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To Breen or not to Breen


IMPORTANT – The GM has introduced a new skill called Observe. This is the equivalent of a spot check. Using Intellect (Perception) as its Attribute. At least Observer 1 for all.
Previously on Star Trek – Darkon
• Lt Fran asks about the shielded plating on the Zandorian vessel – we cannot put it on the bladed armour of the Airwolf unfortunately but it is an interesting piece of engineering.
• Lt Fran accesses his thermal scanning array and can see there are cloaked ships in the area where the Klingon vessels are supposed to be. Lt Fran contacts the Captain to let him now the Klingons are here.
• Kelly says they are cloaked in close formation.
• We drop from warp and Darkon says open hailing frequencies and says ‘I am Captain Darkon of the USS Airwolf and I am hailing Brigadier Kregg of the Klingon Task Force’.
New Session Notes
• There is silence to the hail, which seems to go on for some minutes, before Sammy says shakes his head as there is not response from the Klingons.
• Darkon asks General Chang to speak and says ‘This is General Chang of the Klingon Defence Force hailing all vessels. Respond now!’ Again no answer and Chang answers ‘Kregg was always too cagey for his own good.’
• Kelly gets an Ensign to scan and she says after looking at the readings that the Klingons are moving and changing their formation; Chang does not recognise the formation.
• Darkon raises shields and yellow alert and he is now DEADPOOL as he has broken the 4th wall!!!
• The specialist says something is happening with the thermal and Kelly says they are powering weapons.
• Darkon commands that we cloak and move!!! McClune starts the operation but Davros is also in Engineering just in case.
• All six vessels fire a full spread of torps but they miss us. Lt Cmdr Price says the Klingon ships are in various stages of damage.
• I contact Davros and he says that the cloak is operating within parameters.
• Darkon and Chang work out a way to contact the Klingons and he will say how Chang and Kregg met some months ago on Kronos to prove we are the real deal.
• Fran and JC arrive on the bridge and Kelly fills JC in on what has been happening. JC muses that perhaps the Zandorian ship from Vorlon came this way.
• We take our seats and Fran scans and locates the lead ship and updates the Captain.
• The IKS Melpara is Kregg’s vessel.
• I send through the files I have on Zandorian weapon damage to Fran so he can compare them to his sensors.
• Fran says that the damage is internal not external damage. We cannot tell if they are Klingons on board or not.
• I have Fran send me the sensor data and I quickly recognise the life signs… they are BREEN!!!
• ‘Captain destroy all the ships – they are BREEN!’ and jaws drop but we destroy the main Klingon vessel and the other 5 also explode. I think they were all slaved together and this is why they exploded.
• We also scan for Klingon bodies and find none within range of the long range sensors. I ask Fran to scan for warp signatures in the area.
• We turn off the cloak to conserve power and scan for warp signatures – there are warps sigs heading to the warp gate.
• I get the sensors so I can compare the warp signatures (these ones are fluctuating a lot so this ‘could’ be Breen) while Sammy checks sub-space for interference or is it a new type of technology.
• Fran scans for the Twlight and picks ‘something’ up on his sensors. After this Fran asks Kelly that asks Price to scan for the debris that matches power, shields and life support systems before we transport them to a small cargo room.
• Price finds them and gets transporters to put the 6 items in the cargo bay under a level 10 forcefield.
• We head towards the Twlight at warp 9 with the cloak deactivated and will reach them in 30 mins.
• Darkon contacts Dvoraks to find out how the probe is going – it is going well – and Darkon fills him on the Breen and the destruction of the Klingon ships. Dvoraks wants a Breen body but we did not manage to get one.
• Once we are 15 mins from the Twlight we can receive messages from SB 310 and Darkon gets a text message… Sammy scans it and says it is fine so Darkon opens it.
• Darkon reads it and then lets JC read it… it is from Peters.

To my dearest Brett
The love I feel for you is green. My birthday wishes for you are like a dream.
I hope to have your party ready soon, it will be the gathering of the year.
Most of the people who come will leave on their ear.
Love and Kisses

• On a tight beam we contact the Twlight and Darkon speaks to them and awaits an answer. Captain Higgins responses and says give me the information for Admiral Ross and things do not go well… Darkon cuts the hails and then after some debate he opens the hail again and takes to the Commander Nased-sokro that was the fighter pilot from earlier.
• Insert conversation that convinced Darkon on the course of action.
o JC works out that we are being ‘not’ told by Admiral Ross to continue investigating the mission we are one. Captain Darkon is ‘under suspicion’ for some reason but I say what the Commander is really telling us is Admiral Ross wants plausible deniability if are we get caught going after the Rebels base.
o We will use the probe as the trick and we will cloak and go in the correct direction.
o We get the job done and we are expendable…
• Warp 9 towards the DMZ
• The probe is ready and Dvoraks and B’Hor come to the bridge. Dvoraks takes a seat to fire the probe and Fran checks the readings and things Dvoraks did a fine job… lol
• Fran locates a Black Hole that will work as a good buffer to distrupt sensors and we can launch the probe and then cloak and disappear
• Dvoraks launches the probe and Fran agrees that all is progressing as it should
• I say to Raven to follow the probe until we are away from the Black Hole and then we cloak and travel at warp 7 so we can continue to modifier the sensor, cloak and check the debris from the Klingon vessels.
• Fran scans the probe once more and all looks good so we continue on towards the system where the Rebel base is located.
• Fran manages to keep the cloak purring (realigned the manifold) and we will avoid the patrols as well as we travel to the system. During this time Davros and JC will go over the schematics of the Zandorian vessel and work out how we can get the pulse weapon to affect ‘people’ and not the equipment of the rebel base.
• Sammy also reports that we have lost connection to the probe so hopefully it is still on course.
• Is there a defence we can construct against the pulse weapon. That would make the Airwolf formidable.
• I ask Dvoraks to come to engineering and ask him about the pulse weapon but Dvoraks does not know. I ask him about what he knows about what is vital for this mission. We need to beam down and get certain information and then destroy the base.
• Dvoraks best guess houses movements and technical data. Dvoraks says we need to get this information before any explosion. How many Zandorians and Sub-Commanders are there?
• Dvoraks gives me a strange – why?
• I say do we use the Corvette Captain and his troopers to regain their honour and help us in the fight against the Rebels. Dvoraks things this is an interesting idea.
• Dvoraks gives us a PADD with schematics to build a device to disrupt the Sub-Commanders mental abilities. It must rotate between two frequencies.
• Would the frequencies if added to the shields rotation and modulation can we disrupt a pulse.
• We will need to test these theories though when we do not need the cloak. Fran does some modelling and builds the device and then we test it on Fran.
• Fran tries hard but cannot read anyone! It may only be a temporary fix but that is a start.
• I look at the PADD from the Sub-Commander and it is full of star charts and lots of ship information.
• Fran adds it to a Stellar-Cartographer console and is a collation from multiple ships. They are communicating over extremely long distances and are tracking a LOT of information. The Zandorians have had a long time to develop their psychic powers.
• Most of this data has been collected from a distance!! Almathra sector and across the bottom of the Cardassian Union. The central point is the Almartha system.
• The Almartha Nebula has a Zandorian Space Station in it!!!
• Cardassian sensors cannot probe the Nebula but Zandorians sensors can!
• I suggest we keep an eye out for this type of nebula.
• Fran wonders if it is flammable and io-nite is rare but can be ignited. This type of nebula also has a special element in it that is probably used for their ships fuels. That would be why they choose this nebula.
• The sensors show that Zandorian vessels open a transwarp tunnel and move about very quickly.
• The Zandorians are building for the future and it is possible that the Rebels are what is holding the whole process up. Fran believes it is about 6-8 weeks before they find the Rebel base.
• We need to connect the ship to the Space Station to get our updated information all the time.
• Can we get the Rebels to help the federation and what caused the Sub-Commanders to leave all BUT ONE it makes no sense!!!
• Dvoarks is not telling us all – we need to know what it is and Dvoraks says he will tell us once we are on the base.
• Dvoraks has a rotating frequency and I will modify my personal shield to see if I can stop the scans. I am awesome in my modifications so I come back to Fran and Dvoraks and say let’s test.
• First test he fails to get through and the second time he finally managers to get through. (after applying a great amount of psychic energy) The shield will eventually go down as the power is drained from it by the psychic energies.
• Fran comments that this shield would stop any normal Betazoid for a great deal of time.
• It will take 15 mins to recharge the personal cloak \ stealth shield.
• There is something on the base that will help ‘us’ and we cannot let the Confederates know if we get this ‘device’ or information.
• I have a meeting with the Captain and explain what is happening and what Dvoraks has added. We need to take pattern enhances and around 10 people; Dvoraks, JC, Fran, B’Hor, Freya, Darkon, Chang and 3 Klingons are the away team.



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