the Rebel Faction. I also add that I believe Dvoraks is not ‘actually wanted’ for anything and he was technically undercover with Starfleet Intelligence (though we cannot currently prove that as that would require us to link back to SB 310 and that would give away our position).
• Dvoraks believes there is a changeling infiltration going on in the Federation. We concur with this as well as we know there are changelings on SB 310.
• JC says we can head to the facility and then send a message to the Dauntless saying we heading to a secret location to investigate a secret Zandorian facility. Of course we give a false location so that the Dominion ships head to the wrong location.
• As we do not have the cloak working on the Airwolf – Dvoraks says we could transfer to a Bird of Prey and then head in leaving Kelly in charge of the Airwolf.
• Davros says he has got all the vessel details and technology. The Zandorian vessel can travel at Warp 13. Well damn! JC wants to investigate that further and he now has full schematics of the Zandorian vessel!
• We discuss the ‘pulse weapon’ and Davros says we could modify the weapon so that it only affects the people on the facility and not the equipment.
• Dvoraks and Darkon head back to the infirmary where that see Dr Treklek. He says the General is still unconscious and we are still 2 hours from the task force. Darkon decides to increase speed to Warp 9 and will be there in one hour.
• The General is given a hypo – B’Hor says it is not an issue for the General, and the General is conscious.
• Darkon explains the situation and that Admiral Ross wants us to meet a Klingon task force that is closest to SB 310 – The General says an ‘Admiral Kregg’ is in charge of this force.
• Chang adds that his and Kregg’s families are not at war – this leads to Darkon asking about the House of Suin – they are cowards exclaims the General!
• Darkon explains the whole ‘How he got to be the Palor’ and the General and B’Hor say D’Mor Siun was never meant to be the Palor as he was a coward and is allied with House Durris. The Klingons have justified what happened in their minds. It was also mentioned that the tip of JC’s finger is in Stovakor… Chang and B’hor are fanatical that Darkon was meant to always be the Palor. End of discussion.
• General Chang says he will speak with Admiral Kregg.
• Meanwhile Lt Fran tries to work out the best planetary system where the fake facility could be located to trick the Dominion. There is a Class M which is more on the colder temperature side.
• As he continues to scans Lt Fran finds a hidden underground Cardassian facility on the middle planet! It is a hot world and the base is so well well-hidden but we now know it is there.
• Lt Fran calls JC over to have a look – JC checks the readings and confirms that the data is correct and Lt Fran has discovered a secret base. JC adds that they probably have thermal power as the data indicates they have drilled down into the crust.
• JC gives Fran permission to return to work on the Cloaking Device and while JC continues to work on the PADD.
• Darkon fills in Chang on what has happened since he was knocked unconscious as they head to the bridge.
• JC reviews the PADD and finds the following information:-
o The sub-commander was looking for the secret facility.
o It has a sector map of planetary systems the Sub-Commander has already investigated – they have NOT been to the system where the Rebel Facility actually is.
o There is another encrypted area of data on the PADD. You normally need an eye, finger and security code to access this. This is the best way to open the data but JC can get around it but if something goes wrong you lost it.
o Zandorian’s treat the eye like a credit card and all have an implant added when they are young. This is how they encrypt everything.
• Dvoraks, B’Hor and Freya are in engineering modifying a probe that will lead the Dominion on a wild goose chase once we decide on the system.
• Darkon arrives on the bridge and asks Kelly about one of the Captains in Admiral Ross’s fleet
o ‘Yes Captain Kelly is my father’, answers Kelly.
o ‘Well I cannot get you killed then’ replies Darkon.
• There is silence on the bridge… And Darkon adds ‘No one is allowed to die!’ Typical Darkon…
• General Chang is amused.
• Kelly says ‘Moving on we are 30 mins from the Klingon Task force but we cannot see them as they are cloaked. We could use the Loki field but that would give away our position’ says Kelly.
• Darkon deserved that for his dumb comment. Darkon asks if there is a way for him to connect to SB 310 without be found out \ traced.
• Sammy Silver says he might be able to do it and starts to work on a way to secretly connect to SB 310 so Darkon can get a data update.
• Lt Fran looks into a way to link up the cloaking device – melding Romulan and Federation tech will be difficult, but it can be done. He has the information for connecting to the Airwolf; the problem is the high level of power the Ship has and the constant LEVEL of power the cloak will need and must not fall below.
• JC begins installing the protocols that will allow the Airwolf to work with the cloak and also add quadruple the redundancies so power does not fluctuate when the cloak is attached.
• JC says that the shuttle power core could supplement the cloak with the additional power so that IF the ships power grid fluctuates the shuttles power will keep the cloak active.
• LT Fran realises that he needs an engineer to complete some of the setting so JC lends a hand and Davros takes over the decryption of the PADD ‘hidden data’.
• On the Bridge Sammy says he has re-routed the signal and doubts anyone will be able to trace us when Darkon logs into SB 310.
• Darkon logs in and says can see that all the field promotions he requested are on hold until further notice by order of Admiral Ross. This does mean though that Darkon’s promotions stand. (PLAYER NOTE – What was the point of checking in exactly? It was not just for this was it? We did update data as well right? I might have missed it and needs adding).
• Meanwhile JC checks the modelling and completes the setup of the power and redundancies so that this should work! JC also has access to some of Chief O’Brien’s logs on the cloak for the Defiant.
• JC and Lt Fran begin the install of the cloak and the shuttle craft as a battery appears it will keep the cloak at a certain level in case the warp core \ power grid has problems.
• JC uses his skill in material engineering and between the pair the cloak is setup, connected to the shuttle craft with all the power regulators in place.
• The shuttle will also only ‘cut in’ when \ if needed.
BUT the Airwolf should only travel at Warp 7 or 8 to always be hidden – at this speed there will be no issues with the power at warp. For impulse speed – ¾ impulse is okay and MAYBE ½ but below that we might be in trouble.
• Lt Fran asks about the shielded plating on the Zandorian vessel – we cannot put it on the bladed armour of the Airwolf unfortunately but it is an interesting piece of engineering.
• Lt Fran accesses his thermal scanning array and can see there are cloaked ships in the area where the Klingon vessels are supposed to be. Lt Fran contacts the Captain to let him now the Klingons are here.
• Kelly says they are cloaked in close formation.
• We drop from warp and Darkon says open hailing frequencies and says ‘I am Captain Darkon of the USS Airwolf and I am hailing Admiral Kregg of the Klingon Task Force’.


Is the Tomato Rotten?
Session 3


IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.

Previously on Star Trek – Darkon:
• Darkon also manages to push through the renaming of the SURPRISE. We are now aboard the USS AIRWOLF and Darkon even has a plaque made! Typical Darkon.
• Darkon and the Admiral talk briefly about what happened at Trelka, the Zandorian Confederation ships at Vorlon and the mission while I upload all the information on the Founders and what was said about the Federation and the Dominion being allies – the Vorta High Chancellor etc. and the hyper gate details \ location plus the mission data so far in case something happens. Sent directly to Admiral Ross and backup to my Tricorder.
• Repairs to the main systems are under way thanks to the 3D grid display Davros provided for me. Teams are already replacing the faulty components and I can see them change from RED to GREEN as they come online.

New Session Notes
• JC (has 7 courage points) continues to organise the repairs of the ship as we head towards the Klingon Fleet – 3 hour trip.
• Darkon heads to the medical bay to see if General Chang is awake and maybe also talk to Dvoraks.
• There are beds in the corridor outside the medical bay with people on them – Klingons mainly and there is a specialist security officer standing guard.
• Dr Trek-Lek is helping with the wounded. Vigo is hurt so is among the wounded. Darkon stealthy and silent bodyguard B’hor is ever at his side.
• Dr. Trek-Lek says the General is in the medical bay and will recover (eventually) from his wounds.
• Dvoraks was to be discharged but Darkon wants to talk to him first. The General is still unconscious and B’hor puts his hand on the Generals chest and says some kind of verse in Klingon, or a prayer.
• Darkon talks to Dvoraks – we are going to have words; get your ass out of the bed and you are coming with me. Dvoraks gets up and follows beside Darkon. B’hor has drawn his gun and is following along ever vigilant and Darkon asks Dvoraks ‘Why are the Zandorian Confederates after you?’
• Dvoraks refuses to answer so B’hor slams Dvoraks in the back; Dvoraks falls over and gets back up.
• Who are you working for? Darkon asks and Dvoraks replies ‘I am not at liberty to say.’
• B’hor slams him again and Dvoraks is NOT happy. ‘I cannot tell you so do what you want with me.’
• Are you working with Gette? ‘I cannot answer you’ replies Dvoraks.
• ‘You are going to the brig’ says Darkon and Dvoraks does not care – what will be the reaction we wonder…
• At the brig Freya is there and the three Zandorians are in one cell. The Zandorian’s eyes change colour (white – deep seated fear) when Dvoraks walks into the brig and Dvoraks hides his reaction that he knows these are confederates. Darkon realises all this.
• Freya opens the second cell and orders Dvoraks in and adds ‘I should have stunned you…’ says Darkon and Dvoraks says ‘I know…’
• Dvoraks asks after Gette and Darkon gives some rubbish answer that all present know is a lie.
• Back in Engineering JC continues to monitor and watch the red lights go to green as systems comes back online. JC gets Davros to monitor the repairs so he can head to the cargo bay and start looking over the Zandorian ship.
• JC arrives and says to Fran we will check the Zandorian ship – the cloak is sealed in a force field by Fran and the pair enter the ship to find Romar searching the ship – strange
• They talk to Romar and then he leaves but Fran knows there is something wrong with Romar… and notices Romar has no comm badge. He manages to relay this information to JC who immediately seals the cargo bay and erects a force field around the Zandorian ship
• The pair watch as Romar tries to access a console so JC has Davros disable it.
• JC alerts the Captain and security and the computer says Lt Romar is in his quarters… well his comm badge is.
• JC realises that there is something wrong, Lt Fran questions the psychic powers of the Zandorians and whether they could transfer their consciousness between bodies (awarded Courage Point). This prompts JC to remember something Van Ricky said about Sub-Commanders. They have the ability to transfer their essence \ mind to another body and that Lt Romar is currently being mind-controlled by the dead Sub-Commander!
• Things go badly as the Sub-Commander starts combat and tries to rush Fran and JC but as the pair are behind the force field Romar disappears behind the Zandorian ship.
• The door to the cargo bay opens and B’hor stealth’s in and Romar \ Sub-Commander fires and almost kills Darkon! B’hor fires and Romar dodges while Darkon manages to close the door to the cargo bay.
• Fran does a psychic attack on Romar which disrupts the Sub-Commanders control briefly and Romar starts to gain control and tries to kill himself. Luckily Davros has turned off all weapons in the cargo bay so this fails.
• B’hor manages to charge and knock Romar down after JC stuns Romar.
• JC request Dr Trek-Lek to report to cargo bay as he has replicated a pair of neural dampeners and placed them on the head of Romar, but the Dr says to hypo spray Romar to keep him unconscious.
• The hypo works (err on the side of stronger dose) and JC thinks about the best way transport Romar so that no one touches the body.
• Everyone is not sure if the neural analyser device will work.
• JC checks the Zandorian ship while Darkon and B’hor return to the bridge.
• JC scans for Vulcan DNA to work out what was touched. Romar \ Sub-Commander was looking at the roof of the vessel when JC and Fran entered but JC and Fran cannot see anything.
• Against advice, Fran goes to the brig and says to the Corvette Captain that part of the conscious from the Sub-Commander entered a Star Fleet Personal. The Zandorian Troopers have no idea and the Corvette Captain will not speak on the matter at all, much as was expected. Darkon said this would be the case.
• Dvoraks appears to not care but we know he is listening, when then Corvette Captain says ‘I am ending this conversation now’ and ignores Fran. Dvoraks laughs at Fran.
• Fran tries to read the Corvette Captains mind and fails! – Although they have no psychic powers it would seem the species is resistant – much like Ferengi. The lower ranked were easier to read but alas knowledge seems to be compartmentalized and they were useless for what information Fran was seeking.
• Fran says to Dvoraks ‘You might be able to perform your parlour tricks but I could break you if I wanted to.’ – For once Dvoraks expression shows emotion – perhaps apprehension
• Fran arrives back and says… wait for it… ‘Darkon was right but don’t tell him!’
• Dvoraks is Section 31 (says Fran) but it is not that Black and White – not sure how this conclusion was reached. Fran explains that he has had mental resistant training, he encountered similar methods employed by section 31 personnel. It would take some effort but he could break him eventually.
• Fran says Dvoraks was on the planet for 3 months and he did not help Fran. Fran also mentions to me the reason for his disciplinary action. – Didn’t read his mind during this time (although it would have been easy considering his condition but respected the privacy of prisoners once he knew they weren’t Cardassian/Romulan spies.
• I point out where there is Vulcan DNA and what was Romar was looking at – could it be a psychic is needed to open any sealed compartment.
• JC has Davros scan once more for any Zandorian communication signals leaving our ship – Davros says the Zandorian ship is sending a signal. JC tells Davros to advise the Captain and then scan and locate where the signal is going while we search the ship.
• The beacon \ signal is transmitting towards Vorlon and there is a coded message within the transmission!
• Under a seat the transmitter is found and after scanning it with the Borg Tricorder JC manages to break the encryption – he can also unlock the PADD the Sub-Commander had – the secret message is as follows:-
o Mission compromised
o Dvoraks and Darkon located
o Priority mission is now Darkon – General Order 15
o Returning to Confederation Space
• Fran scans for psychic emanations and finds nothing.
• JC contacts the Captain and sends the info to the Captain’s Chair; over the comm we hear ‘fucking what???’ Classy as always.
• Silver says he and Dr Lori are ready to test the enhanced scanners so they can see if the Zandorian Ship is over Vorlon, but it will take 7 mins for the information to come back.
• There is another seat in the Zandorian ship and that is probably the where the Sub-Commander was sitting – it is very plush and comfortable for long distance travel.
• JC goes and grab the tricorder Romar \ Sub-Commander was using.
• Fran asks what was Romar \ Sub-Commander going to do with the computer terminal; Transport to Engineering or another part of the ship?
• Fran gets the computer to analysis any Vulcan DNA evidence from Romar’s quarters to the cargo-bay, eliminating standard places and realizing the Zandorian (in Romar’s body) accessed 6 restricted panels).
• JC wonders if the changelings managed to break the Indigo level security. He does not think so but as they had system access it did not matter – the systems were linked so it was enough to get around the ship using the Loki access.
• Darkon goes to the brig and says to Dvoraks so that the Corvette Captain can also hear ‘I have a General Order on me. 15 to be precise.’
• Dvoraks does not respond – the Troopers eyes go orange (confusion) but the Corvette Captains eyes go Green.
• Darkon turns to the Corvette Captain and says ‘What is this General Order 15 on me?’
• Darkon orders the Corvette Captain to answer and Dvoraks says ‘That’s not the way to talk to them’ and ‘Not talking to you is the answer’.
• Kelly to Darkon – we have located two incoming Federation vessels – Warp Fighters.
• Silver says that the Zandorian ship is no longer over Vorlon.
• The warp fighters hail the ship – Commander Nasa of the Twilight; the Twilight is classified as a Federation vessel. It is some kind of Prototype Star Fleet Carrier – it is the size of an Intrepid class vessel and is classified as a Typhoon Class.
• Fran fills in JC (and Darkon over comms) about the basics of the ship – knowledge he gained while at Utopia Planatar.
• Nasa says that the Surprise is the follow them but Darkon says that he has different orders and that Nasa needs to confirm his orders!
• Nasa comes back on the comms and says he has been given the correct information – we are to still meet with the Klingons and not the Dauntless.

The Plan
Session 2

Notes completed by JC (Waz) and Fran (Phil)

Zulu Team
Player Name: Character Name: Primary Dice Secondary Dice Race
Phil B Lt. Fran Green Blue Betazoid
Warren Lt. Cmdr. Falkenberg Brown Red Human
Rob Lt. Romar Orange Light Blue Vulcan
David Cmdr. Darkon Yellow Black Human
Wayne GM White Grey N/A
Catherine Lt. Gette ABSENT ABSENT Bajoran

Starfleet Field Uniform Colour
Command Red
Security Maroon
Engineering Gold/Yellow
Operations Silver
Science Green
Medical Blue
Marines Black
Diplomatic Purple

Previously on Star Trek – DS9 Darkon:
• Darkon, Viggo & Lt Romar are going to the brig to check on the Cardassian and two Romulan prisoners while Dvoraks (who is now stable – but needs time to heal) is in the infirmary.
• Falkenberg & McClune are attempting to get more out of the engines and make sure the cloaking device is insulated from any feedback as it will have to be connected to the engines.
• Fran & Science (will need an engineer) to try and get the cloaking device online.

Cloaking Device Issues:
• Booby-trap (Need security to check)
• Compatible power source (Falkenberg suggests using a shuttle craft for power).
• Making sure the cloak is going to mask the signature of the Defiant (Defiant had issues with still putting out an energy source while cloaked, especially at high warp)
• From JC – make sure the cloaking device is insulated from any feedback during \ having it connected to the engines.
• From JC – Do we want to look at a dampening field like the science vessel used to help mask the SURPRISE?

New Session Notes
• As the meeting breaks up we do mention the possibility of connecting the cloaking device to a Shuttle craft.
• Just before we head off to our assignments, the Captain pulls Lt Fran into the room for a short talk.
• Captain Darkon gives Lt Fran a direct order to not read his mind (‘Or I will fucking shoot you and I will put you out an airlock’)
• I head to engineering with McClune – still have phaser and gear from mission to D’Deridex.
• Lt Fran and Viggo (incendiary specialist) go to the cloaking device which is in the cargo bay.
• Darkon, Lt Romar and Laybok go to the brig to see the prisoner. Darkon puts his foot in mouth again and insults the General, then gets paranoid about changelings again (Laybok did not respond like a Klingon should…) so he says he wants to go to the mess hall to make sure none of the Klingons are one! The General comes over to speak to Darkon as he says we need to check for changelings. Hands are cut and Darkon’s goes deep – very deep!
• All the Klingons pass the test except for Laybok – another damn changeling and combat begins – Death to Darkon is mentioned!
• General Chang saves the Pelor and Romar and Freya hit the changeling. Freya kills the changeling (mini Gette in the making).
• Darkon rises in honour in the eyes of all the Klingons as he found another changeling.
• Romar asks to have his phaser set to a higher setting – Darkon says yes and Freya says that it is a standing order under Darkon’s command.
• Darkon announces to the crew that we have had a changeling encounter (dealt with) and to check all systems; General Chang says that Laybok wanted to deal with the Cardassian himself.
• In science Viggo checks Fran and vis-versa for a changeling.
• In engineering I start a level 9 diagnostic of all systems (via Davros) and I activate the Command Line (Indigo). Davros and the Computer understand.
• McClune and I check each other for changelings – all okay.
• Security to the brig is ordered and so do Darkon, General Chang, Romar with Freya in tow.
• They arrive to find the Cardassian is dead from a puncture wound – was it the weapon that Changeling Laybok had? A quick reveal this appears to be the case; the two Romulans are missing.
• Romar and Freya go get suited up with body armour and travel in as a pair – requirement with changelings possibility still onboard.
• Davros lets me know that he is having trouble with environmental systems – I get Davros to raise a force field around engineering and the Dilithim Crystal and I also have him lockdown and disable the shuttle craft.
• I alert security to go to the secondary computer room (which is near the cargo bay) and I engage my personal cloak (McClune has a fit!).
• In the cargo bay the lights go out and comms go down – the Romulans (changelings? Or someone else?) are there trying to steal a shuttle. Fran manages to open the cargo bay door and the creatures are ejected into warp. There is nothing left. It is revealed they were going to blow the shuttle craft and do damage to the ship – would have dropped us from warp.
• The environmental controls are near the cargo bay so Romar and Freya check it out.
• Nothing was set to explode but there was a secondary program to deploy gas throughout the ship and kill everyone. The gas is being collected from the warp core and has not been triggered.
• I relocate power to the cargo bay and notice that there is a power drain. I track the power drain (4%) and it is something to do with this vessel class and it was an issue O’Brien was also working on with the Defiant. McClune is trying to increase power to the engines still but with little success so far.
• Back in the Brig – Romar and Freya are checking the security feeds to see how the Romulans escaped. Romar checks the last 2.5 hours of video and he sees Freya smack down the Cardassian and the two Romulans just watched. After she leaves the screen goes grey – someone took the surveillance offline for around an hour.
• Romar tries to check the console and cannot get it in as Darkon has still to setup Romar’s access in the ships system (same with Fran). Freya puts in her code and Romar checks to see who put in their access – the redundant system is still there luckily and Romar can see who it was.
• The code used was by a Loki?!?!?!? Loki’s code was used!!! He is dead and the slug is elsewhere.
• Freya has a fit and calls Darkon – I realise that there is a changeling at Starbase 310 because that is where the Surprise had its upgrades completed – and the Changelings hate Darkon.
• Darkon, Chang and Klingon bodyguards arrive at medical where there should be Moss, Dvoraks, and the others but they are missing!!!
• I realise that there may be a ship attached to the hull – I could demagnetize the hull and fling any attached vessel into space BUT our missing crew are probably on board it!!
• I add that my Level 9 diagnostic would locate the ship but it is not finished because of the sabotage. Hallic does scans and says that the ship is located next to one of the emergency locks on the outside of the hull.
• Darkon enters Medical and it is empty – it looks like Doctor Larsen saved Dvoraks. A review of the security feed shows two figures beam in and take out the Doctor and Sven.
• I already know there is something going on and wonder if the Zandorians or Gette are involved. And if the Zandorians are here, is it the Confederation or the ones loyal to the Emperor?
• I check for low level frequencies – Marine, Bajoran military and Zandorian – I find the frequency I am after and it is Zandorian.
• Darkon unlocks the ship setting for the Kelly on the bridge so she can scan for said vessel.
• Romar and Freya check the emergency lock and it is secure and then go and get vacc suits.
• Darkon and the Klingons are on their way to the emergency lock.
• The level 9 finishes – The highlights are:-
o I can see the Zandorian ship and it is linked to another ship further away.
o There is a booby trap in the second shuttle craft.
o Breach (transporter) into medical – they look like the battle suits. Four people taken and the ship is like a runabout.
o I might be able to pin-point the 4% drain on the system.
o We vent the gas thus stopping that sabotage.
o Number of subroutines accessed via the Loki credentials – 27 accesses via Loki
o Davros removes all Loki command codes. (we have a frequency back to SB 310).
o I send the model of the cargo bay to Fran and we also work out that the Zandorian ship is communicating with another vessel in the Vorlon system.

The Plan
o The Booby trapped Shuttle becomes a bomb
o Raven will fly the second shuttle as a decoy and deploy the ‘bomb’ so the Galor exits on top of it. We will keep a transporter lock on Raven at all times.
o As we exit warp we electrify \ pulse the hull to disable the Zandorian ship and then we transport the vessel to the cargo bay.
o We have transporter enhancers pointing at the Zandorian ship from inside our ship.
• Fran has thermal imaged the Zandorian vessel to make it easier to mark and transport to the cargo bay

Order of Events
1. Drop from Warp
2. Pulse the Zandorian ship and interrupt the frequency back to the Vorlon system
3. Shuttle Craft leave the Cargo bay at the same time
4. Transport Zandorian ship to cargo bay
5. Shuttle craft to location of Galor exiting warp with transporter lock on Raven at all time
6. Disable Galor and raven returns to the ship
7. Run like hell.

The Plan starts…
• All appears to go to plan and the ship is transported in and then it does a pulse back. People go down! Are the Klingons and our crew dead?!?!?
• The Surprise is damaged from the pulse.
• I repulse the Zandorian ship and damage it enough to stop it from doing any more damage to us.
• I re-route power and the ship is functioning once more on secondary systems.
• The Galor hits the shuttle craft bomb and the vessel refuses to respond so Darkon orders the Galor destroyed.
• Raven comes back in as the Zandorian ship opens and out comes two Zandorian’s in battle suits.
• Raven fires the shuttle crafts weapons and kills both Zandorians and manages to land the shuttle without killing anyone.
• She also damaged the Zandorian vessel.
• Romar manages to scan the inside of the vessel and there are 4 Zandorians and our 4 crew from the medical bay. He also recognises that one of the Zandorians is a PSI Officer. Again we are not sure if they are Loyalist’s or Confederation.
• I open the Comms Frequency’s and Darkon speaks to the Zandorians. Darkon uses gunboat diplomacy and commands the Zandorians to talk to him.
• I give an ultimatum to the Zandorians and they say hold –
o I am Corvette Captain Y’liker and we accept the terms of surrender. I reply that you will remove weapons and armour and will be treated honourably.
• They come out and do as instructed as Darkon walks over and introduces himself. Eye colour goes violet on three of them and white on the sub-commander.
• We work out that they are Confederates and their ship is over Vorlon at the request of the Emperor of the Confederates. The Cardassian’s have welcomed the Confederation Zandorians to Vorlon. As the talking continues the Sub-Commander is killed (we worked out he is not loyal to the same Emperor of the Van Ricky).
• The Corvette Captain says the Sub-Commander turned up at Vorlon via the pod and took command to grab so they could take Dvoraks – there was also a team of specialist that came with the Sub-Commander.
• I launch a second communications torpedo to give Admiral Ross a ‘heads up’ about the sabotage, the Changeling on board SB 310 and everything else we have discovered so far. This message is sent to the commanders of the Fleet under Admiral Ross just in case there is chance the message will not get through.

A Major Discovery
• The Founders are the Dominion – the shapeshifters control the Dominion and the Zem’Hadar and the Vorta serve the Founders. There is a Vorta at the Confederation Emperor’s Court with the title of High Chancellor. The Battleship at Vorlon is there at the request of the Cardassians.
• There is a Hyper Gate nearby Cardassian space. There was also a fleet of 6 ships at Trelka when the Confederates arrived.
• The Confederates think the Federation and the Dominion are working together. Say what??
• The troopers have a blue tattoo on them – might prove they are Confederate Soldiers.
• There are no changelings in this group. The changelings are our enemies.
• The Padd the Sub-Commander had is encrypted but the primary mission was to keep the Sub-Commander alive and follow his orders.
• With the destruction of the Galor we are able to push past Vorlon and into the Demilitarised Zone. I boost the Communications system and we know that Admiral Ross is now aboard the Dauntless – we patch Darkon through and we find out there are Dominion ships heading towards SB 310.
• Darkon also manages to push through the renaming of the SURPRISE. We are now aboard the USS AIRWOLF and Darkon even has a plaque made! Typical Darkon.
• Darkon and the Admiral talk briefly about what happened at Trelka, the Zandorian Confederation ships at Vorlon and the mission while I upload all the information on the Founders and what was said about the Federation and the Dominion being allies – the Vorta High Chancellor etc. and the hyper gate details \ location plus the mission data so far in case something happens. Sent directly to Admiral Ross and backup to my Tricorder.
• Repairs to the main systems are under way thanks to the 3D grid display Davros provided for me. Teams are already replacing the faulty components and I can see them change from RED to GREEN as they come online.


Trouble in the Trelka System
Session 1

Player Character Name Primary Dice Sec Dice Race
Phil B Lt. Fran Green Blue Betazoid
Warren Lt. Cmdr. Faulkenberg Brown Red Human
Rob Lt. Romar Orange Light Blue Vulcan
Dave Cmdr. Darkon Yellow Black Human
Wayne GM White Grey N/A
Catherine Lt. Gette ASBENT ASBENT Bajoran

Starfleet Field Uniform Colour
Command Red
Security Maroon
Engineering Gold/Yellow
Operations Silver
Science Green
Medical Blue
Marines Black
Diplomatic Purple

USS Surprise (Defiant Class), No Gel Packs, No Cloaking Device, orbiting the planet Trelka (29 personnel aboard)
• Also present: General Chang (Klingon) who has taken command of the captured D’deridex Class
• On the planet is a Bajoran Interment Camp. Prisoners initial scan – Bajorans, 1x Human, Possible federation people
• Darkon manages to persuade General Change to hold off heading to Cardassia Prime. General acquiesces ( to the Pe’lor) and asks to assist with repairs on D’deridex.
• Faulkenberg recommends that he goes over to the ship and in exchange Darkon asks the General if the Klingons will go down the planet (to liberate the Internment camp).
• Sammy Silver opens hails
• After talking to a Klingon Lt – General Chang calls back and agrees
• Darkon agrees to send: Faulkenberg, Moss (Engineer), McClure (Chief Engineer), Hallic (Science), 2x security specialists (Maroon shirts) to the D’deridex – Transport complete
Actions on the planet will be in blue, and ship operations (Surprise or D’deridex) will remain in black.
• Klingon (incl Chang) going down to the planet. Darkon (With Sniper Rifle) is heading down with Freya (Acting Chief of Security) and 2x Security specialists – (Maroon shirts) & Viggo (Field Medic)
• Ensign Kelly (2nd Officer) is left in charge of the USS Surprise
• Upon arriving on the planet Darkon encounters the Klingons (5+ Chang) – one of which is Be’hor (the stealth agent)
• Darkon and Chang have another discussion about trying to convince him that this is more important (instead of heading to Cardassia Prime). Chang changes course and asks about the Zandorans… Darkon nips that discussion in the bud. Turns out that the General is aware of Shreddar (Klingon renegade). ‘Par’tok’. According to Chang he was staying with the Duros family but has since left due to unknown reasons – possibility of an attack on the Duros outpost??
• Aboard the D’deridex, Faulkenberg is met by Laybok (Klingon first officer). Faulkenberg suggests engineering and weapon systems (even though life-support is low) and Laybok agrees (is pleased by weapons talk). Moss realizes that something is wrong immediately upon arrival on the ship. ‘There’s something wrong with the singularity – critical issue’. Everyone heads to Engineering. The Klingon there is unconscious. Security specialists charge in (both fall down), Laybok too. He manages to stay up. Poisonous gas has been released. (Booby Trap!). Manage to reactivate environmental systems and expel the gas. Attempt to beam the injured back to the USS Surprise. Encounter a dampening field that has been erected!!!
• Faulkenberg and McClure head to the singularity, Hallack is providing first aid to the Klingon and 2 security (Klingon more injured), Moss heads out of the area to try and locate the dampening field (noob).
• Moss is attacked by a Romulan Saboteur (gravely injured – courage points used)
• Freya and Darkon head into the bunker where they know they can deactivate the power of the internment facility. Who will hack the system (Freya-Darkon-Freya)..
• Beam the Klingons and others into position. Darkon takes position on a rise with his sniper rifle.
• Cardassian, Collaborators, Prisoners, Bajorans w/ weapons???
• ‘Shut it down’
• Power goes out and chaos ensues. Cardassian leader orders to start killing the prisoners.
• Darkon snipes that leader.
• Klingons take the observation post.
• Freya beams in from the bunker. The assault begins
• Faulkenberg is attempting to break into the Romulan systems, they have been shutout with Tal’Shir encryption. Davros comes out to assist with the singularity. It is powered down, but the Dampening field is still in effect.
• Lots of carnage (from both Klingons killing Cardassians, Cardassians killing prisoners). Lt Romar is drawing most of the fire now (dodging), Lt Fran has taken position behind a rock.
• 1x Klingon, 1x Security specialists are down, 8 Cardassian/Bajorans remaining.
• Davros is still hacking, Faulkenberg is attempting to locate the power source of the dampening field, manages to localize it to Secondary Transporter Room. Laybok confirms the ship hasn’t been fully searched (not enough men).
• ‘McClure to Faulkenberg’ – Moss has been found shot, near death. Hallic says we need to get him back to the ship. Can’t with dampening field activate. Head to the medical facility (one level below – same as the secondary transport room’, I’ll transfer power. Prepares to send a feedback pulse to the transport room.
• 3 Bad Guys remaining (Darkon sniper!!)
• 3x Cardassians come out of a prefect’s? office and start shooting – Leader is attempting to run towards a vehicle. He’s intercepted by Lt Romar who performs a Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Cardassian leader rendered unconscious.
• Klingons quickly dispatch the remaining bad guys (roar in celebration of victory).
• Lt Fran begins to check the wounded, get one of the Bajoran Councilors to start organizing the wounded, he’s in shock
• Commander Darkon comes forward and introduces himself. Lt Romar and Lt Fran return with their names. Darkon and Freya move forward with blood screening for changeling. Lt Romar/Bajoran prisoners look concerned. Lt Fran confirms their intention (read Darkon’s mind). Once both Lt Romar and Lt Fran are processed, the Bajorans line up. Lt Fran requests a tricorder and begins to check the wounded.
• 2x Klingons and 1x Security specialist dead. 18 Bajorans survived. Bajoran identified as Dvoraks. Taken into custody by Darkon.
• Ensign Kelly reports to Commander Darkon that they have lost contact with the D’deridex. They are having trouble scanning the ship. Lt Fran suggests the bunker scanners (they are quite good) – This was before the damage Freya did with deactivating the power systems.
• Viggo is transported to the ship with Dvoraks. Freya and Fran transported to the bunker.
• Systems are unfortunately useless, would take too long to repair. Lt Fran suggests going to the USS Surprise while Freya stay with some Klingons and Lt Romar to gather some of the remaining systems (memory core etc).
• Darkon agrees and Fran is sent to the USS Surprise.
• Arriving on the ship Lt Fran is escorted to the bridge where Dr Lori is attempting to deactivate the dampening field. Lt Fran suggests activating the Cloaking device as that will shut off any other power (hopefully the dampening field). Tachyron pulse targeting the Cloaking Device. (The USS Surprise has some interesting Tachyon technology advancement – worth studying at another time).
• The pulse is successful and the cloak activates. Unfortunately, the field is still activated. Fran alters the scanners to show the ship on sensors (thermographic sensors reveal the D’deridex). Fran realizes what is happening. Another cloak ship is using a power transfer beam. Modified Romulan Science Vessel. Applying the same thermographic sensors locates the science vessel. Provides details to Ensign Kelly.
All actions from here are in space – Back to black
• All those on the planet are transported to the USS Surprise. Darkon gives the order to fire on the science vessel.
• Full spread of torpedoes launched towards the Science Vessel. Something is wrong, they all turn course and hit the D’deridex instead.
• It hits the power transfer system (luckily). It creates the feedback that Faulkenberg was attempting to do, science vessel obliterated. D’deridex is in trouble. Dampening field down. Secondary transport room destroyed. Abandon ship (D’deridex).
• Transporting off the ship to the USS Surprise (Rescue Human, Klingons)
• Lt Fran beams the ruined cloaking device from the Science Vessel (Level 9 Forcefield – might be boobytrapped).
• Lt Fran suggests to the Captain that we separate the engineering section (singularity unstable) from the cloaking device, might be able to beam it aboard. Darkon agrees.
• Weapons launched at the D’deridex. Due to USS Surprise weapons, it is much more difficult, but we are successful in separating the engineering core from the cloaking device. Tractor beam onto the section of the ship with the cloaking device and full impulse out of the sector
• Captain Darkon calls for all senior officers to report to the Mess Hall (Kelly staying on bridge), Darkon, Faulkenberg, McClure, Price, Silver, Freya, General Chang, (Romar & Fran requested to join).
• Introductions and discussion of what to do about the cloaking device. It’s going to take too long to tractor the piece of ship in (because it is so big), its slowing us down and worried about Cardassians. Fran brings up specs of the device and shows exactly what can be removed. Lt Romar/Lt Command Price discuss it and they decide to use shuttlecraft beams (more control) to slice through the debris.
• Lt Silver & Lt McClure comment about the modified Science vessel, it has an extremely large communication array. Was communicating to Cardassia Prime. Our position compromised.
• Lt Kelly informs the Mess Hall that they have detected a Galor Class Cardassian ship on an intercept course. Faulkenberg & McClure are heading to engineering to get more out of the engines.
• Lt Romar & Lt Commander Price head for the shuttlecraft bay, Lt Fran returns to the bridge.
• Ensign Kelly is (freaking out) concerned about the possibility of being attacked while towing the cloaking device. Lt Fran modifies the sensors for thermographic close range and then begins modifying some of the probes (turns out the ship has some already modified ones that will be most helpful). Ensign Kelly is satisfied and assigns crew to help Lt Fran.
• Lt Romar first attempt to reduce the size of the wreckage, and it goes perfectly. Transported into the Cargo bay (behind a Level 9 forcefield) and jettison the science vessel’s ruined device and destroyed.
• Warp 9 towards Federation space.
• The Galor class coming in at Warp 9.2. Will catch us in 4 hours.
• Have 4 hours to try and get the cloak working or engines increase.
• Captain Darkon opens comms to the crew and introduces the two new crewmembers – makes Lt Fran – Chief Science Officer and Lt Romar (Chief of Security).
Final Actions:
Darkon, Viggo & Lt Romar are going to the brig to check on the Cardassian
Faulkenberg & Engineering are attempting to get more out of the engines
Fran & Science (will need an engineer) to try and get the cloaking device online
Dvoraks is in med bay with a security officer.

Cloaking Device Issues:
• Booby-trap (Need security)
• Compatible power source
• Making sure the cloak is going to mask the signature of the Defiant (Defiant had issues with still putting out an energy source while cloaked, especially at high warp)

The Story So Far....
Previous Sessions

USS Surprise NCC 61736

Captain: Brett Darkon – Commander
1st Officer: John Christian (J.C.) Faulkenberg – Lt Commander
2nd Officer: Natalie Kelly – Ensign
Security: Freya Anderson – Ensign
Engineering: Lt Lana McClure
Medical: Dr Trek-Leck-Ti (Lt.) – Tellerite
Science: Kris Hunter – Ensign
Operations: Faulkenberg – Lt Commander
Helm: 1st Lt. Kiara Haven (a.k.a, Raven) (SFMC)
Navigaton: Kelly – Ensign
Tactical: Jim Price – Lt Commander
Transporter: Maheen – Petty Officer 3rd Class
Communications: Lt. J.G. Sammy Silver
Crew: Hallic X’Ron – Specialist
Crew: Viggo Sunter – Chief Petty Officer – Combat Medic
Crew: Dr Lori – Engineering Specialist
Chief of the Boat: CPO Lax’Chen

Mission: Commander Darkon is ordered to take command of the USS Surprise and proceed across the DMZ to the Chin’Torka System and there rendezvous with the Klingon fleet at Thelka and try to persuade General Chang to send ships to Starbase 310 (where Admiral Ross is based) to assist the Federation in the upcomming battle.

These notes are from the 14th April 2006 before Catherine came back for her holiday.

Meet @ 17:00; meet with new crew on USS Surprise. Evaluation of the ship and gel packs onboard USS Medusa. Overall more crew and gel packs needed for Medusa. Bullshitted about Darkon’s greatness to senior officers on starbase 211.

Darkon explores starbase 211, particularly the bars. 17:00 Darkon heads to meeting. Five people in board room.
Human, Male – Lt Cmdr. Jim Price (Bridge Officer)
Tellarite, Female – Lt Dr. Trek-Leck-Ki (Medical Officer)
Human, Male – Lt J.G. Sammy Silver (Bridge Officer)
Betazoid, Female – Lt Lana McClure (Engineering Officer)
Andorian, Male – CPO Lax’Chen (Chief of the Boat) (Head NCO Leader)
Ship of 29+12=41 people.

Emergency meeting with Admiral Ross, Capt. Nathan Kelly and Lt Cmdr. Bruce Hill. Unofficial channel – coop – on Qo’noS. Classified. Klingon palm mark.

Plan: Darkon being sent to Chin’toka, then rendezvous with fleet at Trelka, Attempt to persuade General Chang to send troops.
Darkon arrives at the bridge, Alpha Omega One. Falkenberg meets other officers. Moss meets Lana.

Left 19:00, heading warp 8 to DMZ, then warp 8 to Chin’toka.

4 hours in we find Debris, Vor’cha vessel, half escape pods ejected, Romulan phaser fire, sent from Qo’noS.

Lots of warp traffic. Romulan and one Cardassian warp signature. Sent a probe to Admiral Ross after this battle.

No planetary defenses Darkon opening hailing frequency. Dampening field over Klingon outpost. Romulan Debris. Sending pulse to attempt to disperse damping field. 2nd attempt get feedback.

30 lifesigns – 15 Romulan, 15 Klingon
5 Romulan beamed into brig
1 Klingon to bridge
Collapses – medical team dispatched.

D’ deridex uncloaks – open hailing frequency, sent 5 Romulans back, changed 1 lifesign to Klingon.
Torpedoes at special spot – disable 6 torpedo tubes on D’deridex
All hit location. Warp drive/Impulse offline.

Beaming engineering to planet, bridge to brig, Klingons to medical.

Darkon & Price to the brig. General Chang alive, they had changeling sabotage. Klingon ship was sent for help. Gone to see Commander. Interview with Commander, Tal’shiar step in. General interviewing the Tal’shiar.

Meeting with Darkon, Falkenberg, Romulan Commander Adun & Sub-Commander Tassadar. They surprised by Trelka.

Fleet at Trelka. Sent message to Admiral Ross.
General killed her. Gathering info from compound.

Tal’shiar info:
▪Another Romulan ship destroyed – Klingon
▪ Tal’shiar / Obsidian Order @ Trelka
▪ General had taken readings of Trelka

Want to send an away team to get Tal’shiar logs. 6 x Security, 3 x Romulan, 2 x Klingon, Falkenberg, Moss & Davros.

Memory core, put onto 2 x PADDS. Dead changeling beamed it out into space. Little Dominion ship – cloaked heading to Trelka.

Major fleet moving to starbase 310. (Cloaked?)
Found 2 rods (1 missing) – cracked code.
Trelka – This Tal’shiar officer.
Attacking Dominion homeworld, outfitted ships/ wipe out homeworld.

Going to meet Admiral Ross’s ship – Galaxy, Akira & Oberth. Checked body nothing on it.

Moss cracked personal logs – Encoded. Working on it
Arrived at Trelka, defense grid activated.
Doesn’t look like Federation is not going to tell Obsidian Order/ Tal’shiar.
Deploying probe with “ping” thing. 2 cloaked platforms attack it.

We attack platforms (2 destroyed)
2nd probe scanning visible ones, attempts communication with it but fails. Got info on the visible defense platforms, they have dampening ability and own power sources.


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