Colonel Bareil Tomas

Bajoran Militia Covert Ops


Bajoran, Male

Younger and only brother to Vedek Bareil Antos

Former Acolyte of Bajoran Religious Order

Former resistance fighter

Specialist: Leadership, Negotiation, Combat (hand-to-hand), Weapons Master (blades), Cryptography, Survivalist (Mountains Snow/Ice), Spiritual, Infiltrator, Military Strategy

Member: Colonel in General Ra’s Untouchables (Covert Ops) Team

Call name: Preacher

Orb of Prophecy and Change experience

Identifying marks:
• Tattoo starting on right shoulder and flowing down back of Ancient Bajoran Runes
(by Anjo Vich)

Pagh: High – Can sense when people are near

Colonel Bareil Tomas

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