General Castill Ra

Bajoran Militia Covert Ops - The Untouchables


Bajoran, Male

General in Bajoran Militia – Special Covert Ops Forces – Team The Untouchables

Former resistance fighter and leader of the Resistance Cell known as The Untouchables

Speciality: Hand to Hand Combat; Weapons (Swords); Leadership; Negotiation; Intimidation; Torture; Military Strategy, Pilot, Explosives, Survivalist; Mountain Climbing; Wine Maker (and drinker);

Father (adopted) of D’Amico Gette
Wife Marbray Natal (Gette’s mother)
Best friend: Vedek Gabrel (Gette’s biological father)

Identifying marks: Tattoo from top of shoulder blade down his back of Ancient Bajoran Runes (tattooed by Anjo Vich, from Untouchables Resistance Cell)

Pagh: Moderate

General Castill Ra

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