D’Amico Gette

Bajoran. Former First Officer of ZULU Team. Now on loan to Bajoran Military


Bajoran, Female

Lieutenant, Security, Starfleet
Currently: Captain, Bajoran Militia

Speciality: Hand to Hand Combat and Weapons (Swords); Military Strategy, Psychic Abilities, Athletic, Survivalist, Mountain Climbing

Sponsored into Starfleet by: Admiral Genaro Carlucci

Daughter of D’Amico Gabrel (Vedek Gabrel) and Marbray Natal
Raised by adopted father, Castill Ra

Identifying marks:

• Tattoo across shoulder and down back of Ancient Bajoran Runes (by Anjo Vich)
• Scars on back, from whipping by a Cardassian, Gul Dugran

Visits and teaches Bajoran Martial Arts at Orphanages, especially to half Bajoran-half Cardassian children

Best Friend and first love is Lieutenant Kepel Etoc

Psychic Mentor: Zandorian Sub-commander Van-Rikki

Pagh: Extremely High  Extraordinary

D’Amico Gette

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